5 Things You Should Know About Personal Loan Interest Rates in Singapore

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No Singaporean has gone through their lives without using a personal loan as additional financing for a time-sensitive investment or expense. Truthfully, all personal loan interest rates increase yearly. They start at 3.5% and often end with an enormous 11% due to the yearly interest rate increases. Most Singaporeans use the interest rate as their … Read more

HSBC Personal Loan Review Singapore

HSBC Personal Loan Review

HSBC Personal Loan offers one of the cheapest loans in Singapore but its loan requirement of S$5,000 is not the lowest, making other banks better options for very small deals.  Pros and Cons Pros: One of the lowest interest rates in the market at 3.7% p.a. Lowest annual income eligibility for expats at S$40,000 Offers … Read more

DBS Personal Loan Singapore Review

DBS Personal Loan Singapore Review

POSB and DBS Personal Loan provides instant cash disbursement upon loan acceptance even those with annual incomes below $30,000 but charges borrowers higher rates than its competitors.  POSB and DBS Personal Loan Pros: It can be up to ten times your monthly salary When you apply online, it’s assured you’ll get the cash quickly into … Read more

How to Get the Best Personal Loan Application Approved

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Applying for a personal loan in Singapore may look like a daunting undertaking. However, with accurate information and research, you will recognize a variety of personal loans Singapore financial industry offers. The multitude of choices may be beneficial because it will allow you to consider various factors before deciding which loans to get. In this … Read more

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