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Are Yours The Best Car Insurance Policy in Singapore: A-Must-Read

While you may know that car insurance is required in Singapore if you are a car owner, choosing the best car insurance coverage with the lowest premiums remains a challenge.

Car ownership in Singapore doesn’t come cheap. Whether your existing policy is expiring or you’re shopping for a new one, you should look at the issue and select the best car insurance plan for your benefits. Insurance companies differ on coverage, premiums, emergency or non-emergency customer services, and claims support. 

In this article, we’ll take you through the factors you need to consider in deciding which car insurance to get.

How Should I Choose the Best Car Insurance Policy?

Today’s car insurance is more than a policy fulfilling basic legal requirements. People like you want more protections for personal and property indemnity if an accident occurs. 

Therefore, you should consider more insurance factors, e.g., coverage types, excess, choice of auto workshops, additional driver coverage, transport allowance, roadside assistance, no claim discount, and young or inexperienced driver coverage. They all form essential considerations in choosing an auto policy.

1. Coverage Type

Three main coverage types are popular in Singapore: third-party only, third party, fire & theft, and comprehensive policy.

  • Third-party Only Class: As the name implies, it is the primary insurance coverage and covers the injury and death of persons other than yourself caused by your covered vehicle. The insurance policy also protects against damages caused to properties other than yours. It is a liability coverage vehicle policy.
  • Third-party Fire and Theft Class: Besides including the third-party insurance, this insurance class covers the losses to your vehicle due to theft and fire. It is the hybrid insurance coverage of third-party liability and vehicle insurance policy. Regarding your automobile, the protection applies to theft and fire causes only.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Class: The policy is the most complete, all-around, protection insurance companies have to offer. Apart from the above coverages, the comprehensive class protects against vehicle repairs and replacement costs, personal injury, and medical expenses caused by accidents.

2. Insurance Excesses

Excess is the amount of a claim you need to pay before an insurance company pays for the rest when a claim arises, and you may be partly or wholly responsible for a loss. For example, an insurance policy specifies a claim excess of $1,000. Then, you should pay the first 1,000 out of your pocket before an insurance company pays the remaining $4000 with a $5,000 claim. You should pay the entire claim below $1,000.

You should pay attention to the insurance excess as it affects your premium payment. An insurance company is willing to lower your premium for the higher claims excess you are responsible for. Though you may pay less premium for higher insurance excess, you will pay more for damages during a claim out of your wallet.

3. Workshops for Auto Repair

A workshop option affects your car insurance premium pricing. A workshop is a car providing 

checking and repairing services. Using specified workshops reduces service costs and expenses born by an insurance company. A car insurance policy specifying authorized workshops usually has lower premiums than ones without authorized car workshops.

In addition, an insurance policy may offer both options, so you can choose your favorite workshops or reduce your premiums. A policy with a hybrid of both options has a higher premium rate than a policy with specified authorized workshops only.

4. Coverage for an Additional Driver

Most insurance companies may allow one additional driver to be included in your policy because they may use your car. The “named driver or additional driver” has the same coverage as a car owner. An insurance policy owner has to pay an additional premium for supplementary coverage.

5. Daily Transport Allowance

A car insurance policy may distribute a daily allowance to car owners while an insured vehicle is under repair. It is a fixed amount to compensate for additional transport expenses incurred in this period. You should review the coverage terms and conditions in detail to include the allowance in your policy.

6. Roadside Assistance

You may need emergency aid if your car breaks down on a highway at midnight. Some insurance companies may offer around-the-clock emergency services like car-towing advice or other Adhoc assistance. Roadside assistance is beneficial to inexperienced drivers vulnerable to chaos when driving. You should look into the details carefully if you need this service or ask for the inclusion of the coverage if there is none.

7. No Claim Discount (NCD)

A No-Claim-Discount is a premium discount applicable if your past claims are fewer than a specified record by an insurance company. An NCD applies to policy renewal. Car owners may pay much less than a standard car policy if a 30% to 50% NCD applies to the premium.

You should consider buying an NCD protector to avoid an NCD cancellation by an insurance company during a claim. The NCD protector is insurance against NCD reduction or cancellation against a claim filed.

