7 Cheap Gyms in Singapore Under S$100/Month

7 Cheap Gyms in Singapore Under S$100/Month

With the growing trend of fitness and health in Singapore, more people are getting into workouts and gym sessions. Singaporeans are using gyms more than ever, as evidenced by a 6% rise in the utilization of ActiveSG gyms in May, compared to the same month in 2019, as reported in The Strait Times. This rise in gym-goers may be attributed to the increased awareness of the importance of physical fitness and the need to maintain overall well-being in the current times.

However, as you look for a gym to join, it is essential to protect yourself by carefully considering your needs and understanding the gym membership packages and personal training agreements before signing up. The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) president, Melvin Yong in an interview with The Strait Times, advises consumers to ensure they are protected when it comes to gym packages with upfront payments.

To help you in your search for the perfect gym, this article introduces you to some affordable gym options in Singapore, catering to various needs and budgets. By comparing and considering these gyms, you can make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while safeguarding your financial interests.

7 Best Gym Memberships in Singapore

At a glance:

Gym Best For Membership Fee Hours # of Locations
ActiveSG Gym Affordable and Community-Oriented Fitness Starts S$15/month (adult); 

S$9/month (students/senior citizens)

7am to 10pm daily 26 
The Gym Pod Convenient and Private Workout Starts at S$7.50/session

*Varies by plan

24/7 35
Dennis Gym Personalized Training Starts at S$64/month for a 12-month plan 

*Varies by duration

24/7 5
Anytime Fitness 24/7 Access and Flexibility in Your Fitness Routine Starts at S$80 24/7 96
HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz Wide Range of Recreational Activities and Fitness Options Starts at S$85/month 

Walk-in rates start at S$8.60

*Varies by category

7am – 10:30pm (off-peak periods available) 4
GymmBoxx Well-Equipped and No-Frills Gym Experiences Starts at S$65 for 12 months 

*Varies by duration

Ark Move Holistic Fitness and Wellness Programs S$90/month

*1 membership plan

24/7 2


ActiveSG Gym

1. ActiveSG Gym – Best For Affordable and Community-Oriented Fitness

ActiveSG gym is an affordable fitness option in Singapore, offering diverse experiences for those seeking a welcoming environment. The largest ActiveSG gym recently opened in Sembawang, providing a spacious 1,500 sq m facility in the ActiveSG Sport Centre @ Bukit Canberra, which also includes four swimming pools and two dance studios. This gym offers a great option to stay fit and maintain an active lifestyle without breaking the bank.

One advantage of choosing ActiveSG gym is its affordability. With membership prices catering to different age groups and residential statuses, it’s a cost-effective alternative to other popular gyms. In fact, among the most affordable gym memberships in Singapore, ActiveSG Gym offers great value while still providing quality workout experiences.

Top 3 Highlights

  • ActiveSG gyms are known for their budget-friendly memberships.
  • Members can access multiple locations across the country.
  • They often host community fitness programs and activities.

Membership fee

Category Duration (Month) Adult (18-54 years) Student (12-17 years) /
Senior Citizen (55 years and above)

(all opening hours)

1 $30 $18
6 $160 $95
12 $300 $180

(Monday – Friday from opening till 4pm) 

*except public holiday

1 $15 $9
6 $40 $40
12 $80 $80

(source: ActiveSG)

Hours: 7am to 10pm daily (including public holidays)

Location: (26) branches; including Ang Mo Kio Community Centre, Enabling Village, Fernvale Square

Promotions: Receive FREE ActiveSG $100, upon membership verification* (valid for a limited period)

The Gym Pod

2. The Gym Pod – Best For Convenient and Private Workout

Are you tired of waiting in line for gym equipment and seeking a more private workout experience? The Gym Pod might be the perfect solution for your fitness needs. Founded by Damian Chow in Singapore in 2018, The Gym Pod offers an innovative micro gym concept designed to provide a private and convenient workout environment.

According to a review from Google Reviews, the pod has the basic essentials – a power rack, dumbbells, and a treadmill. It’s good enough for a simple workout. 

These smart gyms resemble bright yellow containers from the outside, but once you step inside, you’ll find a variety of training equipment such as treadmills and weights. The private space allows you to enjoy your workout without distractions, and it has become popular among customers who appreciate the peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of regular gyms.

Top 3 Highlights

  • Offers private gym pods for individual or small group workouts.
  • Available round the clock, providing flexibility for users.
  • Equipped with modern, state-of-the-art fitness equipment.




