CPF Housing Grant for Family

The Complete Guide to HDB Grants: How Much Can You Get in CPF Housing Grant for Family?

If you want to get your hands on a HDB grant here in Singapore, there are a few things you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. The rules governing CPF housing grants have changed in recent years after HDB increased its “income ceiling” for the CPF Family Grant from $12,000 to $14,000 in 2019.

Around that same time, HDB also introduced its brand new Enhanced Housing Grant (EHG), making housing grants more accessible than ever before.


Enhanced Housing Grant

With an Enhanced Housing Grant, HDB resale flat buyers can qualify for a maximum grant amount of anywhere up to $160,000 – and the eligibility requirements for accessing this amount are now much simpler than they used to be. This means that, in some instances, a HDB Resale Flat might even work out cheaper than a Build-to-Order HDB BTO Flat.

 But naturally, there are lots of different types of CPF Housing Grants on the market, and which one is best for you will always depend on your unique circumstances – as well as whether you can combine multiple grants. From the Family Grant to the Proximity Housing Flat and more, let’s explore all the different options currently available.


What HDB Grants Are Available? From CPF Housing Grants to the Proximity Housing Grant and More

Recent changes to the CPF Family Grant income ceiling and the advent of the brand new Enhanced Housing Grant have really shaken up the market. But while both options might sound attractive at first glance, they won’t suit every HDB grant situation or all Resale Flat buyers – especially when there are so many grants available. 

The table below points out the key differences and similarities between each type of HDB grant on the market, helping you to determine how much grant you can get with each variant. Each example is based on combined income and the assumption you are applying as a couple – but we’ll also discuss other application types later in this article.

HDB Grant Type  HDB Grant Amount  HDB Loan Purpose / Best For Income Ceiling Eligible For
Enhanced CPF Housing Grant $5,000 to $80,000 depending on household income level Best for HDB, BTO, SBF, and Resale Flats $9,000 HDB BTO


Balance Flat Sale

HDB Resale Flats

Enhanced CPF Housing Singles Grant 

(EHG Singles Grant)

$2,500 to $40,000 depending on household income level Best for first-timer applicants, singles under the Singapore Citizen Scheme, and anyone using the Joint Singles Grant Scheme or Orphan Scheme

Also, a good option for the Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme

$4,500 HDB BTO


Balance Flat Sale

HDB Resale Flats

Step-Up CPF Housing Grant $15,000 Best for second-timer applicants and anyone applying for a second subsidized HDB flat $7,000 2 Room Flexi or 3 Room Flat on a Non Mature estate only for HDB BTO

Not eligible for HDB Resale Flats

Family Grant $40,000 to $50,000 for a 2 – 4 room Resale Flat

$30,000 to $40,000 for a flat with 5 rooms or more

Best for first-timer applicants and couples purchasing a HDB Resale Flat $14,000 Eligible for Resale HDB Flat with two or more rooms only
Half Housing Grant $25,000 for a 2 – 4 room Resale Flat

$20,000 for a flat with 5 rooms or more 

Best for first-timer applicants or second timer couple applicants $14,000 Eligible for Resale HDB Flat only
Proximity Housing Grant  $20,000 for most applicants (living within 4km of parents/children)

$30,000 for applicants living with parents and/or children

Best for HDB Resale Flat buyers who want to stay close to family N/A Eligible for Resale HDB Flat only
Proximity Housing Singles Grant

(PHG Singles Grant)

$15,000 Best for HDB Resale Flat buyers who want to stay close to family N/A Eligible for HDB Resale Flats only


If you are applying as a couple, there are several ways you can make sure you get your hands on the maximum grant amount that is available to you. 

First up, you’ll ideally need to be first-timer applicants or first-time buyers who are under that all-important income ceiling of $9,000, as this will mean that you’ll have more choice between different HDB Grant types. 

Secondly, you should both have Singapore citizen status and apply as either a couple or family, as this will help you get the best family grant deals on the same flat.

The maximum grant amount you can get for each type of HDB Grant is:


  • Between $5,000 and $80,000 with an Enhanced CPF Housing Grant or “EHG”.

HDB Resale Flat

  • A total of $160,000 made up of an Enhanced Housing Grant of $80,000, a Family Grant of $50,000, and a Proximity Housing Grant of $30,000.