8. Young and Inexperienced Drivers

If you are young, inexperienced, or a first-time buyer, you should be prepared for higher premiums and insurance excess for your car policy. The statistics show drivers of this category are prone to higher insurance claims than others. You may lower premiums after policy performances for some time.


9 Popular Car Insurance Providers in Singapore for 2022

The following table compares car insurance companies in Singapore regarding car insurance premiums and striking benefits provided.


Key Features Best for

Estimated Costs (Approximately)


  • Lifetime repair warranty.
  • Lower premiums for drivers of age 30 or above.
  • Lower premiums for limited coverage for the first year.
  • Lower premiums for coverage of collision-related accidents.
  • Coverage for damage to third-party’s property, loss of life, and personal injury, and legal defense and representation.
Protection against collision-related accidents



  • Complementary car service while an insured car is under repair.
  • Car replacement for cars under 2 years old unrepairable
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Broad excess options available.
Value-conscious drivers



  • Quick and efficient transactions and claims online.
  • Claims payable in 30 minutes.
  • Low-priced premiums.
  • Lower age limit(up to 24) for young and inexperienced drivers
  • Offer of 5% discount for demerit-free insureds.
  • Free child seat coverage of up to SGD300.
  • Flexible pricing options for multiple insurance excesses.
  • An allowance of SGD50 for each car under repair.
Young and demerit-free drivers



  • Online purchase.
  • No need to name additional drivers(except for the Classic plan.)
  • Courtesy car service is available for up to 3 months for loss or written-off of an insured car.
  • A lifetime guarantee of 50% NCD.
  • An allowance of SGD80 for up to 10 days for an insured car under repair. 
A lifetime of NCD and overseas coverage


HL Assurance-CarProtect360

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Options of authorized and non-authorized workshops
  • Lower excess and premiums for authorized workshop options.
  • 25% discount off free car servicing 
Flexible workshop options



  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance services, e.g., towing, lockout, and roadside repair.
  • Car replacement under irreparable conditions due to an accident.
  • For MotorMax Plus policyholders, an offer of car loan protection of up to SGD100,000 due to death.
  • More than 30 reputable authorized workshops
Defintenely low-cost plan


NTUC Income-Drivo

  • Over 30 authorized workshops.
  • 24-hour referral services for road and medical assistance in West Malaysia.
  • A free NCD Protector offer on policy renewal if a policyholder has a 50% NCD with NTUC Income policy for the last 2 years.
  • An allowance of SGD50 for 7 days counting from the first repair day.
  • The professional Orange Force Riders is a service member of the Roadside Assistance program.
Strong professional services & NCD Protector for free


Singlife with Aviva

  • Over 30 authorized professional workshops
  • A low entry age of 24 for young and inexperienced drivers.
  • Forfeiture of excess if car holders do not cause damage.
  • Only 10% penalty over NCD on claims applicable to Standard and Prestige policy owners.
  • Promotions for NSmen and civil servants.
  • No additional excess for the Prestige policyholders, including young and inexperienced drivers.
Young and inexperienced drivers & NSmen, civil servants


Singtel – Car Protect

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Up to SGD50,000 sum insured for authorized drivers and passengers, underwritten by Great Eastern Life, Singapore.
  • Accident towing charges are covered automatically.
  • Plain application process.
Affordable prices



Premiums are determined by the standard rate of a male driver aged 35 with 50% NCD.

1. AIG: Best for Collision-Related Coverage

AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd, a renowned general insurance company in town since 1953, becomes known for providing auto collision-related coverage at a low premium of SGD1,024 compared to the same coverage provided by other companies. 

Insurance Plans

1. Collision-only Plan

As its name implies, the collision-only plan covers damage caused by accidents like a vehicle collision and even covers collisions made by a policy owner. The collision-caused damage covered includes the causes of catching fire and the cause of a hit-and-run vehicle.


