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7 Best Travel Insurance in Singapore for Different Needs (2023)

Around 150,000 people go through Changi Airport daily, and as common as people taking trips are, so do cases of flight delays, trip cancellations, and more. So, before heading to your dream destination, ensure you’re covered by travel insurance. 

Depending on your plan, travel insurance providers can give you protection on your trips. Basic travel insurance is enough to keep you from experiencing certain hassles, such as losing baggage, but upgrading is all the better. 

Since not all travel insurance is cut from the same cloth, comparing their plans is crucial to get the most protection abroad. This guide comprehensively compares the best travel insurance in Singapore to make decision-making easier for you.

Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Singapore’s top travel insurance companies are FWD, Direct Asia, Bubblegum, Allianz, Singlife, Tiq, and MSIG travel insurance. The following sections will show how they compare against each other:

At a Glance

Travel Insurance Best For Medical coverage Premium

Covid-19 Protection

FWD Travel Insurance

High Medical Coverage S$200,000 S$21.75 (per week) Yes (If you opt for FWD’s COVID-19 coverage add-on benefit)

Direct Asia Travel Insurance

Group Coverage S$200,000 S$40.25 Yes 

Bubblegum Travel Insurance

Overseas Medical Expenses S$1,000,000 S$20.63 Yes

Allianz Travel Insurance

High Medical Coverage S$500,000 S$73.45


Singlife Travel Insurance Frequent Flyer Points Protection S$2,000,000 S$78.68


Tiq Travel Insurance Pre-existing Medical Conditions S$200,000 S$39.00 (per week)

Yes (If you opt for Tiq’s COVID-19 coverage add-on benefit)

MSIG Travel Insurance Overseas Medical Expenses S$1,500,000 S$61


*Premium plan prices depend on whether you take the annual or single trip policy, the number of travelers, the destination, and the date of the trip


So, which is the best? It’s difficult to determine a single “best” travel insurance option as it ultimately depends on the individual’s specific needs and preferences. 

However, among the 7 options mentioned, Singlife Travel Insurance offers the highest medical coverage of S$2,000,000 and unique frequent flyer points protection. FWD Travel Insurance is also an excellent choice for those looking for affordable high medical coverage and COVID-19 protection. 

Ultimately, it’s important to carefully review and compare the different plans to choose one that meets your specific travel needs and budget. Take a look at the detailed features of each insurance below. 

1. FWD Travel Insurance – High Medical Coverage

Who should get this: For single or annual-trip travelers


With FWD Travel Insurance, travelers no longer have to worry about what happens during their trip. Buying this from your insurance provider automatically protects you from a wide variety of circumstances, such as theft or damage to personal belongings, travel delays, and other travel inconveniences, among others. 

The FWD travel insurance is even appealing because of its high medical coverage. If you get sick abroad, you won’t have to take out cash from your pocket. Their plans can insure around S$200,000 to S$1,000,000 for adults below 70. 

On a different note, paying for this insurance is sweat-free. Purchasing your policy can be done via PayNow, Grabpay, and other payment modes. Meanwhile, claiming your medical benefits is cashless for your convenience. That said, if you find yourself in a difficult circumstance requiring help from your travel insurance provider, you’ll instantly receive your much-needed assistance overseas.


  • Travel delay
  • Baggage delay
    • Trip cancellation
  • Overseas medical coverage 
  • COVID-19 medical expenses
  • Fraudulent personal credit card usage
  • Theft of or damage to personal belongings
  • Automatic travel insurance cover extension
  • Liability for harm or damage you accidentally cause
  • Loss of passport, travel documents & theft of money
  • Payment of rental car excess if you have an accident
  • Death or permanent disability caused by an accident that occurred while overseas

Premium: Purchasing FWD Travel Insurance premium plan costs around S$21.75 per week, but this will change depending on the coverage you choose, the add-ons, and other factors.

Promo: Unlock a 50% discount on your next life insurance when you purchase a travel plan with FWD Travel Insurance. Valid till April 30, 2023. T&Cs apply.

