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Best Credit Cards with No Annual Fees (Updated for 2024)

Are you looking for a credit card that doesn’t charge an annual fee? Then you’re in the right place! Nowadays, zero credit card annual fees are popular for consumers. Cards of this type offer valuable rewards and extensive benefits without the dreaded added cost of a yearly fee. 

These fee-free cards can greatly maximize your financial resources, enhance your credit score, and allow you to experience their incentive programs. And due to its boom, you can find credit cards with no annual fees offering cash credit, travel rewards, and even 0% introductory annual percentage rates (APRs) in many banks. 

Choosing the right card to match your spending can amplify your rewards and save hundreds of Singaporean Dollars annually. So, explore your options through this guide and select which credit card with no annual fees best suits your lifestyle and financial goals.

Our Picks: The Best Credit Card With No Annual Fees in Singapore

When choosing a credit card, thoroughly compare their offerings to determine which one is more suitable for you. Some cards come with great cashback or miles rewards, while others offer other perks such as dining discounts or travel insurance.

You shouldn’t forget to consider factors like the rewards earn rate, the redemption value, and any hidden fees to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. 

Here are some of the best no-annual-fee options you can check when looking for your ideal credit card:

CIMB Credit Card


1. CIMB Credit Cards

CIMB offers various credit card types that are great alternatives to many digital bank credit cards. These are guaranteed to have no annual fees. 

Let’s find out what they come with:

A. CIMB Visa Signature

The CIMB Visa Signature card comes with excellent cashback incentives. You can avail of these in various categories, saving significant money in the long run. 

A huge chunk is slashed off your total bill on the following services:

  • Dining
  • Groceries
  • Online shopping
  • Pet shops and veterinary services

On top of that, you’re also entitled to over 1,000 deals and discounts, travel coverage, and additional features, like easy access to cash advances.

B. CIMB World Mastercard

Another non-annual fee credit card to enjoy is the CIMB World Mastercard. With this card, you can have unlimited 2% cashback with a minimum spending of S$1,000 as long as it’s recorded in the same month. This applies to a wide range of spending in categories like:

  • Wine and dine
  • Entertainment
  • Automobile services
  • Luxury goods

In addition to cashback rewards, the CIMB World Mastercard provides complimentary travel insurance and access to over 1,000 deals and discounts across Singapore and abroad.

C. CIMB Visa Infinite

The CIMB Visa Infinite card might be perfect if you’re a frequent traveler. Like the CIMB World Mastercard, this premium credit card offers unlimited 2% cashback on travel, overseas, and online spending in foreign currencies. 

On top of that, you can enjoy complimentary lounge access and more travel-related privileges, such as:

  • Priority Pass membership
  • Visa Infinite Concierge Services
  • Exclusive Visa Infinite Privileges Program

You’re also granted up to S$1 million worth of travel insurance and enjoy 24/7 personalized assistance under their Visa Infinite concierge.


Lastly, the CIMB AWSM Card is designed for adults aged 18 to 29. Get the straightforward 1% cashback on the following categories:

  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Online shopping
  • Telco bills. 

This is typically the starter card for those still treading the path to using credit cards. Consider this an excellent opportunity to build a good credit history as well. 

Standard Chartered Smart Card

2. Standard Chartered Smart Card

The Standard Chartered Smart Card offers 6% cashback on everyday merchants with no minimum spending, making it perfect if you take daily shopping trips. On top of that, their card approval is fast. Additionally, what makes this even better is that it charges zero fees whenever you withdraw cash. 

Here’s a summary of the major features and benefits of the Standard Chartered Smart Card:

  • No annual fees
  • Zero cash withdrawal fees
  • 3-month interest-free on shopping installments

HSBC Revolution Card

3. HSBC Revolution Card

The HSBC Revolution Card is nothing short of wallet-friendly for cardholders, especially since it now waives its annual fees. 

While this is an impressive feature, expect more perks, which explains why it’s popular nowadays. The HSBC Revolution Card offers 10X Reward points or 4 miles per dollar on dining, supermarkets, and other everyday transactions. 

You can also earn 1% HSBC Everyday+ Cashback when you use your HSBC Everyday Global Account. This card’s versatility means that you can benefit greatly from daily spending.

Here are the key points to remember when considering the HSBC Revolution Credit Card:

  • No annual fee
  • 10X Reward points
  • Additional cashback
  • S$30,000 income requirement

It’s also important to note that the HSBC Revolution Card primarily earns HSBC Points, which can be converted into miles if desired. To give you a clearer idea, 10 HSBC Points are awarded for every S$1 eligible spending.

Best Denki OCBC Credit Card

4. Best Denki OCBC Card

This Best Denki OCBC Card is another supreme credit card to apply for as it offers a 3% cash rebate and up to 2.5% extra rebate on your yearly spending at Best Denki outlets.

The card also provides you with special deals and discounts at selected merchants. Imagine getting a new entertainment system at a discounted price and earning points simultaneously! These points can be redeemed for amazing rewards with the Best Denki Credit Card Benefits.

Some of the card’s features include:

  • 3% cash rebate on Best Denki purchases
  • Up to 2.5% extra rebate on annual spend
  • Exclusive member events, seminars, or workshops
  • Special deals and discounts at selected merchants

Maybank Credit Card

5. Maybank Credit Cards

Maybank offers many credit cards designed to cater to different spending habits. In this section, we will focus on two popular Maybank credit cards with no annual fees: the Maybank Platinum Visa Card and the Maybank FC Barcelona Credit Card:

A. Maybank Platinum Visa Card

The Maybank Platinum Visa Card is a versatile credit card set to reward you on your daily expenses. With this card, you can earn cash rebates on many transactions, such as groceries, dining, and utilities. 