  • The collision-only plan covers third-party property damage of up to SGD5,000,000 and unlimited coverage of personal injury and death of third parties.
  • The plan covers authorized licensed drivers who are members of your household and get your permission to drive the car.
  • You should only have AIG-authorized workshops to repair an insured car. But AIG will pay up to SGD500 for the towing service in a car accident.
  • You can reduce your excess payment to a maximum of SGD1,000 by providing in-car footage to AIG.
  • Another benefit is you can tailor-make your plan to lower premiums by limiting the personal accident coverage to authorized drivers of age 30,35, and 40. Besides, you may further reduce premiums by selecting expected mileage usage for the next 12 months.
2. Complete plan

The complete plan offers more benefits, for example, the loss of vehicle caused by theft, damage by neutral disasters like floods, besides the coverage of collision-related plan, windows or windscreen coverage with automatic benefit reinstatement(an excess of SGD100 before GST.)


  • The plan also covers damage and loss of vehicles caused by strikes, riots, and civic commotion.
  • The plan also covers damage and loss of vehicles caused by strikes, riots, and civic commotion.
  • Furthermore, AIG offers add-on insurance as attachments to two basic plans. The add-on insurance riders include coverage of glass roof/moon roof/sunroof/panoramic glass roof.
  • Additional optional coverage provides for the loss of cash compensation of SGD50 for up to 7 days. The other is the NCD Protector add-on for drivers with 50% NCD, including non-reduction of NCD for the first claim in the first policy year.
  • Another benefit is the coverage of extended authorized drivers outside a policy owner’s household. The additional coverage covers solar film due to the damage to the windscreen, windows, and canvas top with an automatic restatement of the benefit(an excess of SGD350 before GST.)

Happy satisfied customer just bought a brand new car at vehicle dealership.

2. Allianz Motor Protect: Best for Value-Conscious Policyholders

A financial household name, Allianz has been serving the retail, SMEs, and mid-corp markets in Singapore since 1998. Allianz offers the best car insurance for car owners at a low price of SGD854.

Insurance Plans

1. Third-Party only

Clients of third-party policy can claim third-party’s damage up to SGD5,000,000 per accident and unlimited coverage of personal injury and death. Policyowners can get a maximum legal representation and defense claim of up to SGD3,000 per accident. Clients with a 30% or above NCD can qualify for a no-claim discount(NCD) protector purchase option.

2. Third-Party only, Fire and Theft Only(including Third-party Only’s benefits)

Besides the third-party only protection, clients of third-party fire and theft only car insurance policies can get cover of loss and damage to cars due to fire and theft. Allianz offers a lifetime warranty on cars repaired at an authorized workshop.

3. Comprehensive Plan (including Third-party Only and Third-party only, Fire and Theft benefits)

Allianz provides all-around protection, including personal accident, income indemnity, and liability insurance at a reasonable price to auto owners.


  • Apart from the above benefits, policy owners of comprehensive car insurance get more protection from loss and damage caused by accidents. But they should have the repair work performed at authorized or preferred workshops.
  • Clients can get a taxi reimbursement of SGD100 and a towing fee of SGD500 per accident or breakdown. The authorized repair limit for the comprehensive policy is SGD350 per accident.
  • When an insured car is under repair, a policy owner can get a courtesy car for up to 10 days per case. Or he may choose to get an allowance of SGD50 instead. And If the insured car is of age less than 2 years and beyond repair, you can get a replacement car by triggering a“New for Old” policy clause.
  • Comprehensive insurance plan customers can get 24/7 Roadside Assistance service and unlimited windscreen coverage. Allianz is one of a few car insurance companies offering the “Agreed Value Payout at Total Loss” cover for free. A client should agree to a payout value at the start of a policy year.
  • What distinguishes the other 2 policies is that a comprehensive plan holder can choose his favorite workshop to repair an auto. And the plan offers compensations of SGD50,000 and SGD25,000 due to death and permanent disability to the policy owner and each passenger. The additional medical expense of SGD1,000 is available to each passenger as necessary. 
  • Finally, you can choose the excess amount in case of a claim. The excess amount to be paid will undoubtedly affect the future premium.

3. Etiqa: Choice for Young or Inexperienced Drivers

Etiqa, an online insurance company, is a member of Maybank Group and has a strong rating of “A” by the Fitch rating agency. Etiqa provides exceptional car insurance services to young and inexperienced car drivers for a low of SGD1,161.

Insurance Plans

1. Third-Party only

The third-party-only plan is a liability insurance coverage and provides 3 coverages: 1. Death and bodily injury to the third party, 2. Loss or damage to property of the third party, 3. Legal costs and expenses up to SGD2,000 are assumed by a policy owner.

