Wedding Ang Bao Rates: Your Complete Guide for 2022

wedding ang bao

Are you worried about giving too little for the couple’s wedding ang bao? Fret not; you are not alone. Many new to the tradition often have many questions about ang bao practices. It is natural to want to send the couple best wishes and good luck, as well as leave a good impression. Giving money … Read more

6 Best Wedding Bands in Singapore for your Wedding 2022

wedding bands singapore

Through generations, wedding bands have become an essential part of wedding rituals among Singaporeans and other cultures. Not only are they a symbol of love and commitment between a couple, but they are worn to command attention to your fingers and make a loud statement that you are already married. Wedding bands also remain the … Read more

Glorious Nuptials: 10 Top Wedding Planners In Singapore 2022

wedding planner

Most people want a picture-perfect wedding: smiling, well-dressed bride and groom, a sublime setting with elegant touches, perfect lighting and floral decorations, supportive guests, and top-notch music and graphics.  Imagining the wedding is pretty straightforward. However, the planning process is stressful.  It involves arranging the printer for invitations, arranging the florist, choosing bridesmaid gowns and … Read more

The Average Budget for a Wedding in Singapore 2022

groom putting golden ring bride on finger during wedding

Every couple who dreams of tying the knot should thoroughly prepare. Wedding is a big day. Weddings are always special and there is nothing wrong in spending some money to turn your dream wedding into reality. However, weddings in Singapore can incur high costs. If you plan to enter a wedded life, then it may … Read more