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Need an urgent cash loan - and not getting ripped off - is not as easy as it seems.

As your pen hovers over the dotted line, you may be having second thoughts, wondering if you got the best deal and rate available. To avoid doubt and uncertainty, it is important to choose the right loan from the very beginning from a lender you can trust.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools and information you need to select the right lender for your situation. There are currently more than 160 licensed moneylenders in Singapore to choose from (apply loan from our pre-checked list of legal licensed lenders here)

If you take action on the expert advice and use the borrower’s checklist below, you should be able to identify the best deals and avoid the pitfalls. Save thousands of dollars and countless headaches by spending just an hour researching beforehand.

The information you see here is unique for a one reason - it is independent. Many unscrupulous creditors offer ‘advice’, which is really just advertising for their own sub-standard credit deals.

Do you want to find out how to identify the great loans among the crowd of poor offerings? The easiest way is to look at the borrower’s checklist you see here, which is a foolproof way to check if the credit account you are about to sign up for is really the best deal out there.

Top Legal Payday Loan Providers in Singapore

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A1 Credit

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Advance Planners Credit

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Bugis Credit

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GM Creditz

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365 Credit Solutions

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HL Bank Singapore


Don’t Trap Yourself in a Bad Payday Loan! Read This Borrower’s Checklist First To Guarantee You Get The Best Rate From A Legal Private Money Lender

Anyone who has been in or around the cash lending industry has encountered horror stories. Consider this one about a young lady who opened a bad credit account.

She arrived at a financial advisor’s office in tears, clutching her borrower’s documents after she had taken out a loan when desperate for a fast cash loan. Unfortunately, in her emotional state, she had failed to do her proper due diligence and became trapped into a repayment schedule she could not meet.

The lender pressured her and she sought advice, hoping for help getting out of the borrower’s contract. Unfortunately, the creditor had stayed on the edge of the law. While the terms would be considered immoral, it was not quite illegal. There was nothing anyone could do.

The best way to help people like this woman is to stop them from signing bad contracts in the first place. The following checklist helps you protect yourself from predatory lenders and get the very best deal.

Before signing a new cash loan, consider the following:

1. Amount Borrowed: It is up to you to look at the amount you borrow and decide if you can pay it back. There are rules regarding lending limits, but unscrupulous lenders will try to have you borrow more money than you really need.

2. Fees: There is official guidance on fees licensed moneylenders can charge. Make yourself familiar with the rules surrounding these fees.

3. Interest Rate: There is a limit to the maximum interest rates that can be charged. If your rate is higher than the standard, someone is trying to take advantage of you.

4. Repayment Schedule: Many people are happy to get cash and don’t think ahead to the repayment schedule. Ensure you can really meet the repayments outlined in the contract before you sign.

5. Advertisements vs Reality: Do not rely on advertising material alone. Often what is advertised and what is offered are different!

6. Licences: All legitimate lenders will hold a licence and be regularly audited by the authorities. Using any creditor without a licence is asking for trouble.

These are the basics to look out for, but let's look in greater detail at the best way to identify a trusted moneylender.

How To Find The Best Loan From a Licensed Money Lender You Can Actually Trust

There are a few easy checks you can do to see if a moneylender is legitimate and licensed, including the way they advertise and how they sell you the credit. By looking out for these things, you can ensure you will not get ripped off.

1. Look at the type of advertising the creditor uses. Regulations are very strict about the way you can advertise to potential borrowers. Lenders can only legally advertise in online and print directories, on their own websites, and on their own shop fronts. An advert that pops up on unrelated websites or is posted at the bus stop will not be from a licensed lender!

2. Make sure the advertised product matches up with the deal you are offered. It is common for lenders to advertise their very best deal to get you in the door. Once they have you there, they try to get you to sign a contract for different terms.

3. Make sure terms are communicated clearly. By law the lender must explain the agreement to you in language you can understand. You need to be wary of anyone trying to confuse you with complicated terminology, as well as anyone simplifying the document too much - dodging the finer details. If you are unhappy with the explanation, just walk away.

Now, what exactly makes a good deal for a cash loan and what happens after you sign on the dotted line?

Choose an Instant Cash Loan That Works For You

The most important thing to consider when taking out a cash loan is finding the right deal and lender for you. It is impossible to say what ‘the best’ deal is, simply because everyone is in a different position.

There are only two things you must be sure of:
1. You are comfortable with the deal, and
2. You can meet the repayments.

When reviewing the terms, be aware of the law, but also do the sums yourself. If the interest rate, fees and repayment schedule are acceptable to you, then it is a good loan. Everyone has different views about borrowing terms.

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Can you repay the credit? Most people encounter strife when they fall behind in repayments and default fees begin to mount. Check carefully that your income can cover your loan repayments and other obligations. Always do these calculations taking into account the worst case scenario to protect yourself from disaster.

Once you sign the contract, it takes effect immediately and you make your repayments as specified in the agreement. Receive the principal amount right away, minus any agreed fees. Be sure you get regular account updates and statements so you can keep track of your credit.

If you rushed in too soon and you think your loan document is illegal or unfair, there is a way to get advice. All lenders are held accountable by the Registry of Moneylenders. If you have any doubts, contact them by email at, or by phone at: 1800-2255-529.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Signing an Instant Payday Loan
By this point, you are almost ready to go out confidently to search for your next cash loan. With the information outlined, you should be able to avoid the sharks and find yourself a good loan with favourable terms.

To recap and also give you an easy point of reference, here are some of the most common questions about cash loans and no-nonsense answers.

Q. How can I tell if an interest rate is legal?
A. While interest rates offered vary, there are stated maximums set by the Registry of Moneylenders. Review their guidelines before agreeing to a loan.

Q. Do lenders need to honour their advertisements?
A. They should, but in reality good deals are often advertised to get you into their office, then they try and sell you another product. Be wary of this practice and always carefully review your loan document before signing.

Q. Who oversees money lenders?
A. The Registry of Moneylenders is responsible for oversight in the crediting industry. They are a great resource for anyone looking to take out a loan.

Q. Who can help if I signed a bad loan?
A. The Registry of Moneylenders should be your first port of call if you believe you have signed any contract that breaches lending guidelines.

Ready to take out your next cash loan from a lender you can trust?