Blue Chip Stocks Singapore

10 Best Blue Chip Stocks Singapore With High Dividend Yields

Singapore’s blue-chip (BC) companies are currently well-diversified and have a relatively steady history of generating sustainable earnings and cash flow. They are resilient to global economic volatility as they are mostly invested in high-quality properties and assets across the region and beyond. 

Most of Singapore’s blue-chip companies are also profitable, with many achieving high margins and frequently issuing dividends.

Blue-chip stocks come from large, well-established companies with good track records of growth and profitability. They are usually considered “safer” than other stocks for investment purposes. Know more about how to start your investment in Singapore. 

A BC is usually one of the 30 largest companies in a country, has been in operation for at least 25 years, or has an excellent reputation. It is often viewed as a sign of stability because it has survived difficult economic times.

Why Do People Invest in Singapore Blue Chip Stocks?

In Singapore, traders invest in these high-quality stocks because of the following:

  • Passive income: Blue-chip stocks are excellent for passive income because they are less volatile and more stable than other stocks.
  • Stability: BC companies have extensive resources, so their growth potential is significant. They can be a good way to stabilize your portfolio and ensure your money will last over the long term.
  • Low Risk: BCs are considered low risk because it is a well-known company with a solid reputation and will have the means to bounce back through any economic downturn.
  • Diversification: If you’re planning to branch out from a single market, go for a BC, and you’ll have a virtually infallible diversification into new markets. 


10 Best Blue Chip Stocks Singapore To Invest in With High Dividends

1. CapitaLand Investment (CLI)

CapitaLand is one of Singapore’s biggest companies with holdings in industrial and logistical properties, urban development, commercial, retail, and more. They have a presence in more than 200 countries, and their major operations are in Singapore and China while expanding their holdings beyond the Asia Pacific and into Australia, Europe, and the USA.

CapitaLand Investment is one of Singapore’s primary developers with numerous contracts alongside the Singapore government. They’ve also developed most shopping malls in Singapore. Whenever you see Funan Mall, Bedok Mall, or CapitaLand’s logo, it’s part of CLI. 

Dividend Yield to Date:

2019 3.00% S $0.12
2018 3.00% S $0.12
2017 2.50% S $0.1
2016 2.25% S $0.09


Trading Code: CLI

Latest Dividend Yield: 3% on 08-20-2020

Share Price: S $3.37 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio: 

  • Capitaland Commercial Trust (such as Ascott Residence Trust, etc.)
  • Capitaland Mall Trust (such as Funan Mall and Bedok Mall)
  • Business parks
  • Integrated development
  • Urban development
  • Lodging
  • Residential


2. Singapore Airlines/SIA (C6L)

Singapore’s national airline is one of the most recognizable brands inside and outside the country because of its excellent service and nearly-perfect track record in the aviation industry. Thus, many investors always look forward to its high-yield dividend portfolio and issuance of steady dividends per year.

Aside from flights, SIA is well-known for its KrisFlyer Miles program and KrisPay system, which are great conveniences to passengers.

Dividend Yield to Date:

2019 6.09% S $0.3
2018 7.71% S $0.38
2017 4.26% S $0.21
2016 8.92% S $0.44


Trading Code: C6L

Latest Dividend Yield: 6.09% in 2019

Share Price: S $4.95 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • KrisFlyer
  • KrisPay
  • Singapore airport operations


3. Hong Kong Land Holdings (H78)

Hong Kong Land Holdings manages and develops properties in its home country, Macau, Mainland China, Beijing, Jakarta, and other parts of the world. Its primary focus is commercial, investment, and development properties. Alternatively, it has holdings in residential properties around the globe. 

Dividend Yield to Date:

2021 4.23% USD$0.06
2020 4.23% USD$0.16
2019 4.23% USD$0.06
2018 3.85% USD$0.06
2017 3.65% USD$0.06


Trading Code: H78

Latest Dividend Yield: 4.23% as of 13 Oct 2021

Price Per Share: S $7.07 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • Office and commercial properties
  • Luxury retail and commercial properties in various countries such as Raffles City and Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC)
  • Residential properties


4. Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (Y92)

ThaiBev is one of the biggest blue-chip companies well-known for Chang Beer. The company has a stable payout for its penny stocks, making it popular in its home stock market and as part of a portfolio of Singapore stocks. ThaiBev has expanded from its primary beverage business into food manufacturing and processing, distribution, and beyond. Their activities guarantee a strong balance sheet and excellent dividend yield, making it a favorite among investors.