2. Direct Asia Travel Insurance – Group Coverage

Who should get this: For individual, family, and group travelers


Direct Asia Travel Insurance tailors plans that are best suited for single and annual trip plans for travelers. If you’re traveling with kids, they’ll get the same comprehensive coverage as adults to ensure they’re fully protected overseas. Families who love going abroad can greatly benefit from the travel insurance plans of Direct Asia, thanks to this perk.

Aside from providing medical and airport-related benefits, you can also get additional coverage, such as for sports equipment, extreme sports and activities, and travel insurance with Covid-19. If your helper or maid goes along with your family, they can also be included in the family plan. 

Regarding medical expenses incurred abroad, the insured can either claim S$200,000, S$500,000, or S$1,000,000, depending on the insurance plan purchased. The amounts will also vary when it comes to other categories, such as travel delays, cancellations, and more.


  • Maid
  • Covid-19
  • Travel delay
  • Sports equipment
  • Rental car excess
  • Extreme sports & activities
  • Delayed personal possession
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment
  • Medical expenses while overseas
  • Loss or damage to personal belongings

Premium: Direct Asia Travel Insurance’s premium plan is around S$40.25. Get a quote to get the exact cost based on your itinerary.

3. Bubblegum Travel Insurance – Overseas Medical Expenses

Who should get this: For travelers looking for a value-for-money travel insurance


You don’t have to pay loads in order to get your hands on travel insurance with extensive coverage. Bubblegum Travel Insurance lets you go on your trip with peace of mind without emptying your pockets. By far and large, this travel insurance provider is one of the cheapest in the travel industry market, but certainly not low quality in their service and benefits. 

With their affordable plans, you can claim benefits on events where overseas medical expenses, personal accidents, Covid-19, travel delays, baggage loss, theft, and etc., occur. If you’re traveling in Asia-Pacific for seven days, every individual can be covered for just S$4 a day.

Claiming benefits are also fuss-free, making Bubblegum travel insurance one of the most sought-out by frequent travelers. Purchasing their plans is made easy, too. Explore, purchase, and manage their travel policies and other products by installing their Bubblegum app today.


  • Trip cancellation
  • Personal liability
  • Covid-19 coverage
  • Damaged baggage
  • Adventurous activities
  • Travel delay coverage
  • Overseas hospital cash
  • Travel & baggage delays
  • Mobile phone loss/damage
  • Overseas medical expenses
  • Emergency medical evacuation

Premium: Bubblegum Travel Insurance is a lot cheaper compared to the average price of other travel insurance policies. Pay as low as S$20.63 for a premium plan or lower or higher than that, depending on your destination country and other factors. 

4. Allianz Travel Insurance – High Medical Coverage

Who should get this: For single and annual trip travelers


Allianz Travel Insurance covers you whether you’re off for a leisure or business trip. Over the years, they have protected over 55 million individuals from the unpredictable. With their comprehensive packages, you, too, can travel without worrying about trip delays, etc. 

For emergency medical expenses incurred overseas, Allianz can reimburse you up to S$50,000. For travel delays, you’ll also get S$800, with a daily limit of S$200. Other categories included in your plan will also have their corresponding amounts, which will be reimbursed if you ever experience those scenarios. 

Notably, getting the basic Allianz Travel Insurance plan can provide you with entry-level protection. However, upgrading it to premium unlocks various perks and provides you a travel plan that has wider coverage. If you are staying in your destination country for a long period, you never know what’s going to happen. Hence, going for premium plans is highly suggested. 


  • Travel delay
  • Baggage delay
  • Trip interruption
  • Trip cancellation
  • Epidemic coverage
  • Emergency medical
  • Trip change protector
  • Baggage loss/damage
  • OneTrip rental car protector
  • Pre-Existing medical condition
  • Emergency medical transportation

Premium: A premium travel policy from Allianz can be around S$73.45. This is subject to change depending on your country of destination, length of stay, number of travelers, and more.

Promo: Get 40% off all policies when you use promo code TRAVEL40 and purchase one of their travel plans today!

muslim family kids holiday trip

5. Singlife Travel Insurance –Frequent Flyer Points Protection

Who should get this: Travelers who need more coverage and add-ons for their travel insurance plan


Signing up for any Singlife with Aviva travel insurance plans will allow you to accumulate your miles and eventually earn a free flight to the country of your choice. Plus, whether you’re looking for a single or an annual travel insurance policy, Singlife got you covered. 

