Claim Your CDC Vouchers 2023: Where & How to Use Your $300

cdc voucher

Every household in Singapore is eligible to claim $300 worth of CDC vouchers, aimed at enhancing support under the Assurance Package. Alongside the $1.5 billion support package stated in Budget 2022, the CDC vouchers are a welcome relief for households looking to stretch their dollars further.  But what exactly are CDC vouchers, and how can … Read more

6 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund

A lady is writing a dollar sign in notebook while drinking milk

Financial emergencies are some of the biggest nightmares anyone can experience and they are inevitable. Medical expenses, servicing costs, unemployment, dependants’ educational expenses, etc. can knock at your door any time and lack of money to bear such uncertain expenses can make you put you in such a difficult situation. So, it is always wise … Read more

10 Money Management Tips to Have Healthy Finances

woman holding money

Money management is the process of tracking expenses, budgeting, banking, and evaluating taxes of one’s money. The latter is also considered managing investments. It’s a strategic technique to make your money yield the highest-interest output value for any amount you spend. Managing your money and expenses is important. It should be part of your wealth … Read more

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