Best Personal Loans In Singapore With The Lowest Interest Rates (2022)

Best Personal Loan With Low Interest Rates

Need extra cash for an emergency? Or maybe you need financing assistance for a major expense? Taking out personal loans in Singapore might just be what you need. Whether you’re a Singapore citizen or a foreigner, there are plenty of options in the market. That said, take time to compare which financing institutions have the … Read more

OCBC Dividend and Share Price Review (2022)

ocbc dividend

Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation, better known as OCBC Bank, is among the top three banks in Singapore. Over the years, this bank has maintained strong performance and high dividend yield over its top competitors, DBS and UOB. The share price has also held steady for the past five years. The latest dividend payout is considerably … Read more

Scam Alert! Loan Shark Cases in Singapore to Note This 2022

As if loan sharks needed more reason to ramp up their illegal practices, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage both health and economic sectors all over the world, putting more and more citizens of Singapore in a state of financial desperation. Loan sharks thrive in these hard times, victimizing debtors and locking them into contracts … Read more

The Latest Loan Shark News in Singapore (as of July 2022)

Latest Loan Shark News in Singapore

The global economy is in crisis and has left many families in a frantic struggle for survival in an environment utterly transformed by the Covid-19.  According to a World Bank Survey, 8% of Singapore residents rely on family and friends for emergency financial aid and just about two-thirds of Singaporean households only have sufficient savings … Read more