Regardless if you experience flight delays, trip cancellations, loss of baggage, and other unexpected events during your trip, you’ll be refunded accordingly. Should medical expenses be incurred abroad, you’ll get unlimited funds if you go for their premium plan. This is helpful, especially if the cost of medical services in that specific country is blatantly expensive.

A rainfall protection coverage can also be included. This is ideal if you’re traveling during the rainy season. You’re set to get S$150 if your trip is affected by excessive rainfall. You can also opt for trip cancellation for any reason, although this may affect the regular price of the plan. 


  • Personal liability
  • Loss of baggage
  • Rainfall protection
  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Rental vehicle excess
  • Loss of frequent flyer points
  • Accidental death & disability
  • Overseas medical expenses
  • Trip cancellation for any reason
  • Unauthorized use of credit card
  • Trip interruption – Change of trip itinerary
  • Change of traveling date or time for any reason

Premium: To get the most coverage you need during your vacation, purchasing the Top-shelf Plan will only cost you S$78.68. Any add-ons included in the plan and the itinerary of your trip may change the price.

Promo: Get 25% off Singlife travel insurance single trip plans. You can also enjoy a 30% discount off your travel policy quote if your immediate family member is active in a MINDEF & MHA Group Term Life / Group Personal Injury policy or POGIS Group Term Life policy with Singlife.

6. Tiq Travel Insurance – Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Who should get this: For overseas and cruise travelers


Tiq Travel Insurance was rated number 1 by Seedly in 2021. It’s no surprise since their policies are comprehensive and reasonably affordable for travelers. Their Covid-19 coverage can be included as an add-on to your plan and many others to guarantee a well-protected overseas trip. It’s wise to include this benefit, more so when you’re traveling to a country with high cases of Covid. 

Tiq also covers cruise travel as well as pre-existing medical conditions, which may not be available in other travel insurance companies. In case you get sick abroad, all the medical expenses incurred will be reimbursed for up to S$1,000,000. Of course, coverages and their amounts will vary according to your chosen plan. 

More value-added services can be enjoyed when you sign up for an insurance policy with Tiq. You’ll be refunded in full if you need to cancel your insurance. You’d also get paid upon a 3-hour flight delay even without submitting your claim.


  • Travel delay
  • Baggage delay
  • Personal accident
  • Covid-19 coverage
  • Acts of terrorism cover
  • Travel curtailment & disruption
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Overseas hospital cash allowance
  • Trip cancellation and loss of deposit
  • Medical expenses incurred overseas

Premium: Tiq has three types of plans you can choose from, which are Entry, Savvy, and Luxury. Going for the premium policy only costs S$39 per week, which is affordable considering their comprehensive travel plans. 

Promo: Use promo code TRAVEL40 to enjoy 60% off your travel insurance annual plan with a Covid-19 add-on or 40% off on single-trip plans. 

You can also refer a friend and earn up to S$50 per referral today!

Female tourists on hand have a happy travel map.

7. MSIG Travel Insurance – Overseas Medical Expenses

Who should get this: For single and annual trip travelers


If you’re looking for a travel plan where you can enjoy over 50 benefits, MSIG Travel Insurance is the way to go. When you travel abroad, especially to a country far away from home, a lot of unexpected events could happen. This could include trip interruptions, delays, lost items, baggage, or passport, and more. 

Hence, whether you’re going for a single or annual trip, MSIG can take away your worries as you travel abroad. Not only do they have the basic coverages, but you can also have Covid-19 protection and overseas medical expenses worth up to S$250,000 when you choose their travel insurance premiums. 

MSIG also has several highlights added to their travel plans. In case an insured traveler isn’t able to go through, they’ll pay for the charges incurred. Purchasing their plans is easy since you can buy them online, plus receiving your insurance immediately is always possible with this company. 


  • Covid-19 cover
  • Trip cancellation
  • Personal liability 
  • Travel disruption
  • Travel postponement
  • Replacement of traveler
  • Personal accident cover
  • Overseas medical expenses
  • Automatic extension of cover
  • Overseas quarantine allowance
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation

Premium: Depending on your itinerary, the MSIG premium travel plan may be around S$61 or more. Get a quote now to find out how much it costs!

