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Claim Your CDC Vouchers 2023: Where & How to Use Your $300

Every household in Singapore is eligible to claim $300 worth of CDC vouchers, aimed at enhancing support under the Assurance Package. Alongside the $1.5 billion support package stated in Budget 2022, the CDC vouchers are a welcome relief for households looking to stretch their dollars further. 

But what exactly are CDC vouchers, and how can they be used? Read on to find out more.

What are CDC Vouchers and Their Benefits

Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers are given to Singaporean households to help cushion the impact of increased goods and services tax (GST) in 2023. So, every Singaporean household can use the vouchers to buy goods and services like food and medical halls they need from every participating heartland merchant, hawker, and supermarket.

The CDC voucher scheme began in June 2020, giving many Singaporean households paper vouchers. Its introduction aimed to help every family with daily expenses and to improve local businesses, whereby Covid 19 had taken a tone on them.

After four months, a statement was issued that households would get CDC vouchers in the upcoming months and would get the vouchers in digital form (e-vouchers).

Here are several benefits of CDC vouchers:

  • Next-Day Payout

Merchants can get their payments the following day provided they have given their bank account or PayNow proxy (NRIC or UEN, mobile number). They should also give their details accurately to be eligible for next-day payment.

  • Zero Commissions/ Fees

Many digital payments usually charge some fees or commissions. However, merchants receive all CDC value paid to them for CDC vouchers. No fees are charged.

  • No Physical Handling Vouchers

There is no need to collect, count, and handle paper vouchers since the digital CDC vouchers are digitally tracked. This has helped create a seamless process and increase hygiene for hawkers and shops.


Who Is Eligible?

In 2023, the CDC vouchers are eligible for all Singaporean residents. They can get vouchers online for free.

How to Apply For a CDC Voucher

  1. First, visit and click on the icon CDC vouchers 2023
  2. Log in with Singpass
  3. Afterward, you will get your CDC voucher link as an SMS.

How Local Merchants Can activate a CDC Voucher

  1. Download RedeemSG Merchant and then log in using your mobile number
  2. Feed in the shop provided by your ambassador or co-worker
  3. Begin to scan the vouchers
  4. If you want to incorporate other staff members, share with them the shop code.
  5. Then, tap the transactions to see all the vouchers you scanned.
  6. Finally, click on payouts to see payments in your bank account.

How to Claim Your Vouchers

As you are aware, CDC vouchers will now come in e-vouchers meaning that the claiming procedure differs from the previous where you were issued a paper voucher. However, that should be fine since you will still get $300.

The CDC vouchers you will be getting will appear in denominations of $2, $5, and $10. You can follow this link to claim your CDC vouchers successfully.

Here is how to claim your vouchers.

Step 1: Visit and click on CDC vouchers 2023.


Source: Community Development Council

Step 2: Log into your Singpass account.


Source: Community Development Council

Step 3: You will receive an SMS for verification.

Step 4: After the verification process, you will receive another SMS containing a link. Tap on the link to claim your vouchers. And just like that, you will get your $300.


Source: Community Development Council

You can share the voucher with your household member. You only have to tap on the “share my vouchers” icon, and from there, a link will be created that you can use to forward to other members of your same household.

Lacking a smartphone to redeem the vouchers? Do not worry. You can visit the nearest community center to claim physical vouchers.

Where to Spend Your Vouchers

You do not have to worry about where you will spend your vouchers. There are over 20,600 participating local merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets in the government that will take your voucher. You only have to pay attention to the CDC voucher decal display found at the hawker or merchant stall display.

Then you can inquire from them if they accept the CDC vouchers.

How to spend the CDC Vouchers is also simple. Since all the process is done online, you have to click on the number of vouchers you want to use at that particular time.

You also have to show the participating hawker the QR code for them to scan.


Source: Community Development Council

They will use the ReedemSG Merchant app to accept your e-vouchers. Below are different types of stores where you can spend your vouchers. Have a look.

  • Hawker centers
  • Bakeries
  • Hardware/repair stores
  • Wet markets
  • Minimarts
  • Provision shops
  • Hair salons
  • Optical shops
  • Fashion retail stores
  • Other heartland shops like dry cleaning, medical halls, and locksmiths

Additionally, you can also spend your CDC vouchers on eye checkups and pet food, among many other alternatives you have.

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Related Questions

1. Can a CDC Voucher Be Used at NTUC?

Yes, you can use the CDC voucher at NTUC Fair Price supermarkets. Other participating supermarkets include Sheng Siong, Prime, U Stars, and Hao Mart.

2. Can I Combine CDC Vouchers with Other Promotions?

Yes, you can use the vouchers with other promotions. However, any unused amount in your voucher won’t be refunded. Most participating supermarkets will allow you to combine various ongoing discount schemes such as price drop, buy now, and everyday low price with your voucher and make a purchase.

3. Are CDC Vouchers Transferable?

Yes, you can share the vouchers with your household members by clicking the ‘share’ button to get a link and send it to your same Singaporean household.


With over 20,600 participating local merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets, spending your CDC vouchers is easy and convenient. So, don’t hesitate to claim your CDC vouchers and start enjoying the benefits they offer.

Key takeaways

  • Singaporean households can claim $300 worth of CDC vouchers in 2023 to help cushion the impact of increased goods and services tax (GST).
  • The vouchers can be used to purchase goods and services from participating local merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets.
  • Eligible Singaporean households can claim their vouchers online through the CDC website or visit a community center to claim physical vouchers.
  • CDC vouchers can be combined with other ongoing promotions, and any unused amount in the voucher will not be refunded.
  • The vouchers are transferable and can be shared with members of the same Singaporean household.

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