2. Third-party Fire and Theft?

Besides the third-party-only coverage, the third-party fire, and theft policy covers damages by accidents: 1. Accidental loss or damage due to fire, 2. Loss or damage due to theft, 3. Accessories and spare parts due to fire or theft only. The policy also covers towing costs of up to SGD200 caused by accidents.

3. Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan, consisting of the coverages of the other 2 plans, offers car theft or damage by other insured causes other than fire and theft.


  • A plan holder is eligible for personal accident coverage of up to SGD50,000 due to a car accident and, including named drivers and passengers, is also eligible for medical expenses of up to SGD1,000 per person caused by a car accident.
  • Etiqa also offers an unlimited windscreen cover with an excess of SGD100 and a daily transport allowance of SGD50 for 5 days a maximum if the repair is at an authorized workshop and exceeds 3 consequent days.
  • The company offers flexible insurance excess premium policy. A policy applicant can choose several excess options to adjust policy premiums. The higher an insurance excess a policyholder chooses to pay, the lower the policy premium will be. A maximum cap of SGD2,500 excess is available. Etiqa will specify an excess of SGD500 for an unnamed driver if a claim arises. And other excesses for elderly, young, and inexperienced drivers are SGD2,000.
  • You may not notice Etiqa has a child car seat cover reimbursing up to SGD300 for a car seat damaged in an accident. And it is free! 
  • An added-on coverage is Gap Cover. It insures against the difference of up to SGD80,000 between an outstanding car loan and its market value in a car’s total loss. Other insurance add-ons by Etqa include 1. Enhanced Protection and Removal After Damage or Loss insurance rider. 2. Loss of Use Benefit, 3. Medical and Dental Expenses, 3. 24/7 Roadside Assistance.
  • Etiqa offers optional coverages like No-Claim Discount(NCD) Protector, adjustable excess, Sun/Moon cover, solar film cover, and workshop of your choice.

insurance agent working on accident claim process

4. FWD: Guarantee for a Lifetime of 50% NCD

FWD began operations in Singapore in 2016 and, today, is a composite insurer offering various insurance products to Singaporeans. FWD has been emphasizing easy-to-understand and customer-oriented products in serving clients.

Insurance Plans

1. Third-Party only

The third-party plan covers 24-hour driving and roadside assistance support in West Malaysia and parts of Thailand due to accidents or others. Moreover, it will cover unnamed drivers and provide unlimited coverage for third-party injury and death caused by the policyholder.

FWD provides up to SGD5,000,000 coverage and legal costs of up to SGD3,000 for accidental damage caused by the policyholder.

2. Third-party, Fire, and Theft Plan

Policyowners of a third-party, fire, and theft insurance policy have auto replacement or repair coverage due to fire or theft besides the coverage of the third party only. They have an extended workmanship guarantee defects warranty for the repair done on premium workshops. 

FWD also offers to replace a new one for a damaged or stolen car and reimburse towing charges of up to SGD300.

3. Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan provides protection to plan holders for personal death, injury, and loss of income.


  • Comprehensive plan owners can enjoy 12 monthly premium installments interest-free if paying by OCBC Mastercredit or VISA credit card. 
  • Policyowners have a lifetime guarantee of 50% NCD for their car insurance renewal with FWD.
  • Auto owners receive a daily transport allowance of SGD80 for 10 days, a maximum under repair.
  • Prestige and Executive plan owners of comprehensive insurance policies can receive the courtesy car service for up to 3 months if their insured cars are stolen, written off, or in a workshop.
  • Like other insurance plans, you can choose to purchase add-ons to enhance your insurance benefits.
  • Family personal accident insurance and hospital income benefit are added-on insurance. You and your family can get SGD100 per day for up to 90 days for staying hospitalized even if the accident is not car-related. 
  • A benefit of SGD50,000 for the death or permanent disability is available to an insured and family members.
  • You can choose a higher excess option to reduce the insurance premium. FWD can allow you to waive young driver excess to get full coverage. And you have the option to choose a preferred workshop.

insurance agent with personal accident claim form

5. HLAS Car Insurance: Flexibility of Workshops

HL Assurance is a member of the Hong Leung Group of Malaysia. With strong financial backup, HL Assurance offers auto owners the “CarProtect 360” at a premium of SGD1,336. The plan emphasizes a broad choice of workshops.