Premium Plan
As low as S$12.90/month
Starter Pack

(12am to 7am)

S$7.50/session 1st – 6th session


Redeem your first 10 sessions for free

(7am to 12am)


(source: The Gym Pod)

Hours: 24/7

Location: (35) branches; including Marymount Holycon, Bishan- Ang Mo Kio Park, EBC Lifestyle Hub


  • Get 50% off your first booking.
  • Bring a friend and save more. Pay as low as S$3.33 per guest for one session

Dennis Gym

3. Dennis Gym – Best For Personalized Training

If you’re looking for an affordable gym in Singapore, Dennis Gym is a great option to consider. Founded by Dennis Tew, this local gym chain offers various membership options, allowing you to choose the package that best suits your needs.

Dennis Gym boasts an array of facilities to cater to different fitness needs. They provide various types of equipment, dedicated spaces for yoga and dance classes, and even personal trainers. With a focus on customizing your fitness journey, this gym encourages you to reach your fitness goals effectively.

Yeow Jian Wu shared in a Google Review for Dennis Gym, “Great place to workout. Clean and complete equipment. Value for money gym. Their access key is able to be used at all their different outlets Tampines, TS and Balestier. For Balestier outlet has a bigger space and all the equipment looks new.

Top 3 Highlights

  • Known for offering personalized training programs.
  • Provides nutrition and diet consultation for members.
  • Hosts events and workshops for fitness enthusiasts.


Commitment period Membership fee
1 month $120
3 months $230 ($77/month)
6 months $430 ($72/month)
12 months $770 ($64/month)
Nov 6 month sales promotional rate (popular) $336

(6 months gym membership)

For more membership options, visit the Dennis Gym website.

Hours: 24/7

Location: (5) branches; including Farrer Park, Balastier, and Juron

Promotions: Personal training at only S$150 for 3 sessions (Normally priced at S$300). Only for the first 25 sign ups!

Anytime Fitness

4. Anytime Fitness Gym – Best For 24/7 Access and Flexibility in Your Fitness Routine

One popular option among the cheapest gym memberships in Singapore is Anytime Fitness. With a network of gyms across the country, you can easily find a convenient location to fit into your exercise routine. Known for their 24/7 accessibility, this gym allows you to work out whenever it suits your own schedule.

Members enjoy the use of state-of-the-art equipment, and the friendly atmosphere caters to fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Additionally, you can take advantage of group classes and personal training sessions, tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. Not only will you have access to the gym in Singapore, but joining Anytime Fitness also grants you entry into their 5,000 partner gyms worldwide with 96 Anytime Fitness gyms in Singapore. This benefit offers great flexibility for those who travel frequently, allowing you to maintain your fitness routine no matter where you are.

A member at Anytime Fitness shared in a Google Review, “Equipments are well maintained and No crowd in the morning.”

Top 3 Highlights

  • Membership grants access to gyms worldwide.
  • Open 24/7, catering to all types of schedules.
  • Offers a range of wellness programs, including virtual ones.


Membership type Cost per month
Adult users S$80 to S$100 
Students or senior citizens  Promotional rates may vary per branch


Hours: 24/7

Location: (96) branches; including Queensway, Jalan Besar, Cecil Street

Promotions: *vary per gym location

HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz

5. HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz – Best For a Wide Range of Recreational Activities and Fitness Options

One of the benefits of HomeTeamNS gyms is the wide range of facilities available, with four locations across Singapore including Balestier, Bedok Reservoir, Bukit Batok, and Khatib. They also offer customized training programmes to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Membership options at HomeTeamNS are flexible, with different types tailored to suit your needs. For example, if you prefer working out during off-peak hours, you can choose a dedicated off-peak membership which helps lower the membership cost even further.

Best of all, HomeTeamNS frequently offers promotions and discounts, which makes their already affordable memberships even more attractive. Keep an eye out for these deals and you might be able to save even more on your gym membership.

Top 3 Highlights

  • Offers NS Fit fitness programme for Home TeamNSmen. Tailored for Singapore’s security forces community.
  • Features advanced state-of-the-art fitness equipment.
  • Offers facilities that cater to families.


All-club access
Membership type All day / Off-peak 3 months 6 months 12 months
HomeTeamNS members All day $255 ($85/month) $420 ($70/month) $590 ($49/month)
Off-peak $200 ($67/month) $320 ($53/month) $490 ($41/month)
Affiliate (SAFRA and PAssion members) All day $310 ($103/month) $520 ($87/month) $735 ($61/month)
Off-peak $240 ($80/month) $390 $65/month) $635 ($53/month)
Guest All day $435 ($145/month) $685 ($114/month) $975 ($81/month)
Off-peak $325 ($110/month) $505 $84/month) $875 ($73/month)


Walk-in rates
Membership type All day  Off-peak
HomeTeamNS members $8.60 $8.60
Affiliate (SAFRA and PAssion members) $12.80
Guest $21.40 $21.40

For more information about membership rates, please visit the HomeTeamNS website.