Dividend Yield to Date:

2021 3.14% THB 0.51
2022 2.16% THB 0.35
2020 2.65% THB 0.43
2019 2.40% THB 0.39
2018 3.82% THB 0.62


Trading Code: Y92

Latest Dividend Yield: 3.14% in 2021

Price Per Share: S $0.66 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • Food manufacturing and processing industry
  • Drink manufacturing, processing, and distribution


5. DBS Group (D05)

DBS Group is one of Singapore’s biggest industries because of its expansive banking categories. It currently covers retail, corporate, investment, mortgage, and investment banking, making it a huge aspect of any business’s foray into commercial and integrated developments year on year. 

These facts make DBS Group one of Singapore’s most important blue-chip stocks. While its share price is fairly high with almost zero price action, it’s one worth getting whether you’re into penny stocks or not.

Dividend Yield to Date:

2021 3.13% S $1.02
2020 3.13% S $1.02
2019 4.60% S $1.5
2018 5.21% S $1.7
2017 1.93% S $0.63


Trading Code: D05

Latest Dividend Yield: 3.13% as of 2021 

Price Per Share: S $32.61 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • Retail banking
  • Corporate banking
  • Investment banking
  • Mortgage loans
  • Private banking
  • Wealth management
  • Credit cards, finance, and insurance


6. Keppel DC REIT (AJBU)

Keppel DC REIT is a Singapore-based property investment company with a portfolio of office, retail and residential properties in Singapore and Australia. The company invests in various real estate-related assets, including office buildings, residential buildings, and shopping malls.

As of 2021, Keppel DC Reit’s strategy is to invest in high quality, lower risk assets with attractive cash flow and capital growth prospects and target annual returns of 4-6% with a capital preservation focus. Plus, the objective of the Keppel DC Reit 2021 strategy is to provide investors with stable, regular dividend income.  

Dividend Yield to Date:

2021 4.62% S $0.111
2020 2.62% S $0.063
2019 3.88% S $0.094
2018 2.95% S $0.071
2017 2.67% S $0.064


Trading Code: AJBU

Latest Dividend Yield: 4.62% in 2021

Price Per Share: S $2.41 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • Data centres for rent in South East Asia and beyond
  • Residential properties
  • Offices and other corporate properties
  • Shopping malls


7. SingTel (Z74)

SingTel is a leading telecommunications and digital services company in Asia. It employs over 14,000 people in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka. SingTel has a strategic advantage of an extensive network of fiber optic cable backbone and has various international roaming agreements plus a strong global presence

SingTel is planning to invest in new areas, including cybersecurity, healthcare, AI, and 5G to keep up with the changing trends in the digital economy. SingTel aims to have a digital business that is more integrated and current with the changes in the market.

Dividend Yield to Date:

2021 1.01% (not finalized) S$0.024 (not finalized)
2020 4.45% S$0.106
2019 7.38% S$0.175
2018 7.38% S$0.175
2017 8.65% S$0.205


Trading Code: Z74

Latest Dividend Yield: 4.45% in 2020

Price Per Share: S $2.32 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • Mobile. Phones & More. SIM Only Plus Plans.
  • Residential and industrial internet.
  • TV. Packages
  • Devices & Gadgets including accessories and wearables
  • Lifestyle & Services, insurance
  • Singtel Cafe.


Man Looking at Stock Market

8. ComfortDelGro (C52)

ComfortDelGro is a strong player in the transport industry. In 2021 they have a great fleet of vehicles and an enormous workforce dedicated to the company. Their network of vehicles spans Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has a fleet of over 12,500 vehicles with a network of 3,700 vehicles worldwide. 

In 2022, ComfortDelGro has a mix of physical assets and intangible assets. The company owns about 1,000 buses and coaches in Singapore that serve different routes, which is a tangible asset. The company also has a website that advertises services and a customer call center that serves customers, which are intangible assets.