Insurance Plan

HL Assurance has only one plan, “CarProtect360”, which is a comprehensive insurance plan.


  • HLAS lets you choose your preferred workshop by providing a flexible premium and excess schedule. If you use HLAS-authorized workshops, a reduction of excess and premium is available.
  • The Car Protect360 insurance covers loss or damage up to a market value on the day of the event due to fire, theft, natural disasters, fallen objects, riots, and strikes.
  • A benefit of up to SGD1,000 is available for manufacturers’ standard equipment and car accessories like audio or videos.
  • Unlimited windscreen cover is available with no insurance excess at HL’s approved workshops( otherwise, a policy owner should pay an excess of SGD100.) 
  • HL Assurance offers coverage of up to SGD5,000,000 for damage and an unlimited cover of death or Injury to third parties.
  • Besides, you and an authorized driver, including passengers, get a medical expense reimbursement of up to SGD1,000 per person. 
  • Regarding personal accident benefits, a policy owner can get SGD20,000 and an authorized driver and passengers for SGD10,000.
  • Other benefits include a daily transport allowance of SG50 and up to a total of SGD1,000 if your car is under repair for more than 3 days. 
  • The towing benefit is up to SGD500. HL Assurance allows you to perform minor repairs for a limit of up to SGD300 net of excess deductions. 
  • A 24-hour automobile and medical assistance service are ready at a policy owner’s request.
  • HL Assurance also provides policyholders NCD protector and 24/7 Roadside Assistance services.

asian women calling repairman broken car beside road

6. MSIG: Budget Premium Choice

MSIG Singapore Pte Limited, an MSI subsidiary and a member of MS&AD Insurance Group, has over 100 years of operations in Singapore. The company holds an A+/Stable rating from Standard & Poor’s. MSIG’s auto insurance is the choice of budget policyholders, with a premium as low as SGD 825.

Insurance Plans

1. MotorMax

MotorMax is a comprehensive auto insurance policy giving more personal and property protection besides liability insurance.


  • MotorMax provides comprehensive coverage against accidental loss, damage, and third-party liability of up to SGD5,000,000 and unlimited coverage for any person due to death or bodily injury.
  • Regarding personal accident benefits, MSIG offers benefits of SGD20,000 and SGD10,000 each to the policyholder and authorized driver and passengers. And the company provides incurred medical expenses of up to SGD1,000 each. But MotorMax clients should perform repair work at MSIG’s authorized workshops only. 
  • An auto reinstatement insurance of windscreen cover offers compensation subject to SGD100 excess for replacement due to breakage. MSIG waives the excess for repair.
  • Like other insurers, MSIG offers automobile and medical assistance, including emergency towing, roadside assistance, vehicle repatriation, accident & police report notification, and locksmith referral. 
  • Moreover, MSIG provides emergency evacuation and repatriation services of up to SGD50,000 due to accidents within the covered areas outside Singapore. The covered areas outside Singapore comprise West Malaysia and a part of Thailand within 80 kilometers of the border between West Malaysia and Thailand. 
  • You may incur excess payment from repair charges. An additional excess of SGD3,000 applies to young or inexperienced drivers of age 27 or under and holding driving licenses for 2 years or less.
2. MotorMax Plus

Motomax Plus provides more comprehensive coverage. Besides the basic cover offered by MotorMax, MotorMax increases additional coverage.


  • MotorMax Plus increases the personal accident benefits to policyholders, an authorized driver, and passengers up to SGD100,000 and SGD50,000 each.
  • A member of MotorMax Plus can choose his favorite workshop to repair a car. He can get a transport allowance of SGD50 for up to 10 days if the period exceeds 3 days and the benefit dates back to the first.
  • MotorMax Plus policyholders are eligible for “ New for Replacement” if an insured vehicle is at a total loss or a constructive total loss occurring during the 12 months of its first registration. MSIG replaces an identical model with a value up to SGD100,000 above the market value at the time of loss or may pay the difference. The coverage does not include floods, robbery, or theft losses.
  • Apart from the above, a policyholder is eligible for an accidental death benefit of SGD100,000 related to an insured vehicle.

