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The future is unforeseeable. You could be flying high one day and be struggling the next day. Therefore, it is crucial that you know about the options available around you to help when you need it.


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Our lenders are always ready at their services to ensure your loan application is the easiest and the quickest! Here are 3 easy steps for you to apply for a loan with us:

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1. Fill in the required information and submit the online loan application form


2. Verify all of your credentials


3. Get approved and get your cash


There is no additional cost for Instant Loan service. It is absolutely free, and our platform helps to match your requirements to the most qualified moneylenders in Singapore.

No, we do not provide moneylending services. We are a neutral intermediate party that provides a loan comparison platform for clients who are looking for the most suitable moneylender for them.

Yes, any information submitted to Instant Loan will be kept personal and confidential. All of your details and credentials will solely be used for the purpose of matching your financial requirements with appropriate moneylenders in Singapore. Other than that, we do not spam.

Unfortunately, no. Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to issue loan services online. Only the initial loan application can be made through the web. Procedures after that will require clients to make a trip down to the office of the moneylender. This is because there are some contracts that will need to be read, explained, and signed between you and the loan officers before the loan approval.

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You can receive your loan as fast as one-day waiting time. As long as our applicants are able to make ready all of the documents required depending on the loan they are applying for, there should not be any problem at all.

Furthermore, you will just need to fill in our application form and our financial officers will contact you as soon as possible. When all terms have been agreed to, it only takes you to sign the document before getting your cash or cheque on the spot.

If you operate your own business, a taxi driver or get paid based on commission, worry not. Instant Loan does have loan service providers who are keen on lending you loan money you need.

All we will need is documentation that proves your income for us to calculate your average monthly income to determine the loan amount that is most suitable for you. For more information on the needed documents, our financial consultants will be more than happy to entertain you when you make your application.

We have often heard similar concerns. Some banks do turn their backs from customers with poor credit scores instantly. However, that will not be the case with Instant Loan. We do not judge your ability to pay just based off your credit score and we do not reject immediately.

We evaluate all our customers before approving their personal loans. We look at your financial condition individually and try to understand your current situation. If we see some improvements based on our overall observation, you still have the chance to be lent a loan.

At Instant Loan, we strive as best as we can to financially help all our customers in need.

We have seen a pattern of people taking up two or more personal loans in Singapore. Statistically, it was found that 78% of borrowers have at least two mortgages and other personal loans. Most of these individuals commit to repaying a home loan and a study loan. If you entail another financial help, you can still apply for a new loan.

With that said, this does not mean that we are going to irresponsibly let you take up loans in a huge amount and strain your loan repayment ability. At Instant Loan, we always gauge your existing commitments and offer you honest financial advice to aid you in making the right decision.

The Ministry of Law has laid down that licensed moneylenders are not permissible in any way to provide loan services through SMS, Whatsapp, or Email. Also, they are not allowed to request any money advances as deposits.

They are only permitted to promote their products and services through regulated business channels and consumer directories, websites owned by the moneylender itself, advertisements placed within and on the exterior of the moneylender’s physical office.

Instant Loan strictly complies with the rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Law. All of our business practices are honest and transparent. We do not advertise our products and services on any unauthorized platform.

You should keep these key points in mind:

  • You are legally obliged to fulfill any loan contract you enter into with a licensed money lender.
  • Consider whether you are able to abide by the contractual terms, bearing in mind your income and financial obligations. Borrow only what you need and are able to repay. Be mindful that if you are unable to meet the contractual terms, the late payment fees and interest payment will be a financial strain not just on yourself but also on your family.
  • The law requires money lenders to explain the terms of a loan to you in a language you understand and to provide you with a copy of the loan contract. Make sure you fully understand the terms of the contract, in particular, the repayment schedule, the interest rates charged, and the fees applicable.
  • Consider carefully before agreeing to any contractual term which allows a money lender to lodge a caveat on the sale proceeds of your real estate property upon default of the loan repayment. When a caveat is lodged against your property, you will not be able to sell it without first repaying the money lender in full. If the repayment is taken from the net proceeds from the sale of the property, it can wipe out all or a substantial portion of the proceeds.
  • You should shop around different money lenders for the most favorable terms. You should not rush into and commit yourself to a loan until you are satisfied with the terms and conditions.

With effect from 1 October 2015, the maximum interest rate moneylenders can charge is 4% per month. This cap applies regardless of the borrower’s income and whether the loan is an unsecured or secured one. If a borrower fails to repay the loan on time, the maximum rate of late interest a moneylender can charge is 4% per month for each month the loan is repaid late.

The computation of interest charged on the loan must be based on the amount of principal remaining after deducting from the original principal the total payments made by or on behalf of the borrower which are appropriated to the principal. [To illustrate, if X takes a loan of $10,000, and X has repaid $4,000, only the remaining $6,000 can be taken into account for the computation of interest.]

The late interest can only be charged on an amount that is repaid late. The moneylender cannot charge on amounts that are outstanding but not yet due to be repaid. [To illustrate, if X takes a loan of $10,000, and fails to pay for the first installment of $2,000, the moneylender may charge the late interest on $2,000 but not on the remaining $8,000 as it is not due yet.]

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