Forex Trading Singapore: Everything You’ll Need to Know Before You Hop In

forex trading singapore

Day trading has become significantly popular in the last few years, with forex being one. You’ve seen stories circling in the news about foreign exchange currency’s convenience as a highly-accessible and liquid market with potentially huge profits if you have an excellent trading strategy. If you have enough capital, forex trading in Singapore only takes … Read more

Mapletree Industrial Trust Review 2022: Should You Invest?

Mapletree Industrial Trust

Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) is a REIT listed on the SGX with a portfolio of 115 industrial and data center properties located in North America and Singapore. MIT has assets of S$6.8 billion as of March 31st, 2021. Singapore’s REITs were impacted exponentially by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the industrial REITs being spared and thriving … Read more

ETF vs Mutual Fund vs Unit Trust: The Best Investment-Case Uses

etf vs mutual fund vs unit trust

ETFs, mutual funds, and unit trusts encourage you that they’re the best investment options for your first portfolio based on the advertisements and word-of-mouth encouragement you receive from advertisers. However, these financial instruments derive and shield their values depending on the assets they hold, making a full understanding of each one crucial to helping you … Read more

OCBC RoboInvest Review: Best For Its Huge List of Portfolio Themes

Robo-advisors are taking the world by storm because they’re the best and most affordable alternative to financial advisors. Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) has ventured into the industry with the OCBC RoboInvest, which many laud as one of the best robo-advisors with an algorithm that allows you to use multiple collective investment schemes, automatically rebalance … Read more

Buying Dogecoin (DOGE) in Singapore: How and Where to Buy

where to buy dogecoin

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that has generated online buzz in recent years. From being a cryptocurrency created as a joke, DOGE has amassed investors who found financial gains and even stability through investing in the said cryptocurrency.  Success stories as such may have piqued your interest in investing in DOGE and to seek investment … Read more