Affordable Wedding Venues Singapore

10 Alternative and Affordable Wedding Venues Singapore for 2022

Since last year, the modern wedding industry has faced challenges, and couples have been forced to downsize their celebrations and find more creative and cautious ways to tie the knot. 

But with the recent relaxation of the restriction, Singaporean couples can pick up the excitement to know that despite the inconveniences and the costs associated with traditional weddings, finding unique and alternative wedding venues would help you work through your desired budget while keeping the occasion unforgettable. 

Wedding planning during the crisis sure is pretty frustrating, particularly when looking for an alternative wedding venue. Since where you choose to get married and celebrate right after can actually make or break your budget, we’ve got our top picks for the best even spaces that wedding planners would agree. 

Safety Management Measures

Marriage Solemnization Held in Other Venues

(no food or drinks allowed)

No. of Attendees

(including Bride and Groom)

No. of Attendees

(including Bride and Groom)

From 19 August 2021 onwards Up to 50 attendees.

No PET requirement.

Group size up to 5 attendees

51-1,000 attendees.

PET required for all attendees unless the attendee has a cleared status.

Group size up to 5 attendees


One of the most notable things about the relaxed policies is the government allowing up to 1,000 guests in a wedding, including most Singaporean couples with just enough family and friends to invite. Take note that attendees must have a negative Pre-Event Test (PET) result from attending the wedding. In addition, having children at a wedding is priceless, and they’re allowed in your wedding as long as they don’t surpass 20% of your invited guests.

However, keep in mind that the Registry of Marriages disallows weddings in residences and places of worship, which includes churches, temples, and retreats. Learn more about the entire list of safety guidelines here.


10 Alternative and Affordable Wedding Venues in Singapore in September 2022

Thankfully, you can still find so many top affordable wedding venues in Singapore. Whether you’re up for wedding celebration venues that offer natural light for top-notch photos or the most extensive yet affordable wedding package available, these wedding event spaces are definitely just for you.

1. The Secret Patio

A great alternative to hotel wedding venues, The Secret Patio is a beautiful and photogenic space for your upcoming wedding. The Secret Patio is a great blank canvas full of possibilities, and your designers can customize it to the vision of your wedding. Wedding celebrations are greatly inclusive of everyone at The Secret Patio because all their food is Halal-certified. Plus, The Secret Patio has wedding packages that have you spend only up to S $1,500-S $2,000. 

Cost: S $850 – S $1,000

Capacity: 10-85 persons

Location: 10A Duxton Hill, Singapore 089594

Website/Contact Page:


2. Outdoor Terrace at Park Royal Collection

Located on the top floor of Park Royale, the Outdoor Terrace offers an unparalleled view of the city skyline, landscaped gardens, and stylish outdoor furnishings. The terrace is available as a wedding venue seven days a week except on public holidays. Couples who want picture-perfect weddings with exceptional natural light from sunset to sundown will find the Outdoor Terrace their best choice.

Cost: S $950 per day (8:00-17:00), Wedding Packages start at S $75 per person.

Capacity: 80 persons

Location: Upper Pickering Street, 3, Singapore

Website/Contact Page:


3. WOLA Main Area Level 1

WOLA’s Main Area at Level 1 features a charming natural ambiance that is sure to make your gathering comfortable. Plus, you can fully customize 1,500 square feet of space and even have enough space for a ballroom. You can also take advantage of WOLA’s in-house team of professional sound experts that are ready for your music, SDEs, and more.

Cost: S $487 (4 hours). S $160 per additional hour.

Capacity: 50 persons

Location: Gambas Crescent, Proxima, 50, Singapore

Website/Contact Page:


4. Wheeler’s Estate/Yard

On the inside, it looks spectacular with its open restaurant concept, high ceilings, and sophisticated barnyard modern aesthetic. Wheeler’s Yard is a new-age variety of an old-time comfort food restaurant with a hipster twist. So if your wedding is all about good, hearty, filling food with a modern sensibility, you’ll find this unassuming venue one of the best choices available.

