P2P Lending: How It Works, Top Platforms in Singapore

p2p lending

With the rise of technology, innovation on the commercial platform is set to follow suit. Coming into digitalization, financial technology (FinTech) has been the forefront of e-commerce for the past decade and is now the trend for conducting business. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, one of many FinTechs available, has been appealing to a larger set of … Read more

Phillip SMART Portfolio Review: Best for Busy Investors

Philip SMART portfolio review

Philip SMART is one of the fund management services in Singapore that matches you with the best fit portfolio based on your online risk analysis. The platform works by embracing technology while making the investment process effortless for you. Philip SMART allows you to quickly set up your investment account and fund and monitor its … Read more

A Comprehensive AutoWealth Review: Best for Experienced Investors

AutoWealth Review

Using tried and tested algorithms, robo-advisors like AutoWealth customize client portfolios and invest for them in different markets depending on their investment goals and risk appetite. Robo-advisors rebalance these portfolios regularly to keep them in line with the purpose of the investment.  AutoWealth takes a passive market returns portfolio allocation and diversification approach to automate … Read more

A Complete StashAway Review: Best for Beginner Investors


Until recently, if you wanted automatic investment services, you would seek financial institutions or a financial advisor to create for you an investment plan. These services would make you part with an annual management fee of 1% or more of your assets.  StashAway offers a digital wealth management platform to grow your wealth with no … Read more

Mapletree Logistics Trust: A Comprehensive Guide

mapletree logistics trust

Mapletree Logistics Trust is a real estate investment trust. Listed on 28th July 2005, Mapletree Logistics Trust is the first Asia-focused REIT in Singapore. The REIT owns real estate properties in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. REITs are a great addition to your portfolio since they provide potentially high returns and … Read more

SquirrelSave Review: Best for Investors Who Want to Start Small

SquirrelSave Review

Backed by Nasdaq-listed Pintech Technology Holdings and Pacific Century, SquirrelSave offers a low minimum investment amount of S$1. However, SquirrelSave does not disclose its investment methods and the ETFs the platform invests in. What Is SquirrelSave? Founded by Victor Lye, the platform is powered by PIVOT Fintech Pte, offering intelligent investing to anyone in Southeast … Read more

Crowdfunding In Singapore In 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

crowdfunding singapore

Crowdfunding is now more popular in Singapore than ever before. It is now a legitimate way to raise funds for a variety of purposes, including collecting the startup capital for a new business or funding an artistic project. Crowdfunding was previously used to raise money for worthy courses such as charities. Read our guide on … Read more

Coinhako Review: Best for New Investors in the Crypto World

coinhako review

Established in 2014, Coinhako is one of Singapore’s most recognized and reliable crypto exchanges and has the most users. The platform offers the option to trade in Singapore dollars and US dollars.  Coinhako is the easiest to understand, making it the best for newbies to buy crypto. It, however, does not offer the most extensive … Read more