Tax Reliefs in Singapore: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

tax relief singapore

Singapore has the most progressive tax system in the world. The government has ensured that taxation remains competitive and progressive to encourage innovation, enterprise, and employment. Personal tax in Singapore is determined by the annual income you have. The government has also established personal income tax reliefs in line with the country’s social objective, such … Read more

10 Best Savings Accounts in Singapore with High Rates 2023

best savings account singapore

If you’re looking for the best savings account in Singapore to grow your money, there’s a wide range of options available. However, finding the best deal requires careful comparison. The primary consideration is securing attractive interest rates, as they directly impact your earnings. Currently, OCBC and Standard Chartered Bank offer the most favorable savings accounts, … Read more

Financial Advisers Act in Singapore: A Complete Guide for Financial Advisors

financial advisor act

Over the past five decades, Singapore’s financial sector has multiplied by developing a progressive and sound financial center. It has also ensured the financial industry serves the local economy and extends to the Asia Pacific region. Since it’s a great financial center, Singapore accommodates over 1200 financial institutions offering various products and services to the … Read more

Digital Banks versus Traditional Banks in Singapore ([year] Guide)

digital bank vs traditional bank singapore

With the issuance of digital bank licenses by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in 2020, digital banks have gained popularity in Singapore. These banks provide app-based and user-friendly services that enable customers to manage their accounts and monitor their finances without visiting physical branches. However, it’s important to consider the differences between digital banks … Read more

Tiger Brokers vs Interactive Brokers: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

tiger brokers vs interactive brokers

With 52% of Singapore residents investing in stocks, it’s clear that stock trading is gaining popularity. Online brokerage platforms like Tiger Brokers and Interactive Brokers have grown in popularity due to their comprehensive tools that help users build their wealth.  This post will compare the two platforms to help you choose the best one for … Read more

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