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15 Best Boutiques for Cheap Engagement Ring Singapore

Finding the “right” ring could be quite a feat, even stressful. Among the slew of engagement ring shopping tips you’ll find online, you may have chanced upon an advice that you must save at least three months of your salary as an engagement ring of 0.1-carat now costs about S $750 plus, while the average 1-carat now costs about S $2,000 for a single, non-pair engagement ring. Pricey right? 

 Adding to the challenge is the  clueless navigation through terms such as cut, fluorescence, setting, among many others. We totally get you. We have carefully looked into Singapore’s countless boutiques and selected the best and affordable ones, so you don’t have to. Let’s jump right into the list. 

1. Carat 55

If you’ve ventured straight into Carat 55’s website, you’ll find a great number of engagement and wedding rings that are truly remarkable and found the price unbelievable for its aesthetics.

Carat 55 is well-known for its highly affordable but top-quality diamond rings, with many Singaporean couples note the precision customization they create for their customers.

You might just find the unique engagement ring with precious gemstones that you’ve been looking for in Carat 55.

Address: 5 Tank Road #01-03 Nagarathar Building Singapore 238061

Website/Social Media page:,

Price Range: S $750 – S $2,500 engagement rings and diamond rings.


2. Ling Jewellery

None comes close to Ling Jewellery’s experienced master diamond cutters and their impeccable attention to detail as they customize your bridal jewellery and wedding bands just for the occasion. Ling Jewellery focuses on using high-quality gemstones and diamonds, which make their products sought after by proposing gentlemen.

However, they’re not too pricey either because Ling Jewellery’s designs have unique sets for engagement and diamond engagement rings that substitute gemstones, such as lab-grown diamonds. Plus, couples can choose to customize their bridal jewellery with rose gold and other materials, too.

Take a peek because we believe they might just have your fancied wedding bands.

Address: 100 Tras St, #04 – 02, Singapore 079027

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $900 – S $3,000+

3. Love and Co. 

Love and Co.’s diamond cutters and master jewellers use both natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds in their designs. Their diamond rings focus on using illusion cuts laced with white gold or your metal of choice, which helps make them much more affordable. For this reason, it’s unbelievable just how much Love and Co. price its rings with precious gemstones. While they might combine it with lab-grown diamonds, the price is still right.

Address (Multiple Branches):

Ion Orchard, #B2-64, Singapore 238801

Plaza Singapura, #01-07, Singapore 238839

JEM, #01-47, Singapore 608549

Jewel Airport, #01-258, Singapore 819666

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $1,000 – S $5,000

4. JoyJuwels

JoyJuwels has a great selection of high-quality diamond rings at various price ranges from S $2,000-S $5,000. In addition, they can customize cuts and add white gold, blue nile, and other jewellery pieces that you might find exciting with their extensive range of designs and options. 

Couples who aren’t fans of diamonds or want to drive down the price can customize their rings with moissanite and other diamond imitations. Contrary to popular opinion, their customized cuts are what make their rings much more affordable.

Address: 171 Tras Street, Union Building, Joy Company Pte Ltd, #08-171A, Singapore 079025

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $900 – S $5,000+

5. Venus Tears

The goddess of beauty’s tears must be as beautiful as the source itself, and Venus Tears has proven itself worthy of its brand’s description. Venus Tears is greatly popular in Singapore because of its low-priced GIA-recognized diamonds recognized by Japan’s Central Gem Laboratory Co. Ltd.

With this in mind, if you ever wanted to browse through a collection of Japan-quality wedding rings in Singapore, your first stop is surely Venus Tears.

Address (Multiple Branches):

435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria, #B1-28, Singapore 238877

200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction, #01-22/22A, Singapore 188021

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $900 – S $5,000+

6. Rio

Rio’s master diamond cutters have an HCA calculator and an ASET and Idea scope working with their team to produce unique designs that Singaporean couples have never seen before. These professionals are available for customized work, too.

