Cost of Living in Singapore: A Guide to Monthly Expenses

cost of living in singapore

Singapore is one of the countries with a high cost of living. Yet, regardless of the hefty cost of living here, what you get in return are its cultural heritage, awe-striking high-rise buildings, job opportunities, top-notch healthcare system, and other perks of living in a first-world country.  According to Singstats’ key household income trends report … Read more

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Income Tax in Singapore

how to reduce income tax singapore

The Singapore government has the power to tax and control taxes. By providing legal ways for personal income taxes to be reduced, they also open the chance to boost one’s spending power, as well as savings and investment. With this, peoples’ disposable incomes also increase, leading to economic growth  In Singapore, income tax depends on … Read more

Your Guide to the Best Retirement Plans in Singapore

best retirement plan singapore

Finding a retirement plan that will provide you with a sustainable retirement income is the key to financial security in later life. The best retirement annuity plans should provide a guaranteed monthly income for many years or offer you the chance to access a lump sum payout when you need it. Retirement planning is incredibly … Read more

The Singapore Tax System: Types of Taxes to be Aware of

types of taxes

Singapore has become a tax haven for most international investors thanks to its business-friendly tax system. The country has attractive personal and corporate tax rates, an absence of capital gains taxes, tax relief measures, extensive double tax treaties, and a one-tier tax system. Singapore also makes it easy to set up and operate businesses. Additionally, … Read more

Where to Get Financial Assistance in Singapore in 2023

financial assistance singapore

Singapore is the fourth richest nation globally. Despite this fact, many of its residents still belong to low-income households–they are earners that receive less than S$2,500 per month. Experts estimate that the poverty rate has increased by 43.45% between 2012 and 2015. The Singapore Administration confirms that over 100,000 families live in poverty. This translates … Read more

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