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HDB Loan Eligibility Letter (HLE) Application Guide 2024

When you’re looking forward to getting an HDB loan for an HDB flat you are interested in, it would be a smart move to make an HLE application ahead. Otherwise, you might not be eligible for an HDB loan and cause an unwanted change in plans. Knowing how much you can get on an HDB loan also narrows your buying options and allows you to plan better.

If you are new to this, here’s everything you need to know about the HLE application, including eligibility, the entire process, and the documents to need to prepare. 

What is HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) Letter

An HDB Loan Eligibility Letter (HLE) is an essential document that works similarly to a bank’s in-principle loan approval. This letter shows you how much loan you can get for your intended HDB flat purchase. It also works like a budgeting tool that could help you determine your options depending on the loan amount and your current finances. 

Here is what you will see in the letter:

1. The Loan Amount

How much HDB loan will be approved will depend on the borrower’s age, income, and financial standing. 

2. Sales Proceeds from your Old Flat

If you are selling your existing or previous flat, this letter will also show cash proceeds you can receive and use for your next purchase. 

3. Interest Rate

As of September 29, 2022, HDB loans were increased from 3% p.a. from the previous 2.6%. 

4. Repayment Period

The maximum loan tenure for an HDB concessionary housing loan for HDB flats is capped at 25 years.

5. Monthly Installments

Your monthly installments will depend on your repayment period. Longer terms will mean lower monthly installments, while shorter terms could mean higher monthly installments. 

6. Letter Validity

An HLE letter is valid for six months, provided there is no material change in the applicant’s financial situation.


When to Apply

The timing of your application is crucial to your HDB purchase. If you intend to purchase a Build-to-Order (BTO) flat, you must have the HLE letter before booking the new flat. If it’s a resale HDB flat, you’ll need to have it before you sign your Option to Purchase (OTP). You’ll also need an HDB letter if you apply for a transfer of ownership of an HDB flat.

If you have an existing HLE letter, you can apply for a new one week before it expires.

Who are Eligible

Only those who plan to get an HDB concessionary loan need to apply for an HLE letter. Below are the criteria to fulfill.

1. At Least One Buyer must be a Singapore Citizen.

2. On Income Ceiling:

Average household income must not exceed:

  • S$14,000 for families
  • S$21,000 for extended families
  • S $7,000 for singles buying a 5-room or smaller resale flat or a 2-room new flat in a non-mature estate

The following income, however, are excluded from credit assessment:

  • Alimony
  • Bonuses
  • Reimbursements or claims
  • Director’s fee
  • Interests from deposit accounts and dividends
  • Income from overtime work
  • National Service allowance
  • Occupier’s income
  • Overseas cost of living allowance
  • Pension
  • Rental income
  • Scholarship overseas allowance

3. CPF Contributions:

With CPF contributions

  • For fixed basic salary – continuous employment for at least three months
  • For variable basic salary – continuous employment for at least six months

Without CPF contributions

  • Continuous employment or trade for at least six months
  • Have good credit standing
  • With bank statements to show consistent positive cash flow for at least six months

4. On Property Ownership

Must not own or have disposed of any private residential property 30 months before the HLE application.

Note that these properties cover:

  • Local or overseas properties
  • Those acquired as a gift or inherited under a will
  • Owned/acquired/disposed of through nominees

Do not own more than one hawker stall or commercial and industrial properties. And if you own one, you must not have any other sources than your business.

5. On Borrower’s Remaining Lease at the Time of Application

If the remaining lease is >20 years and covers the youngest buyer to age

≥ 95 years

Application is allowed, but subject to the following conditions:

  • Loan-to-Value (LTV) limit: 90%
  • Loan Tenure: shortest of 25 years, 65 years minus the average age of the buyers, or remaining lease minus 20 years
< 95 years

Application is allowed, but subject to the following conditions:

  • LTV limit of 90% is pro-rated based on the extent that the remaining lease can cover the youngest buyer to the age of 95
  • Loan tenure is the shortest of 25 years, 65 years minus the average age of the buyers, or remaining lease minus 20 years


Requirements and Guidelines

If eligible, here are the next steps:

1. For those who are full-time employed and with CPF contributions:

  • Submit the latest 3 months payslips containing:
    • Job designation
    • Job commencement date
    • Latest 15 months CPF contribution history

2. For those without CPF contributions(including commission-based employment):

  • Submit the previous 6 months’ commission statements or payslips prior to the month of application, or
  • A letter from the employer certifying:
    • Job designation
    • Job commencement date
    • Salaries for the previous six months
      Note that the employer’s letter must be dated, have the company letterhead or stamp, and must also include the name, designation, and signature of the certifying officer.
    • Credit Bureau Report
    • Latest six months’ bank statements or passbook

3. For self-employed/odd job workers:

  • Latest Notice of Assessment from IRAS, or 
  • Certified Annual Statement of Accounts from an auditing firm
  • Credit Bureau report
  • Latest six months’ bank statements or passbook

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How to Apply for an HDB HLE Letter

Applications for an HLE letter can be made conveniently via the HDB website. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Login using your Singpass via the HDB website.
  2. Fill up the necessary information.
  3. Complete the application by uploading all the required income and supporting documents in PDF or JPG format.
  4. HDB will process your application within two weeks; you can check your application’s status on MyHDBPage>MyFlat>Application Status.


1. How long does it take for HLE to be Approved?

HDB will reply and release the results of your HLE application within 14 days after you’ve submitted all the requirements and completed the application process online. You can monitor your application’s status through MyHDBPage>MyFlat>Application Status.

2. Does HLE have an Expiration Date?

Yes. An HLE letter is only valid for six months, provided there are no changes in the applicant’s financial status. You can apply for a new HLE letter one week before the validity expires if you are still buying a flat and need one. 

3. Can I Book a Flat without HLE?

No. An HLE is a requisite for booking a flat. If you come to the booking appointment without an HLE letter, you will immediately be disqualified from applying for an HDB housing loan.

4. Can I Apply for Another HLE after it Expires?

You can apply immediately for another HLE letter one a week before it expires if you still need it. You can repeat the process for as long as your need the HLE letter.

5. What Situations will Warrant a Review of your HLE letter?

The following situations warrant a loan review:

  • If there is any untrue or incorrect information
  • Family members listed in the application do not comply with any terms and conditions concerning the purchase and the HDB loan.
  • There are relevant changes in the income of the applicant or the applicant’s household members.
  • There are changes in the HDB policy that may affect your eligibility to purchase a flat or apply for an HDB loan. 

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HDB loans are known for their fixed interest rates. Thus, if you plan to get one, you need to get your HDB loan eligibility letter ready for a smooth HDB flat purchase. An HLE letter makes the buying process and saves you precious time as you’ll get an idea of units that are within your budget’s reach.

Key Takeaways

  • Factor in proper timing along with your booking date as it may take HDB up to two weeks to process your application.
  • Assess your eligibility for an HDB loan before proceeding to your HLE online application.
  • Like any other financial decision, plan your finances well and make sure you can afford to repay the HDB loan.

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