Here are some key features to expect:

  • No annual fee for the first 3 years
  • Cash rebates of up to 3.33% on any local spend
  • Up to S$500,000 worth of covered travel insurance
  • Annual income of S$30,000 for Singaporeans or Singapore PRs

B. Maybank FC Barcelona Credit Card

For football fans, the Maybank FC Barcelona Credit Card is a must-consider thanks to its exclusive perks and benefits for FC Barcelona supporters, as well as competitive cashback rates on all your spending. 

The primary features of this Maybank credit card include:

  • No annual fee for life
  • A 5% discount when you shop at the FCBotiga official store in Camp Nou
  • A chance to win a trip for two in every season of FC Barcelona football match
  • 1.6% unlimited cash rebates on all local spending with no minimum spend requirement

OCBC Credit Card

6. OCBC Credit Cards

If you’re eyeing the OCBC credit cards, we have listed the ones that are top on the list of options of many potential cardholders. 

Take a good look at what these digital provider credit cards and what each of them offers:

A. OCBC 365 Credit Card

The OCBC 365 Credit Card is an excellent choice for those looking for a no-annual-fee card that offers excellent cashback rewards on daily spending. With this card, you can save on dining, groceries, online food delivery, and utilities. Plus, enjoy the convenience of contactless payments and 2X more cashback of up to S$160.

B. OCBC Arts Credit Card

Are you an arts and culture enthusiast? If yes, then you must apply for the OCBC Art Credit Card. This offers exclusive privileges at participating arts and cultural institutions. So, whether you enjoy theatrical performances or museum visits, this card can help you save on your artistic journey.

C. OCBC Frank Credit Card

The OCBC Frank Credit Card is designed for young adults focusing on online and entertainment spending. With this card, you can enjoy cashback rewards on online purchases, mobile payments, and in-store transactions. Plus, it’s a stylish card that comes in several eye-catching designs.

D. OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card

For those who value financial flexibility, the OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card offers an interest-free installment payment plan for your 3 to 6-month installment purchases. Enjoy cash rebates on your Great Eastern insurance premiums and other spending categories as a bonus.


The OCBC NXT Card is tailored for the younger generation. With this card, you can enjoy an attractive 1% cash rebate with a minimum monthly spend of S$1,000. It also offers exclusive deals at popular merchants, making it an appealing choice for those who love to shop and dine out.

F. OCBC Platinum Credit Card

If you’re looking for a card that offers a range of lifestyle benefits, the OCBC Platinum Credit Card might be the right choice. With this card, you can enjoy exclusive dining, shopping, travel privileges, and complimentary access to selected golf clubs.

You will also earn 5 OCBC$ for every S$5 you spend, which you can convert to gifts and rewards. 

G. OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

Lastly, the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card is a versatile rewards card that allows you to earn points in various categories, such as retail, dining, and travel. The points you earn can be converted for shopping vouchers, frequent flyer miles, or even cash rebates — it’s your call!

First Horizon Credit Card

7. Privilege Horizon Visa Signature Card

If you’re looking for a credit card with no annual fees, the Privilege Horizon Visa Signature Card might be just what you need. First and foremost, this has a great rewards program: you can earn 15,000 bonus points complimenting your $1,500-worth of purchase in the first 90 days after card approval date, which is spectacular to many. 

Plus, you’ll get 2 points for every Singporean dollar spent in purchases at restaurants and gas stations and a point everywhere else.

To give you an idea of how the points system works, let’s look at a hypothetical example:

Spending Category Points per Dollar Amount Spent Points Earned
Restaurants 2 $400 800
Gas Stations 2 $100 200
Other 1 $500 500
Total $1000 1500


In this example, you would earn 1,500 points from your monthly spending. With time and regular use, these points can add up, allowing you to redeem them for various rewards like merchandise, gift cards, and travel discounts.

In addition to these benefits, the card also provides useful perks like roadside assistance and travel accident insurance. These features can come in handy during your travels and ensure a hassle-free experience using your card.

SAFRA DBS Credit Card


The SAFRA DBS Card is a great choice if you want a credit card without zero annual fee. To be eligible for this card, you need to maintain a SAFRA membership, which requires its own renewal fees. 

Firstly, the SAFRA DBS Card doubles up as your SAFRA membership card, with credit/debit, ATM, and Mastercard contactless capabilities. You’ll only need one card in your wallet to access your SAFRA membership benefits and credit card features.

Meanwhile, the income requirement to apply for the card is S$30,000 and above per annum for Singaporeans and PRs.

Quite a few perks come with the card, such as cash rebates and various promotions. For example, you can get up to a 3% cash rebate when you spend a minimum of S$500 on the SAFRA DBS Credit Card in a calendar month. This is an excellent way to save money on everyday expenses like groceries, fuel, and dining out.

With the SAFRA DBS Card, you can also enjoy exclusive promotions available only to SAFRA members, like stay & dine offers. 


Final Word

When considering credit cards with no annual fees, evaluating your spending habits and financial goals is essential. Your chosen card should provide rewards that align with your spending patterns, so compare your options’ features and determine which card you can benefit the most from regarding lower costs and valuable rewards.. Pay close attention to the cashback rates as well as any bonus categories offered by the card.

Remember, your financial goals are unique, and choosing the right card will ultimately make a significant difference in your financial journey. Good luck!

Key Takeaways

  • Many no-annual-fee cards can cater to your specific needs and preferences. This means you can choose from cards with cashback, rewards points, or other benefits.
  • Selecting a card with no annual fee will save money over time. Moreover, you can keep the card open for a longer period without worrying about paying recurring fees, which can boost your credit score.
  • Many no-annual-fee credit cards offer attractive welcome bonuses and rewards. You can earn a substantial amount in cashback or points simply by purchasing as you normally would.

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