DBS Woman's World Card Review

DBS Woman’s World Card Review: Best For Collecting DBS Points

DBS’ premier shopping card makes it easy to earn higher DBS points for shopping in many of its partner merchants. Plus, its 4 miles per dollar of your online spending makes this card one of the best ways to earn bonuses from your online and shopping purchases. However, the DBS Woman’s World Card can be daunting for most borrowers because of its more than double income requirements and annual fees.

Key Features

  • Annual Fee: S $192.30 and S $96.30 per year for each supplementary card. It is waived for one year upon issuance.
  • Interest Rate: 26.80% annually
  • Late Fee: S $100 for any outstanding amount above S $200.
  • Wireless payment service providers: Visa payWave, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay



You can earn the following perks when using DBS Woman’s World Card:

1. The Biggest DBS Rewards Points You Can Get

DBS Woman’s World Card offers the biggest points available. Here’s the bonuses you can receive.

  • You can earn 10 DBS rewards points for every S $5 local and overseas online spend.
  • You can earn 3 DBS rewards points for every S $5 overseas spend
  • Shoppers earn 1 DBS rewards point for every S $5 spent on all other categories.
  • Redeem your DBS points for many rewards, such as Takashimaya vouchers, Golden Village movie tickets, DBS Apple Rewards Store, and more.

2. Online Hotel Booking Deals

Using your card with Agoda and Klook for reservations gives you exclusive online hotel booking and staycation deals.

3. Exclusive Deals

With your DBS Woman’s World Card, You can get exclusive deals from Laneige, Skin Inc, Strip, Browhaus, High Brow, and other partner merchants

You can also get online shopping promotions from Her Velvet Vase, Fayth, Senreve, and more.

4. Transportation

You can use DBS Woman’s World Card’s SimplyGo as your EZ-Link, allowing you to pay for bus and MRT fares directly to your card to bypass EZ-Link card top-ups.


Differences Between DBS Woman’s World Card and DBS Woman’s Card

The DBS Woman’s Card is a “lite” version of the DBS Woman’s World Card. It has easier barriers of entry, such as its S $30,000 annual income requirement for Singaporeans (S $45,000 for foreigners) and better annual fees.

However, as a lower-tier card than DBS Woman’s World, DBS Woman’s Card has watered-down perks, too. You only get 5 DBS Points or 10 miles for every S $5 you spend on online transactions. The other perks you receive are vastly similar to DBS Woman’s World Card, including merchant selections and items you can exchange for your points.


Pros and Cons

No rewards card is perfect, even if it’s as high-grade as DBS Woman’s World Card.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at DBS Woman’s World Card pros and cons below.


  • You won’t have to pay your first annual fee
  • Getting 4 miles per hour up to S $2,000 for your online purchases is a generous perk (DBS Woman’s World Card only)
  • A wide category of shops and merchants to earn points.
  • Your Points pool with other DBS cards


  • Your points expire in one year
  • Higher than average financial currency exchange fees
  • It takes a month to credit your points.
  • High-income requirement 


DBS Woman’s World Card Vs. Other Cards In The Market

Let’s take a look at how DBS Woman’s World Card is doing against different shopping rewards cards available in the market.

