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How Moneylenders Act Protects Borrowers Like You From Moneylenders

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The Moneylenders Act primarily protects borrowers from any abusive act that moneylenders may commit within the duration of the contract. The Ministry of Law requires the signing of a cautionary statement by borrowers before handing any personal loan. This cautionary statement signifies that borrowers were fully informed of potential unlawful conducts of moneylenders. Moreover, it … Read more

DBS Personal Loan Singapore Review

DBS Personal Loan Singapore Review

POSB and DBS Personal Loan provides instant cash disbursement upon loan acceptance even those with annual incomes below $30,000 but charges borrowers higher rates than its competitors.  POSB and DBS Personal Loan Pros: It can be up to ten times your monthly salary When you apply online, it’s assured you’ll get the cash quickly into … Read more

Overdraft Loan Facilities and Benefits

Overdraft Loan

Banks allow you to dig deeper into your account even if it is already empty, but would that be okay for your finances? The key to understanding overdraft facility is defining both words first: facilities are short term loan financial assistance offered by banks to existing customers — either companies, small businesses, or individuals who … Read more

Are Equity Loans a Good Idea?

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Some would say that homes are a dead investment. It’s a property that does not earn and is losing value the longer we live in it. But, the idea of home equity loans proves otherwise.  Home Equity loans best for making home improvements or consolidating debts with a lower interest rate. But, a home equity … Read more