Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Income Tax in Singapore

how to reduce income tax singapore

The Singapore government has the power to tax and control taxes. By providing legal ways for personal income taxes to be reduced, they also open the chance to boost one’s spending power, as well as savings and investment. With this, peoples’ disposable incomes also increase, leading to economic growth  In Singapore, income tax depends on … Read more

SquirrelSave Review: Best for Investors Who Want to Start Small

SquirrelSave Review

Backed by Nasdaq-listed Pintech Technology Holdings and Pacific Century, SquirrelSave offers a low minimum investment amount of S$1. However, SquirrelSave does not disclose its investment methods and the ETFs the platform invests in. What Is SquirrelSave? Founded by Victor Lye, the platform is powered by PIVOT Fintech Pte, offering intelligent investing to anyone in Southeast … Read more