Credit Card Minimum Income Requirement Annual Interest Rate Cashback Cashback Cap Minimum Monthly Spending Rewards
DBS Woman’s World Card S $80,000 for both Singaporeans and Foreigners  26.80% n/a n/a n/a
  • Earn 10 DBS rewards points for every S $5 local and overseas online spend with a cap of S $2,000 per month.
  • Earn 3 DBS rewards points for every S $5 overseas spend
  • Shoppers earn 1 DBS rewards point for every S $5 spent on all other categories
DBS Black Card S $30,000 (S $ S $45,000 foreigners) 26.80% 10% n/a S $1 (Visa contactless spending)
  • 1.2 miles per S$1 spend on local Visa contactless purchases
  • 1 DBS point per S $5 spent
  • 10% cashback on selected travel and retail websites
  • 0.4 miles on other purchases
  • 0% Interest Payment Plans (3, 6, 12-month payment periods only)
  • 14% fuel savings at Esso
Citi Rewards Card + Mastercard S $30,000 (S $42,000 for foreigners) 26.90% 1.6%-5% Unlimited None
  • Unlimited cashback without cap
  • Waived first-year annual interest rate
  • Cashback earned doesn’t expire
  • Pay With Points and SMS-claimable cash rebate
American Express True Cashback Card S $30,000 (S $60,000 for foreigners) 26.90% 3.0% Unlimited None
  • Unlimited cashback without cap
  • 22-Day interest-free period
  • 3% Cashback for the first six months. Spending cap of S $5,000
  • 1.5% cashback on any purchases after the first six months with no caps.
Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card S $30,000 (S $60,000 for foreigners) 26.90% 1.5% Unlimited None
  • The first two years annual fees waived
  • Unlimited cashback and caps
  • 1.5% cashback on all purchases with no caps
  • 22.61% Caltex Fuel Savings
HSBC Revolution Credit Card S $30,000 (S $40,000 for foreigners) 26.80% 2.5% Unlimited None
  • 4 miles or 10 points per S $1 spend online and via contactless payments (airlines, food delivery, and retail)
  • 0.4 miles (1 point) per S$1 on all other spend (non-contactless payment)
  • No minimum spend requirement and no annual fee
  • 16% off petrol at Caltex and 14% off at Shell
Maybank Family and Friends Card S $30,000 (S $60,000) 25.90% 8% S $125 (Monthly) S $800
  • 8% cashback on groceries, dining, food delivery, transportation, TV streaming services, and pet and vet services
  • 8% cashback capped at S $125 per month and S $25 per category.
POSB Everyday Card S $30,000 (S $45,000 for foreigners) 26.80% 10% Unlimited None
  • 10% cashback on food delivery
  • 3% cashback on utilities and telecom bills
  • 21.8% fuel discount at SPC
  • 0.3% cashback on other spending


When it comes to miles, the HSBC Revolution Card’s generous provision of 4 miles per S $1 ranks higher than DBS Woman’s World Card. However, the DBS Woman’s World Card outdoes the DBS Black Card’s 1 point for every S $5 spent. 

The only limitation we see from DBS’ lady-oriented card against other cashback cards is its restriction towards DBS points. If a customer doesn’t have much use for DBS rewards, it’s best to jump ship to another card instead.


DBS Woman's World Card

Verdict: What We Think of DBS Woman’s World Card

DBS Woman’s World Card is one of the most interesting and useful shopping cards we’ve found in recent memory. As a “woman’s” card, both light and “world” versions can provide you with the same great number of merchants with discounts and additional points from all your online purchases.

We highly recommend the DBS Woman’s World Card to frequent online shoppers and flyers because this card offers the quickest way to gain DBS points, provided that you can fulfill its S $80,000 minimum income requirement. If not, you can still enjoy the same but watered-down perks with the easier-to-handle DBS Woman’s Card. Read more the best credit cards in Singapore for overall spending


DBS Woman’s World Card vs. UOB Lady’s Card

Both the DBS Woman’s Card and UOB Lady’s Card have their respective high-tier versions, which makes them almost parallel to each other. UOB’s equivalent to the DBS Woman’s World Card is UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card, which amps up the benefits for its users.

However, UOB Lady’s Card, as the equivalent to DBS Woman’s Card, has many similar features to DBS’ premium rewards card. For example, you can get 10 UNI$ or UOB Rewards Points in one shopping category, while DBS’s Woman’s World Card gives you fixed categories to earn 10 DBS Points.

In addition, UOB Lady’s Card lets you earn 4 miles per dollar. These are the same KrisFlyer and Asia Miles that you can get from DBS’ respective rewards system. However, the UOB Lady’s Card doesn’t have the extensively wide-ranging merchant deals and promotions that DBS Woman’s World Card can give you, but it offsets this by having lower barriers to entry with a S $30,000 monthly income requirement for Singaporeans (S $45,000 for foreigners).

Both cards have a S$192-plus annual fee, which puts them on equal footing.

Users deciding between these two cards should look into the returns their UOB or DBS rewards points can give them. If a card’s requirements, categories, and perks can work for them, it’s a good choice.


DBS Woman’s World Card Eligibility, Requirements, and Fees

Here’s everything you need to become eligible for DBS Woman’s World Card. Take note of them below.


  • Applicants must be 21 years old and above.
  • Open to both Singaporeans and foreigners earning S $80,000 annually. DBS Woman’s Card is open for Singaporeans earning a minimum income of S $30,000 annually and foreigners earning S $45,000 annually.