7. NTUC Income Car Insurance: Strong Roadside Assistance and Conditional Free NCD Protector Add-On

NTUC Income is a composite insurer offering life, healthcare, and general insurance since 1970 in Singapore. NTUC income uses an innovative, data-driven, and omnichannel approach to providing customer-centric solutions to clients. NTUC Income provides vehicle insurance plan with a free NCD Protector for a low premium of SGD1,004.

Insurance Plans

The insurer offers drive premium and drive classic auto insurance plans. The only difference between both plans lies in the choice of repair workshops. Premium plan holders can choose workshops of their favor, while classic plan holders must use ones specified by the insurer.


  • Both plans offer protection against the loss and damage of insured vehicles up to the market value at the time of loss or damage.)
  • NTUC also protects policy owners from fire or theft of vehicles up to the market value at the time of loss or damage.)
  • The protection to the third party caused by an insured vehicle can be up to SGD5,000,000.
  • The insurance coverage for the third party against death or injury is unlimited.
  • Medical expenses insurance is a maximum of SGD1,000 per person.
  • Personal accident benefits caused by a car accident are a maximum of SGD50,000.
  • Both plans offer a towing fee of up to SGD500.
  • Unlimited windscreen cover protection is available but subject to SGD100 excess.
  • A typical excess of SGD600 is accessible to both plans.
  • Regarding unnamed driver’s coverage, NTUC requires an insurance excess of SGD2,500 if an unnamed driver is under 27 years of age and has 1 year of driving experience. An excess of SGD500 is necessary only if the driver exceeds the abovementioned criteria.
  • Clients can choose to add the NCD protector insurance to their basic plans if the NCD is over 30%. NTUC may add the benefit for free on renewal if a client’s NCD is 50% or above. Clients have obligations to inform the insurer of any accident happening to plan holders; otherwise, the insurer may reduce NCD by 10%.
  • Clients can choose to add the daily transport allowance to their plans and purchase excess waiver rider for policies with excess not exceeding SGD600.
  • Clients may enhance their benefits by buying Roadside assistance and wellness cover. The assistance rider increases the reimbursement of up to SGD200 per policy year or non-accidental roadside assistance services expenses. The coverage also includes medical expenses of up to SGD1,000 per policy year for cosmetic, reconstructive surgery, and pregnancy-related checkups due to client accidents.
  • An additional personal accident coverage of up to SGD10,000 for pregnant clients.

Man look at his empty wallet while driving car, dangerous behavior

8. SingLife with AVIVA: Low-priced Comprehensive Prestige Plan

SingLife is a local composite insurer with a strong international backup. With a commitment to clients, The 3 car insurance options offered are most suitable for young and inexperienced drivers: Lite, Standard, and Prestige with a premium as low as SGD1,058.

Insurance Plans

1. Lite Plan

The Lite plan is the lowest-benefit policy among the three and includes the basic benefits of a comprehensive policy.


  • SingLife offers coverage of up to SGD5,000,000 damage against a third party’s property.
  • Customers can have a replacement car if it is a brand new car within the first 12 months and repair expenses exceed 70% of a vehicle’s market value.
  • Policyholders pay an excess of SGD100 for windscreen damage compensation.
  • Young and inexperienced drivers aged 24 or under and with less than 2 years of experience should pay an excess of SGD2,500 for claims.
  • The plan offers a medical expense reimbursement of SGD500 per person, including passengers. 
  • Policyholders should repair their damaged vehicles at approved workshops.

2. Standard Plan (including the benefits of the Lite plan)

The plan offers clients a free choice of repair workshops. But clients should pay double the excess at non-approved workshops. The policy also covers the loss of personal belongings up to SGD1,000.

3. Prestige Plan (including the benefits of the Lite plan)

Besides including the benefits from the Lite plan, the Prestige plan increases the following coverage.