Promo: Get a 40%discount on single trips and 20% off on annual trips when you buy a travel insurance plan online. Valid till April 30, 2023. T&Cs apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Best Company to Get Travel Insurance?

Some of the best companies to get travel insurance are FWD, Direct Asia, Bubblegum, Allianz, Singlife, Tiq, and MSIG. You get the most out of your dollar when you purchase their products. 

Their coverages are also available in three plans, so you can choose a policy best suited for your needs according to your budget. However, you must remember that the more expensive the plan is, the more extensive your protection will be. 

In case your travel policy needs more coverage, you can certainly include their available add-ons, such as the following:

  • Covid-19
  • Terrorism 
  • Sports cover
  • Trip cancellation for any reason

Another thing that makes these companies stand out among others is their high customer satisfaction ratings. For some, purchasing a policy is easy, while claiming it undergoes rigorous and often lengthy processes. 

However, it’s not the case with these travel insurance companies. Some of them allow you to have a cashless or paperless claim!

2. Which Travel Company Is Best for International Travel Insurance?

Allianz would be a great pick for international travel insurance considering its plethora of policy options for single and annual-trip travelers. Their travel insurance plans cater to professionals going for a business trip or individuals off for a holiday. 

You can also get you and your family members or group covered in their extensive lists of benefits. 

Check the list below to know all their available plans for you:

  • AllTrips Basic – For medical emergency protection without cancellation benefits
  • AllTrips Prime – A year’s worth of protection against trip cancellations, trip interruption, lost baggage, and more.
  • OneTrip Basic – Limited post-departure benefits with trip cancellation and interruption coverage
  • OneTrip Prime – The most popular plan. Comes with expanded coverage with free insurance for children 17 and under
  • AllTrips Premier – An entire year of worldwide protection, plus concierge service, your whole household is also insured whether traveling together or separately. 
  • OneTrip Premier – Includes all benefits from OneTrip Prime, but with double post-departure benefits and more reasons for trip cancellations. 
  • AllTips Executive – Includes more reasons for trip cancellations and interruption limits, lost or stolen baggage benefits, and business equipment rental coverage. 
  • OneTrip Cancellation Plus – For domestic travelers who want trip interruption and cancellation benefits but don’t need post-departure coverage. 
  • OneTrip Emergency Medical – Covers emergency medical expenses, trip delays, and lost luggage without trip cancellation or interruption benefits. 

3. Is Axa Travel Insurance Reliable?

Yes, Axa Travel Insurance is a legitimate travel insurance provider. This company was founded in the 19th century, starting on property and casualty insurance. Many years later, the brand changed until it became what they’re now known as AXA. 

You can get a quote on their latest travel insurance policies by visiting their website and by inputting the required information in the quote box. They have Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans, which all have to be purchased within 14 days after making your initial trip deposit. 

If you have pre-existing conditions, it’s recommended that you go for the Gold and Platinum policies. 

4. Which Travel Insurance Is Underwritten by Allianz?

Trading as AWP Services Singapore Pte Ltd., the services provided by Allianz travel insurance are underwritten by Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd. This global general insurance company in Asia aims to provide the highest quality of services and products served with integrity by being fair and ethical.

asian couple taking a selfie travelling


Going for an overseas trip requires travel insurance just in case you experience travel delays, damaged baggage, lost passports, or even medical emergencies. When you’re insured, you won’t have to spend a dime on any travel-related issues, provided these are part of your plan coverage.

Key takeaways

  • Travel insurance protects you from unwanted financial liabilities before, during, or after your trips. 
  • Different travel insurance plans come in different types and varying levels of pricing and coverage benefits.
  • Having add-ons on your travel insurance policy can affect the price. Trip cancellation for any reason may also increase the cost by up to 50%.
  • The main categories of travel insurance include travel delays, trip cancellations, medical expenses, personal effects coverage, and accidental death or flight accident benefits. 
  • When choosing the right travel insurance, identify the coverage you need. Go through the benefits of each insurance plan and pit them against your budget and other factors. 

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