5 Best Tech ETFs in 2022: Everything You Need To Maximize Your Profits

best tech etf

The technology sector worldwide continues to evolve rapidly. Any Singaporean that invests in an actively-managed ETF focused on various established and emerging markets in the industry stands to gain from share growth and stable dividend yield per year. Investing in the top ETFs indicates that you’re supporting the growth of technology worldwide. Here are a … Read more

10 Best Crypto ETF Alternatives to Consider for Singaporeans

crypto etf

Exchange-traded funds or ETFs are a type of mutual fund that usually carry lower expense ratios than other mutual funds. This characteristic makes them greatly attractive to many Singaporean investors. An ETF’s price generally reflects the value of its underlying securities. ETF shares’ net asset value (NAV) is calculated once at the end of each … Read more

Endowment Plan – Things to Know and Where to Get Them

endowment plan

An endowment plan offers people who want to save money guaranteed returns over an agreed maturity period. At a time characterized by low-interest rates on fixed deposits and traditional savings accounts, endowment plans have skyrocketed in popularity across Singapore – and there are many reasons for this. Singapore residents who want to save regularly toward … Read more

An Essential Guide to Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Investing

dca investing

Singaporeans greatly celebrate economic and practical choices when it comes to spending and greatly appreciate finding long-term investments with enormous benefits. With this in mind, Singaporeans and other practical Singaporean investors find dollar-cost averaging a suitable investment strategy for their first-time venture into investing.  Dollar-cost averaging takes away the struggles of market timing by using … Read more

How to Buy ETF in Singapore: A Detailed Guide

how to buy etf in singapore

If you want to start your investment journey, you will come across different financial instruments that you can put your money on. It can be confusing since you need to place your money where the risk of loss is less. Exchange-Traded Funds are beginner-friendly financial assets that you might consider starting with. ETFs are one … Read more