HDB BTO vs. HDB Resale – Which Offers the Highest CPF Housing Grant? 

As you can see from the examples we have outlined above, HDB Resale Flat buyers can combine different HDB Grants very effectively to offset the purchase price of a HDB flat. Couples who decide to purchase a HDB Resale Flat can access up to an impressive $160,000 in housing grants in total. 

However, this money will be credited into applicants’ CPF Ordinary Account, meaning buyers will need to return it in full once their HDB flat has been sold at a later date. In short, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

The reason such generous funding is available all boils down to the fact that BTO and SBF flats are typically sold to buyers at cheaper rates than Resale Flats. It’s common knowledge that Resale Flats attract a much higher premium, particularly if they are located in a desirable area. 

This means that more grants are available to help couples, families, and first-timer applicants alike purchase these kinds of private residential property types.


What Types of CPF Housing Grant for Family Are Available in Singapore?

Whether you’re a seasoned private property investor or the youngest buyer in your family keen to sign up as one of those first-timer applicants we mentioned earlier, there are various HDB Grants available to you. In fact, there are so many grants that the market often seems a little confusing. Let’s break down all the different HDB grants and other grants that are currently up for grabs.

  1. Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG) 

Homebuyers opting for an Enhanced CPF Housing Grant can now get up to $80,000 as a couple or up to $40,000 as a single applicant. This can be put toward the purchase price of HDB BTO, SBF and/or Resale HDB Flats. Singles under the Singapore Citizen Scheme and anyone using the Joint Singles Grant Scheme or Orphan Scheme are all free to apply for the ENG Singles Grant.

Who is it for? 

An Enhanced CPF Housing Grant is aimed at couples who have an average household income of $9,000 or less. Either yourself or your partner must have been in a secure job for at least a year before you are able to apply. This type of housing grant is also available to families and applicants making use of eligible schemes.

Eligible HDB Flat Type: 

  • SBF
  • Resale HDB Flat (remaining lease must cover the youngest buyer to age 95)
  • Balance Flat Sale

How Much Grant Can I Get? 

  • For Single Applicants: Between $2,500 and $40,000
  • For Couple/Family Applicants: Between $5,000 and $80,000
  1. Family Grant (FG) 

A Family Grant offers eligible applicants anywhere up to $50,000 on a 2 – 4 room Resale Flat or up to $40,000 on a 5 or more room Resale Flat. This is a great option for first-timer applicants who want to purchase HDB Resale private property – but couples and families who apply must have an average gross monthly household income of $14,000 or less.

Who is it for? 

Only first-timer couples and families purchasing an HDB Resale Flat can apply for a Family Grant or “FG”. It’s also important that any applicants’ combined income (or average gross monthly household income) does not exceed $14,000 on a monthly basis – and that the HDB Flat has two or more rooms.

Eligible HDB Flat Type: 

  • HDB Resale Flat with two or more rooms

How Much Grant Can I Get? 

  • For Single Applicants: N/A
  • For Couple/Family Applicants: Between $40,000 and $50,0000
  • For Foreign Applicants: Singapore Permanent Resident applicants will get $10,000 less 
  1. Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) 

Only homebuyers who wish to either live with their parents and/or children or within a 4km radius of them may apply for a Proximity Housing Grant. This one-time grant is worth up to $30,000 for families and $15,000 for single applicants – but you might get a little less if you go for the 4km option rather than choosing to live with family members in-house.

Who is it for?

The Proximity Housing Grant only really works for families and couples who have a close relationship with their parents or children. You’ll need to live in the same household as them to maximize your grant amount – or within 4km of them to receive a grant worth a little less.

Eligible HDB Flat Type: 

  • HDB Resale Flats (shared with family)
  • HDB Resale Flats (within 4km of eligible family members)

How Much Grant Can I Get? 

  • For Single Applicants: $15,000 (to live with family) or $20,000 (to live within 4km away)
  • For Couple/Family Applicants: $30,000 (to live with family) or $20,000 (to live within 4km away) 
  1. Half Housing Grant 

A Half Housing Grant offers eligible applicants up to $25,000 on a 2-4 room Resale Flat or up to $20,000 on a larger Resale Flat with 5 rooms or more. That said, the eligibility criteria here are quite strict when compared to other HDB Housing Grants.