Hours: 7am – 10:30pm *off-peak periods: Weekdays 7am-5:15pm, weekends 7am-1:45pm

Location: (4) branches; including Balestier, Bedok Reservoir, Bukit Batok, and Khatib


6. GymmBoxx – Best For Well-Equipped and No-Frills Gym Experiences

GymmBoxx is one of the cheapest gym memberships in Singapore, providing a budget-friendly option for fitness enthusiasts. The gym offers a range of equipment and facilities that cater to various fitness needs. The membership fees vary depending on the type and duration of the membership.

Upon joining GymmBoxx, you can enjoy accessible locations throughout Singapore, making it convenient for you to work out no matter where you are. Additionally, it offers exclusive members’ perks, including discount rates when you use a promo code.

Top 3 Highlights

  • Strategically located for easy access.
  • Offers competitive pricing and packages. They also offer personal training that starts at S$86 per session.
  • Offers members’ perls, such as discounts on supplements.


1 month 6 months 12 months

(all day 24/7)

S$130 S$115 S$95
Off Peak

(weekdays: 12am – 4pm | 11pm – 11:59pm; weekends: All day)

S$110 S$80 S$65

(source: GymmBoxx)

Hours: 24/7

Location: (8) branches; including Bishann CC, Canberra Plaza, and Ci Yuan CC

Ark Move

7. Ark Move – Best For Holistic Fitness and Wellness Programs

If you’re looking for an affordable gym option in Singapore, you should consider Ark Move. As one of the cheapest gyms in the city, Ark Move offers a membership at just $90/month.

Ark Move is more than just a budget-friendly gym; it also offers a variety of facilities and services to cater to your fitness needs. With a 24-hour operation, you can enjoy the flexibility of working out at any time of the day or night. 

Vanessa Tan, a local guide and gym member, said in a Google Review, “Excellent gym a short walk from Woodleigh MRT. It is super clean and has everything you need for a great workout. Equipment still feels super new and sturdy, and there’s a huge range of free weights. There are also lockers and very clean toilets.”

Top 3 Highlights

  • Cardio machines: Treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes to help elevate your heart rate and get your blood pumping.
  • Strength training equipment: Free weights, resistance machines, and functional training areas for targeting different muscle groups.
  • Group classes: Participate in various instructor-led group classes that cater to different fitness levels and goals.


1 Membership

*Initiation fee S$20

  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • Access to all Ark Move outlets (Woodleigh and Jurong Spring)
  • Recurring monthly payment
  • Non-shareable/transferable
  • Freezing Membership at $10/month

*Monthly price stated excludes initiation fee


Hours: 24/7

Location: (2) branches; including Woodleigh, Jurong Spring

Promotions: S$20 initiation fee *limited time promotion* (normally priced at S$100)



1. What Is the Cheapest Gym to Join?

Singapore offers a variety of cheap gym memberships to choose from. The Gym Pod is particularly inexpensive, with entry fees ranging between $7.50 and $9.50. Other affordable options include ActiveSG, GymmBoxx, and Anytime Fitness, with membership fees under $100 per month. To pick the best option for you, consider factors such as location, facilities, and operating hours.

2. What to Do If You Can’t Afford the Gym?

If gym memberships are too pricey for your budget, there are alternative ways to stay fit:

  • Outdoor workouts: Many parks in Singapore have fitness stations and running trails for you to use for free.
  • Bodyweight exercises: Incorporate various bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, and burpees into your routine. They require no equipment and can be performed anywhere.
  • Online resources: Utilize fitness apps, YouTube channels, and online workout programs to help guide your home workouts.
  • Community classes: Participate in free group exercise classes offered at community centres or through the ActiveSG initiative.

3. Is $60 a Lot for Gym Membership?

Whether or not $60 is considered expensive for a gym membership depends on your budget, needs, and priorities. In Singapore, some gyms offer memberships for less than $60, while others may charge more for premium facilities and services. 

Evaluate the value of the membership by the facilities provided, the location convenience, and how often you will use it. Remember, investing in your health and fitness is important, so find the option that best meets your needs and budget.

Read Also: Money Management Tips & How to Budgeting Your Income


The fitness landscape in Singapore is thriving, with an increasing number of individuals recognizing the importance of physical health and wellness. The variety of affordable gym memberships under S$100 per month caters to diverse needs and preferences, making it easier for people to embrace an active lifestyle. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and understand the terms and conditions of gym memberships to protect your financial interests. 

Key Takeaways

  • Some gyms offer student and senior discounts, like ActiveSG, where students and seniors can enjoy memberships from $9/month.
  •  The Gym Pod offers a more private workout experience. Its private space allows you to enjoy your workout without distractions, and it has become popular among customers
  • When choosing a gym in Singapore, don’t solely focus on the price. Consider factors like the gym’s location, opening hours, facilities, and class offerings to ensure you’re choosing the right gym for your fitness journey.

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