Dividend Yield to Date:

2021 2.58% S $0.035
2020 3.86% S $0.053
2019 7.77% S $0.107
2018 7.59% S $0.104
2017 7.59% S $0.104


Trading Code: C52

Latest Dividend Yield: 2.58% as of 2021

Price Per Share: S $1.37 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • Singapore public transport including taxis, auto engineering, inspections, and testing
  • Car rental and leasing and driving centers
  • Bus, rail, commuter, taxi, and coach rental
  • Vehicular advertising services.


9. Sheng Siong (OV8)

Sheng Siong started as a humble provision shop in 1963 and has grown to be the largest multi-format supermarket in Singapore. The company has a market capitalization of S $4.6 billion and operates the Sheng Siong supermarket chain and the Sheng Siong Express convenience store chain.

In 2022, Sheng Siong will have a total of three more new supermarkets. They will have a total of 45 supermarkets in Singapore by 2021. The company also plans to build a new warehouse on a vacant site on the city’s outskirts, which they will use to centralize their distribution centers.

Dividend Yield to Date:

2020 3.63% S $0.053
2019 2.40% S $0.035
2018 2.33% S $0.034
2017 2.33% S$ 0.034


Trading Code: OV8

Latest Dividend Yield: 3.63% in 2020

Price Per Share: S $1.46 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • Live and fresh produce
  • Groceries and perishable goods
  • General trading and wholesale import and export


10. Genting Singapore (G13)

Genting Singapore is Malaysia’s largest casino company, with over 50% of the casinos in the country. The group owns and operates Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, with three integrated resorts – Resorts World Sentosa, the Genting Hotel, and Marina Bay Sands. In addition, it has holdings in gaming, oil and gas, transport, power generation, and property development.

To consolidate its position as a global gaming destination, Genting Singapore is diversifying its portfolio of offerings to include more experiential experiences. In 2021, the company will focus on hospitality and retail and expand its gaming offerings to include eSports.

Dividend Yield to Date:

2021 1.31% S $0.01
2020 3.27% S $0.025
2019 4.58% S $0.035
2018 4.58% S $0.035
2017 3.92% S $0.03


Trading Code: G13

Latest Dividend Yield: 1.31% as of 2021

Price Per Share: S $0.76 as of writing

Products/Service Portfolio:

  • Resorts World Sentosa
  • S.E.A. Aquarium
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark
  • Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park
  • Hotels
  • M.I.C.E Venues
  • Retail Outlets


How Can I Invest in Blue Chip Stocks?

If you’re ready to start investing, just follow these five simple steps

Step 1: Set Up Your CDP Account

Investors need to set up their Central Depository accounts (CDP), which store their stocks. If you already have a bank account, you’ll need to head straight to SGX, submit all their required documents, and you’ve got your CDP account ready to go.

Step 2: Open Your Brokerage Account

Brokerage accounts make it much easier to apply today than in the previous years. Singapore has a wide variety of local and international brokerage accounts. Each of them will require you to download their app and submit supporting documents during your application.

Step 3: Purchase Your Singapore Blue Chips in the Singapore Exchange

Your brokerage account allows you to purchase stocks and other assets you can find on Singapore Exchange. Ensure that you deposit enough cash to purchase the BCs you want to include in your portfolio.

Step 4: Monitor and Evaluate Your Blue Chip Stock Portfolio Performance

Always observe your portfolio’s performance. While BC price action always heads upwards due to their resilience and the market’s confidence in them, you might see drops that can affect your current long or short positions. Avoid losses by always evaluating your portfolio regularly. 


Our Final Thoughts

Singapore’s economy plays host to its best and finest companies. Investing in its blue-chip companies guarantees that you’ll always have an excellent payout in both dividends and trades. 

  • Blue-chip companies guarantee stability thanks to their low price action and consistent growth.
  • Most of Singapore’s excellent BCs invest in residential, commercial, and industrial properties to simultaneously generate growth and stability.
  • Each of our chosen BCs has relatively high share prices, so make sure you have enough cash to invest in them once you open your CDP and brokerage accounts.

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