Rio’s number-one objective is to provide Singaporeans with the most affordable options for wedding bands and engagement rings that can make couples’ eyes sparkle in delight. Take a look at their shop’s collection today.

Address: Far East Shopping Centre, #11-13, Singapore 238882

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $1,000 – S $5,000+

7. Fonder Diamond

They say it takes twenty years to become a master in diamond cutting. And this is apparent to Fonder Diamond’s master diamond cutters, who can create the best wedding jewelry possible. These professional jewellers adapt to the modern art of jewelry making and dedicate their efforts to ensuring they always provide the highest possible quality.

Fonder Diamond has one of the best online shops with an excellent user experience that gives you all the information you ask for with a presentation, so you easily select the ring of your choice.

Address: 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #08-01, Singapore, 139964

Website:/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $1,000 – S $4,000+

8. LeCaine Gems

Specializing in bespoke jewelery pieces to bring your dream jewelries into life, the policy of LeCaine Gems is customizability balancing uniqueness, elegance, and affordability. Their style is handcrafted to perfection by their world-class diamond cutters, making their rings worthy of a princess’ adornment.

If you and your spouse-to-be love gems and gold interwoven in a design unlike any other you’ve seen before, then LeCaine’s collection is most certainly the best option for you.

Address: 888 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678185

Website/ Social Media Account:,

Price Range: S $1,000 – S $5,000+

9. Ung Yiu Li x Canary Collection (by Canary)

Ung Yiu Li is a brand focused on affordability and playful designs while maintaining the elegant signature of The Canary Diamond Co. You may also find their seasonal design collections and chance upon fresh and limited designers that byCanary takes on and changes regularly. ByCanary has made the wedding selection of top-notch jeweller Ung Yiu Li a staple in their shop. These designs feature precious stones with many illusion cuts, making them affordable and stylish at the same time.

If you’re looking for wearable and stylish Canary Diamond rings that won’t break the bank, then byCanary is most definitely the best option for your needs. Check out their shop’s selections today.

Address: Online-Only


Price Range: S $1,000 – S $5,000+

10. Calla Lily

Emily Tan is a well-known designer who has worked with reputable names such as Jimmy Choo and Marni. With Calla Lily, Singaporean ladies can get their fingers blinged to perfection. Her goal: to deliver high-quality customized jewellery for weddings and any occasion. Calla Lily delivers a unique style that blends floral and natural aesthetics in some rings with precious stones. You can trust us when we say any Calla Lily custom jewel gift is a treasure to behold

Address: 56 Eng Hoon St, #01-56, Singapore 160056

Website/ Social Media Page:

Price Range: S $1,500 – S $6000+

11. Lucy & Mui

A modern Singaporean jeweller always understands the sensibilities of the country’s feminine customers. Lucy & Mui are no exception. You can even see Lea Michele and Alicia Vikander sporting Rachael Kam’s Lucy & Mui’s minimal-oriented jewellery. 

Lucy & Mui uses intricate illusion cuts that allow them to make them much more affordable yet still stylish for Singaporean couples. Combining it with their minimalist ring aesthetics that highlight the stones, they’re a must to behold for couples and viewers alike.

Address: Online Only

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $1,000 – S $5,000

12. Orro 

A good Orro ring, such as the Cut Half-Paved Ring, has a greatly fascinating combination of materials and craftsmanship. Every choice in Orro is truly a fruitful one because their designs focus either on simplicity or uniqueness. 

For example, Orro’s Kristie Ring is a wonderful sight to behold because of its “broken circle” ring design that has its unique charm. With these designs though, it’s still impossible to believe that they cost significantly less than a full-cut diamond ring.

Address: 277 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238858

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $300 – S $3,000

13. Swarovski 

Swarovski may not be the cheapest jeweller in Singapore, but you’ll be charmed to discover low-priced pieces that we know you’d love to see, such as their white rhodium-plated stone ring.

