8 Low-Risk Investment Options in Singapore for Guaranteed Returns

low risk investment singapore

We are experiencing a global era of inflation, signifying the end of the low-interest rate period. These two phenomena are interconnected and can significantly impact your daily life.  In a scenario where stock markets are declining, and prices are rising, it becomes crucial to safeguard your assets from eroding and diligently strive to increase their … Read more

Discretionary Spending Vs. Non-Discretionary Spending: A Complete Guide

Discretionary Spending Vs. Non-Discretionary Spending

Understanding how we spend our money is crucial to achieving financial stability and planning for the future. Two types of expenses that we encounter on a daily basis are discretionary spending and non-discretionary spending.  By differentiating between wants and needs, we can better manage our finances and prepare for retirement by tracking our overall budget … Read more

Comparing Effective Interest Rate vs Nominal Interest Rate

effective interest rate vs nominal interest rate

An effective interest rate is a return you get from investing. In contrast, a nominal interest rate is a stated payoff offered by an investment. An experienced investor may sometimes ignore the petty differences between the terms. However, the effect caused by the possible figures behind the decimal in a percentage can be enormous and … Read more

What is Value Investing and How it works

bonus dividends

This is especially imperative if you are planning to invest in a company as you should seek to understand the company’s long-term plans, financial structure and also its management team. Hence, opting for value investing would be a smart move as value investing puts emphasis on looking into a quality company with a big potential … Read more

Which Cryptocurrency to Buy This 2023?

Businessm ananalyzing indicators

Introduction The world is going through a global health crisis today, with the spread of COVID-19. Most of the world has gone in lockdown, severely affecting their economies. This has affected the financial markets as well, which includes cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and traders. The current sentiment on cryptos today is that it is not the financial … Read more

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