Mapletree Industrial Trust Review 2022: Should You Invest?

Mapletree Industrial Trust

Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) is a REIT listed on the SGX with a portfolio of 115 industrial and data center properties located in North America and Singapore. MIT has assets of S$6.8 billion as of March 31st, 2021. Singapore’s REITs were impacted exponentially by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the industrial REITs being spared and thriving … Read more

Forex Trading Singapore: Everything You’ll Need to Know Before You Hop In

forex trading singapore

Day trading has become significantly popular in the last few years, with forex being one. You’ve seen stories circling in the news about foreign exchange currency’s convenience as a highly-accessible and liquid market with potentially huge profits if you have an excellent trading strategy. If you have enough capital, forex trading in Singapore only takes … Read more

How to Choose the Best Mutual Fund in Singapore 2022

best mutual funds singapore(1)

Mutual funds are ideal for investors that desire to make extra income because of this diverse range of investment opportunities. Some mutual funds involve riskier assets such as stocks and real estate, while others can be safer investments such as bonds, but each fund is different so it’s good to do some research before deciding … Read more

5 Ways to Earn Passive Income in Singapore in 2022

how to earn passive income in singapore

Passive income is everyone’s dream: earning a steady stream of income while idling or sleeping. It sounds impossible, but anyone can make it happen as long as you make smart investments.  From investing prudently or exploring other modes of revenue streams, earning money with minimal effort is attainable.  Read on and we will share with … Read more

5 Best Investment Options to Invest $10k in Singapore

how to invest $10k in singapore

If you earn a monthly income from your job or business, you need to allocate your money to different expenses. Experts advise that you should diligently allocate 50% to your expenses, 30% for wealth growth and investments, and 10% for your savings. Once you follow this rule, you are on the right track.  Based on … Read more

Understanding Moat Investment: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

moat investment

Traditionally, a “moat” is the water around a castle. This served as protection for the people inside the fortress against outsiders. However, in investment terms, a moat is defined as a durable competitive advantage that an organization uses to protect itself from attacks by competitors. Companies such as Coca-Cola are renowned for having the biggest, … Read more