Swarovski’s designs focus on simplicity and material combination. One of its most notable rings has a tied-string look that blends elegantly with its set of precious stones. The brand has unique designs for both men’s and women’s engagement rings and wedding bands, well worth the look.

They have a great customization service, too!

Address: 2 Alexandra Road, #03-01 Delta House, Singapore 159919

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $100 – S $6,000+

14. Goldheart

Goldheart has been a favorite go-to boutique by many grooms-to-be for their affordable yet quality pieces with attention to detail for engagement rings and wedding bands. 

Goldheart’s ring designs can range from the most simple to uniquely complex. You can choose a ring that might be a simple circle with multiple layers of white gold. Another choice is a blue nile ring with wavy and uneven width that beautifully runs through its diameter as its unique character.

You can find so many more of these notably exceptional rings at Goldeheart.

Address: 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839 (Plaza Singapura Branch)

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $600 – S $5,000

15. Glamira

Glamira is a ring and wedding band maker that has its own character with every ring. Upon seeing Glamira’s Exotic Game wedding ring, it’s easy to see how its designers continue to have fresh ideas. Exotic Game uses precious stones but puts a spotlight on its blue nile and white gold highlights.

Glamira’s lineup lowers its ring prices by choosing lab-grown diamonds or diamond substitutes. Stylish moissanite, amethyst, and rhodolite garnet are still beautiful yet cost less than full-cut diamond rings.

Check out their selection to see more of their offers.

Address: Online-only

Website/ Social Media Page:,

Price Range: S $600 – S $6,000

How to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Match

Here are a few tips that we’d like to share to find the best rings with your spouse.

  1. Find Alternatives to Diamond

Diamond is the global standard, but it doesn’t have to be a diamond if you like precious stones. According to many jewelers, emeralds are thought to be the best alternative to diamonds, and they are much more durable, cheaper, and often more beautiful than diamonds.

Here are a list of other affordable gemstones that can be an alternative to diamonds:

Lab-Grown Diamonds: They’re eco-friendly because they’re not mined. Plus, they can be grown anywhere and still have the same properties as natural mined diamonds. Most refer to them as “ethically-sourced” diamonds.

Moissanite: These diamond-looking stones contain silicon carbide, making them an elegant-looking gem at very affordable prices. Sometimes, only experts could tell the difference.

Cubic Zirconia: Zirconium dioxide doesn’t occur naturally in nature, yet laboratories can easily grow them affordably. They have the same aesthetics as diamonds, minus the high price.

  1. Illusion Cuts

We all know that a large rock on anyone’s finger is breathtaking. But if you’re on a tight budget, an illusion cut could still do the job. Illusion diamonds are smaller in size, put together to create an illusion of a singular stone, and are considerably cheaper. 

  1. Pawnshops

If you are not very conscious about provenance, pawnshops are also a great place to spot a ring that could still make the bells ringing. You’ll be surprised how much vintage and modern ones are available, if you would ask. Since a brand new pieces could come at pristine pricetags, you will save a lot if you spend some time looking  around. 

To Sum It All Up

  • Finding the perfect ring is quite a feat. But expensive doesn’t always mean pretty. 
  • The cost of a ring is determined by the type of stone, its size, cut, clarity, design, and provenance. While several high-end brands offer exquisite pieces, smaller independent brands could compete in quality and price really well. 
  • If you prefer higher-carat and stylishly-designed engagement rings and wedding bands but are short on cash, you’ll need to spend more. Thankfully, you can easily get a personal loan from financial institutions if you’re short on cash. 

Wedding and engagement rings truly aren’t just symbols of lasting affection. They are vessels of memories to mark and celebrate relationship milestones. Whether you choose a grand piece or a modest one, Instant Loan is your partner in getting the best financing to make your proposal a successful one. Send us a request today to get the best and lowest-interest loan quotes from the county’s reputable financial institution. 

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