Who is it for?

Only first-timer applicants who have a second-timer applicant partner will be able to able for a Half Housing Grant. This means that either you or your partner must be a Singapore Citizen who has previously received at least one housing subsidy at some point in the past.

Eligible HDB Flat Type: 

  • 2 – 4 room Resale Flat
  • 5 room or larger Resale Flat

How Much Grant Can I Get? 

  • For Single Applicants: N/A
  • For Couple/Family Applicants: Up to $25,000 (2-4 room flats) or $20,000 (5 room+ flats) 
  1. Step-Up CPF Housing Grant 

A full grant of up to $15,000 is available with the Step-Up CPF Housing Grant per applicant, but joint applicants will need to split that amount between them. Right now, this grant is only open to couples and families – but there is a maximum applicant limit of two people imposed.

Who is it for?  

The Step Up CPF Housing Grant is a great fit for second-timer applicants who need a housing subsidy on a second subsidized flat. That said, the distribution of this housing grant may vary depending on the applicant type.

Eligible HDB Flat Type: 

  • Two-room Flexi
  • Three-room flat
  • Either of the above must be located on a non-mature estate.

How Much Grant Can I Get? 

  • For Single Applicants: Up to $15,000
  • For Couple/Family Applicants: Half of the $15,000 total per applicant
  • For Multi-nuclei SC Applicants: N/A 

House Model & Keys

Three Important Things to Remember About CPF Housing Grants

From Singapore citizenship status and average gross monthly household income requirements to flat type and income ceiling limitations, there’s an awful lot for Resale Flat Buyers to think about when it comes to buying property locally in Singapore with the aid of a CPF Housing Grant. 

Whether you’re buying an executive condominium, private property, or a 5-room Resale Flat for the whole family, here are the three most important things to keep in mind:

  • HDB Grants Aren’t Discounts

When you apply for a HDB Grant, the grant money you receive will always be credited into your CPF Ordinary Account and later deducted from your home downpayment when you buy an eligible home. It’s important to remember that HDB Grants are not discounts – you’ll always need to fully repay any grants into your CPF plus accrued interest of 2.5% per annum.

  • Grants Cannot Be Used for Home Loan Repayments 

If you were thinking of putting a CPF Housing Grant toward your home loan repayments, think again. HDB Grants can only be used to subsidize the up-front purchase price of private property. If you have used a bank loan to purchase your executive condominium or modest flat, you’ll usually need to pay 5% of the purchase price using your own cash.

  • You Might Have to Pay a Resale Levy if you Wish to Acquire Additional Property 

If you intend to acquire another property, HDB Flat or a new EC Unit, you will usually be expected to pay a resale levy. This requirement is enforced to ensure that Singapore citizens don’t apply for too many different housing subsidy types over the course of their property-owning life.


Frequently Asked Questions About Different CPF Housing and Proximity Housing Grant Types

Below, Instant Loan has answered some of Singapore’s most frequently asked questions about HDB Housing Loans:

  1. Who is Eligible for the CPF Housing Grant for Families? 

First-timer singles at least 35 years old will be eligible and anyone who intends to purchase a HDB Resale Flat under the Joint Singles Scheme. If you live with your parents, you might want to consider the Proximity Housing Grant, too.

  1. How long does it take to approve a HDB Housing Grant? 

Under most circumstances, your HDB Housing Grant will be approved within two weeks. This is how long it usually takes for both the seller and the buyer to endorse any necessary documents.

  1. How Far Away from My Family Must I Live to Get a Proximity Housing Grant?

You must either live with your parents and/or children in-house or be purchasing a private residential property within a 4km radius of them to be eligible for a Proximity Housing Grant.


Final Thoughts – Getting the Most out of Your CPF Housing Grant

If you’re buying a Resale Flat, HDB and CPF Housing Grants are certainly worth considering – but you will need to take into account your household status, flat type, and the combined income between you and any spouse or family member before you apply. Don’t forget to closely consider:

  • Which type of CPF Housing Grant is best for you based on your unique circumstances
  • Whether you or any fellow applicants have previously applied for any housing subsidy
  • What the income ceiling limitations are for your preferred grant
  • Whether you meet the household income requirements
  • What the maximum grant amount you need is – and how you can secure it

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