Cost: S $50-$70 per person

Capacity: 50-100 per person

Location: 28 Lor Ampas, Singapore 328781

Website/Contact Page:


5. Tanjong Beach Walk Deck

Tanjong Beach Walk Deck is a perfect venue for weddings for various reasons. Guests will easily find the venue because it’s greatly accessible. Plus, the venue provides ample space for guests to have a comfortable stay. With an outdoor chapel, which is beautifully decorated with flowers, the scenery is perfect for any romance-themed wedding. The outdoor chapel has a view of the sea, providing the guests a fantastic view that adds to the charm of your solemnization ceremony. 

Cost: From S $1,000

Capacity: 100 persons

Location: Tanjong Beach Walk, 112, Singapore, 098945 

Website/Contact Page:


6. LDF 老地方 @ Kallang Riverside Park

LDF Kallang Riverside Park is located in the heart of the city, which makes it easily accessible to all members of the public. It is also beautifully situated next to the sea, which gives it a serene atmosphere. The lush greenery and the calming sound of the river also make it an ideal venue for intimate weddings. The open-space design is a perfect blank canvas for fully customizing your wedding to your heart’s content.

Cost: S $398 – S $608

Capacity: 120 persons

Location: 221 Syed Alwi Rd, #02-01, Singapore 207880

Website/Contact Page:


7. Control Space by Parallel Space

Control Space by Parallel Space is a minimalistic loft in the heart of Singapore, with a modern vibe and marble furnishings. It is the perfect blank canvas that you can turn into a space that is uniquely yours. The ground floor has a large space perfect for photoshoots, while the top floor has plenty of room for last-minute preparations for you, your spouse, and your family before your wedding ceremony. This classy yet modern loft is one of the best alternative wedding venues you can ever find in Singapore.

Cost:  Starts at S $480

Capacity: 10-60 persons

Location: 66 E Coast Road, #5-16 The Flow,

Website/Contact Page: 


8. Into the Woods

Into The Woods is a contemporary woodland-themed wedding venue that is perfect for the adventurous couple looking for a unique space. The venue is designed with natural light, airy ambiance, and rustic charm. It provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding celebration with an outdoor canopy, beautifully warm decorations, and natural props and backdrops for photoshoots. 

Cost: From S $650

Capacity: 40 persons

Location: Lavender Street, 213, Singapore

Website/Contact Page: Via Tagvenue


9. The Lawn Marina at Keppel Bay

The Lawn Marina at Keppel Bay features the best sunsets with an open lawn that beautifully contrasts the waters of Keppel Bay. This venue is perfect for weddings that have 100 people who want to enjoy an airy wedding space with a truly sandy beach aesthetic.

Cost: Starts at S 750. Check out the ever-changing wedding packages available on their website.

Capacity: 100 persons

Location: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore

Website/Contact Page: 


10. Event Hall at Trehaus

Singapore couples can fit a forest-themed wedding or recreate a church scene thanks to the Event Hall at Trehaus’ size. The event hall’s skylights plus your chosen designer’s lighting and tasteful decors by your planners, the Event Hall at Trehaus can transform into an unforgettable experience with enough space for ballrooms, live music, or other added amenities for your wedding.

Cost:  S $400 per hour

Capacity: 100 persons

Location: Funan Mall, North Bridge Mall, 109

Website/Contact Page:


Wedding Decorations

How to Prepare For Your Wedding With Zero Issues

Here are a few things to remember to have a smooth wedding preparation experience.

  • Save Effectively:

    We highly advise that you save more than six months of your monthly salaries for your wedding from achieving your vision. If your budget turns out to be short, you can use a personal loan from banks or trustworthy financial institutions.

  • Use Wedding Planners:

    Professional planners have long-term knowledge and experience in providing you with the best wedding solutions possible. Don’t underestimate their capabilities and the convenience they add to any wedding.

  • Finalize Your Guest List:

    Most couples run into bigger financial issues because they keep adding to their guest list. Finalize your guest list before you contact any venue and wedding planner.

To Sum It All Up

  • Even in the crisis, couples could still get married with alternative wedding plans guided by the changing health protocol. 
  • Simpler and more intimate wedding venues don’t mean that it is less beautiful and special.  With creativity and resourcefulness and cautiousness, your wedding can still turn out to be memorable while staying within the budget.
  • Make sure you plan your finances carefully and consider your other resources before your wedding.

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