  • A copy of NRIC (Front & Back)
  • Latest 3 months computerized payslips
  • Company letter certifying employment and salary in SGD (dated within last 3 months from date of card application)
  • Latest min 3 months CPF Contribution History Statement
  • Latest 1 year of Income Tax Notice Assessment with latest 3 months computerized payslips / 12 Months CPF Statement.
  • A copy of your Telecommunication or Utility Bill

For foreigners, the requirement set is different. Learn more about them below:

  • A copy of valid Passport
  • A copy of your Work Pass (Front & Back, min. 6 months validity)
  • A copy of your In-Principal Approval (IPA) if your Work Pass has less than 6 months validity
  • Latest 1 year of Income Tax Notice Assessment with latest computerized payslips
  • A copy of your Telecommunication or Utility Bill (for new DBS/POSB Bank customers only)


  • Annual Fees: 

DBS Woman’s World Card: S $192.30 and S $96.30 per year for each supplementary card.

DBS Woman’s World: S $160.50 and S $80.25 per year for each supplementary card.

  • Late Fees: S $100 (for any outstanding balance above S $200)
  • Overlimit fee: S $40


The Most Frequently-Asked Questions About DBS Woman’s World Card

Let’s answer some crucial questions you have with DBS Woman’s World Card.

1. Are Women The Only Ones Allowed to Use The Card?

No, you can use the DBS Woman’s World Card and other women-oriented cards even if you’re not a woman. However, it can be challenging for men to spend in women-only categories, such as makeup, skincare, and lady’s fashion. DBS Woman’s World Card rewards are below average for using online food delivery, but it makes up for it by providing you with 10 DBS points for all your local and overseas online spending.


2. Why Is There Another Woman’s World Card?

The DBS Woman’s Card and DBS Woman’s World Card have many similar perks from merchant discounts and shopping categories. However, each card has its respective income requirements and rewards points per transaction.

The DBS Woman’s World Card has higher income requirements but also provides you with higher points for your purchases. You can expect lower rewards points from DBS Woman’s Card, but you can apply for it because of its easier purchasing terms.


3. Do I Get Cashback From DBS Woman’s World Card?

This DBS card is one of the many useful rewards credit cards. It gives you points for all your purchases. For this particular DBS card, you can earn 3-10 DBS points for every S $5 you spend in specific categories. Then, you can spend these points you’ve on vouchers and other products available in DBS’ rewards catalogue, which you can access using their app.

A cashback credit card doesn’t give you points. Instead, it gives you monetary returns for meeting specific purchasing conditions that are similar to rewards cards. For example, buying up to S $300 in a partner merchant’s grocery can give you back S $20 as a discount or monetary return for your next purchase. Cashback credit cards do not have rewards points, and rosters and only give you returns or discounts.


4. Is It Better To Use a Rewards Card or a Cashback Credit Card?

In our opinion, it depends on which will give you a much better benefit. For example, the Maybank Friends and Family card gives you so much cashback for doing groceries and online shopping, which makes it a great card for young professionals and families. On the other hand, the DBS Woman’s Card and its premium version that we reviewed here give you huge returns for non-thrifty shopping, such as fashionable clothes, makeup, and more.

Again, the DBS women-oriented cards aren’t restricted to ladies because men can also use them. However, if they aren’t shopping frequently online or at the select partner merchants of the card, we can safely say it isn’t suitable for their lifestyle or needs.


5. Can You Save Money With The DBS Woman’s World Card?

Yes and no. If you’re a frequent online shopper and you find DBS’ points system useful, you can surely save money with the DBS Woman’s World Card. Plus, the convenient DBS points can become a huge boon for you in the future. 

On the other hand, if you’re more of a frequent flyer than online shopper, you might find yourself at a loss using the DBS Woman’s World Card because it’s much more oriented towards online shoppers and woman-oriented shops. Frequent grocery shoppers may find this card poor in benefits, especially if their grocery isn’t part of their listing. Find out the best airmiles credit cards in Singapore here. 


6. Does The DBS Woman’s World Card Give Me Installment Payment Options?

The DBS Woman’s World Card gives you installment payment options of 3, 6, and 12 months. However, you wouldn’t get any bonuses and perks using the installment payment option. Make sure to read your terms and conditions to have an idea about your interest rate derivations, processing fees, and other details.


Our Final Thoughts

If you’re a customer who loves online and contactless shopping and loves everything that you can find in DBS’ rewards catalogue, the DBS Woman’s World Card is certainly a great card for you. 

  • DBS Woman’s World Card is one of the best cards for online and contactless spending
  • You can get 10 DBS points for local and overseas online purchases and a minimum of 3 DBS points for non-priority categories.
  • It has an enormous income requirement that may put off some customers.
  • Overall, it’s one of the best cards available for collecting DBS points.

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