First State Dividend Advantage Fund: A Comprehensive Review and Guide

first state dividend advantage

The First State Dividend Advantage Fund is an all-inclusive investment fund that includes environmental, social, and governance factors in its investment process. With more of its focus on governance, the Fund identifies quality companies defined by their financials, management, and franchise strength. The FSSA Dividend Advantage Fund are long-term investors who measure the success of … Read more

Coinhako Review: Best for New Investors in the Crypto World

coinhako review

Established in 2014, Coinhako is one of Singapore’s most recognized and reliable crypto exchanges and has the most users. The platform offers the option to trade in Singapore dollars and US dollars.  Coinhako is the easiest to understand, making it the best for newbies to buy crypto. It, however, does not offer the most extensive … Read more

A Beginner Guide: What Are Index Fund Investments?

what are index fund

Index funds offer investors an easy foray into the stock market with lower risks and lower fees than actively managed mutual funds and other investments. Passive investing via an index fund enables you to invest in the stock market in a low-cost, low-risk way. You’ll also benefit from well-diversified investments and attractive returns – but … Read more

6 Best Wedding Bands in Singapore for your Wedding 2022

wedding bands singapore

Through generations, wedding bands have become an essential part of wedding rituals among Singaporeans and other cultures. Not only are they a symbol of love and commitment between a couple, but they are worn to command attention to your fingers and make a loud statement that you are already married. Wedding bands also remain the … Read more