  • Unlike the standard plan, clients of the Prestige plan do not pay double excess for auto repair at non-approved workshops.
  • The replacement condition extends from 12 to 24 months, and policyholders have a more extended coverage time frame.
  • Clients of any age and no experience do not have to pay any excess for auto repair and windscreen damage.
  • The prestige plan increases medical expenses up to SGD5,000 per person. The personal belonging coverage is SGD3,000 maximum.
  • A daily transport allowance of SGD80 is available for up to 10 days.
  • Besides, SingLife guarantees not to cut NCD and requires upfront excess payments if a policy owner is not responsible for the damage. 
  • Furthermore, the NCD penalty(if applicable) imposed is 10% maximum compared to 30% by other insurers.

If you buy SingLife’s auto policy for 2 years’ premiums with UOB or DBS.POSB credit card, you can lock in the probable premium increase for the second year.

SingLife provides insurance add-ons to enhance coverage. Like others, clients can purchase an NCD protector and courtesy car service for 10 days maximum. A “Replacement locks and keys” rider pays for the replacement costs of your car security system. Finally, the additional personal injury cover offers up to SGD100,000 to policy owners and passengers during an auto accident.

9. Singtel Car Protect: Choice for Basic Insurance Cover

Singtel, the Singapore telecommunications operator, offers customers 3 auto insurance policies for competitive prices. The noted Great Eastern General Insurance Company is the underwriter of the policies. The insurance policies are ideal for policyholders for a broad choice of basic insurance cover with a low premium of SGD832.

Insurance Plans

1. Value Policy

Value policy is a liability-protected policy against a third party and indemnity insurance against damage to your car. The policy offers compensation of SGD5,000,000 to a third party’s property and towing charges of up to SGD300 due to accidents.

2. Essential Policy

Besides the coverages offered by the value policy, the Essential policy provides personal accident benefits up to SGD120,000 and SGD50,000 to a driver and each passenger.

3. Premium Policy

A Premium plan owner can name his preferred workshop to repair or waive SGD500 for repairing the vehicle at the Greater Eastern’s authorized workshop. Singtel’s Essential and Premium policies cover unnamed drivers and passengers in an insured vehicle for the same coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Insurance

1. Does any insurance company in Singapore offer coverage for electric vehicles?

While the insurance plans mentioned above are for fuel-propelled vehicles, the insurance company NTUC Income offers an insurance plan to electric vehicle owners. The premium determining process is different from other auto insurance.

NTUC provides 2 options to electric vehicle(EV) owner-applicants: an annual rate and pay-per-kilometer(PPK). Besides the fixed-rate, NTUC uses usage-based insurance to calculate premiums for each applicant. Clients can choose from 3 EV plans based on mileage used for plan premiums.

2. What should I do to renew when my existing plan is near expiry?

Like buying a new car insurance policy, you should compare insurance coverage and premiums to get the best price for desired covers. 

The factors to be considered include coverage types, insurance excess, workshop types, additional coverage, daily transport allowance, roadside assistance, no claim discount, and coverage for young or inexperienced drivers.

Except for the no-claim discount, you should view renewing an auto policy as the same as buying a new policy because the factors have a considerable impact on determining the premium rates.

3. What should I do when a car accident happens?

You should consider the crucial procedures when an accident occurs: for example, on-site record information, keep the accident site status quo under the circumstances allowed, keep personal details, report the incident to the authority and insurance company, and arrange to have your car repaired at a workshop, and arrange for injured parties for medical treatment.

4. What should I do if I intend to sell my car?

You should inform your insurance company to cancel the insurance policy after you sell the car and not buy a new one. The point is you can get back most of the premiums for the uninsured period if you cancel the policy as earliest as possible. Some insurance companies may charge a cancellation fee, and you should ask for more information before buying or renewing a policy.

If you intend to buy a replacement car for your existing one, you can use the remaining premium with additional money to buy a new vehicle policy.

Bottom Line

Whether you are buying or renewing a car insurance policy, you should research and compare the coverages required and premiums beforehand to get the best policy for your and your family. You can use the guidelines above for your search.

Key takeaways

  • Besides premiums, coverage, excess workshops, and additional insurance riders like daily transport allowance should be your buying considerations.
  • Protection for your family members, and additional drivers, is another consideration in addition to mandatory responsibility.
  • You should list coverages in order of importance so you can make the best decision in choosing an auto insurance policy.

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