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The Best Investment Course In Singapore 2023

Starting your investment journey can be challenging. Fortunately, you can find many financial courses in Singapore from professionals that graduated from Singapore Polytechnic and come from reputable institutions.

Investing time in these courses will make you knowledgeable about basic to advanced financial strategies based on technical analytics. Everyone, including experienced investors, can benefit from new and updated investing knowledge in most available courses.

Investment Courses: Do You Need Them?

Beginners can easily learn from starter investment courses. However, some financial courses that are available online are scattered and incomprehensible because they lack a proper sequence. 

On the other hand, advanced investors may wish to refresh their basic knowledge while picking up advanced insight. Taking a beginner to advanced investment course may grant them ideas on navigating existing market situations to identify the best entry and exit points.

This article covers all the basics and provides springboards for advanced trading strategies in the future.

Understand more on how to invest in Singapore stocks.


4 Qualities of an Excellent Investment Course

To select the best financial class to attend, here are four qualities to keep in mind. This post used the same criteria in selecting the top ones available in Singapore.

1. Investment Knowledge

Financial educators and chartered financial analysts with long-term experience have in-depth knowledge about doing profitable trading. Always look for experienced instructors to ensure you gain valuable knowledge in any class you enroll in.

2. Lifetime Updates

All of the classes listed below provide lifetime access to learning platforms. Some offer lifetime updates and meetings to improve their students’ knowledge and validate their experience.

3. Customer Support

After-class instructor sessions allow students to exchange their knowledge with professors and ask questions about confusing concepts and ideas. Instructors with genuine helpful intent help their students after taking their classes.

4. Overall Value for Money

Knowledge you learn might not always translate to useful and profitable knowledge. The courses listed below have seen many successful students who have found their classes worthwhile with useful real-life knowledge.

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10 Top Investment Courses for Singaporean Investors

Course Investment Knowledge Quality Type of Course Has Complementary Content?
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Beginner – Advanced Wealth Academy Options LIVE Online No
Asia Forex Mentor Beginner – Advanced 5-Part System to Make Big Money In Trading (Free) Yes 
Dr Wealth Beginner 8-Figure Trading Blueprint Yes (Factor-Based Investing Introductory Course)
Invest Travel Play Beginner-Advanced Stock Investing and Options Made Easy  No
SGX Academy Beginner – Advanced Online Courses Yes (Basics of Investing)
The Fifth Person Beginner-Advanced The Investment Quadrant No
The Systematic Trader Beginner-Advanced The Systematic Trader Program Yes (The 3-Phase Growth System to Breakthrough Success in Stock Trading Mastery within Record Time)
Trading With Rayner Beginner-Advanced The Ultimate Price Action Trader Yes (11 basic courses available)
Ultimate Investing Beginner-Advanced Ultimate Investing Trend Investing Meeting (TIM) via Zoom Yes (Ultimate SG Investor)
Value Investing (VI) Beginner-Advanced VI Bootcamp International Yes (Passive Income For Families)


1. Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

The Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group is Singapore’s largest training company with over 15 years of experience and knowledge of his expertise. The group offers financial investing education through their Wealth Academy Options LIVE Online course. 

Adam Khoo, a well-known successful Singaporean investor, shares his ideas through paid courses and training programmes included in Wealth Academy Options

This course is accessible to Singaporeans and investors worldwide, anyone at any level who is greatly interested in the stock market. After enrolling, they can attend live online classes, which they can reattend in the future. Additionally, students have access to peer monitoring groups where they can interact and work together with their classmates to create the best portfolios and beyond.

Aside from beginner-friendly courses, Adam Khoo’s Wealth Academy Live Online courses also focus on financial psychology, advanced trading techniques, generating multiple income streams through passive income, and more.

Course Highlights of Wealth Academy Options LIVE Online

  • Live training and unlimited future attendance
  • Wealth Academy Success Coaching
  • Wealth Academy Investors Inner Circle Monthly Gatherings for Peer Monitoring
  • Exclusive video tutorial selection
  • Digital resource library
  • Online support 
  • Free access to Adam Khoo’s current portfolio

2. Asia Forex Mentor

Singapore’s Ezekiel Chew is one of the country’s leading investors and a certified financial technician with continuously increasing wealth. As a consultant for Singapore’s banks and businesses, he runs Asia Forex Mentor, a beginner-to-advanced training course that caters to the general public. According to Ezekiel Chew, he only offers the AFM Proprietary One Core Program during select irregular periods.

Chew’s courses start with basic investing concepts, such as price action, entry and exit points, stop loss functionalities, chart reading, and beyond. Advanced investors can jump straight to AFM’s advanced methods and AFM Proprietary Point Calculation System. 

Some successful investors have likened AFM’s efficiency and knowledge to Value Investing (VI) College, another successful investment education program.

Course Highlights for AFM Proprietary One Core Program

  • Price Action 
  • Entries, Stop Loss and Exits
  • The Business Behind Trading
  • Chart Reading
  • Strategies
  • Trade Management Methods
  • Correlated Pairs, Fundamental Analysis and Spreads
  • Advanced Methods to Increase Your Win Rate
  • AFM Proprietary Point Calculation System
  • Lifestyle trading
  • Proprietary Trading Plan (100 Trades Blueprint)
  • Trading Psychology
  • One Full Year of Live Trading 

3. Dr Wealth

Dr Wealth is one of Singapore’s most successful financial education teaching organizations comprised of the country’s best financial minds and strategists. One of them is Robin Ho, a professional day trader with decades of experience offering the 8-Figures Trading Blueprint course that focuses on trade plan development, case study, and psychology.

Robin Ho’s course focuses on beginning and advanced investors looking for ways to adapt to gainful or losing investment situations and achieving stability with their trading portfolio. The course intends to increase student cash flow and independently build an earning investment portfolio with full confidence.

Course Highlights of 8-Figures Trading Blueprint by Robin Ho

  • Trade plan development
  • Trade plan case study
  • Trade psychology

4. Invest Travel Play

Invest Travel Play is a financial education organization that aims to teach starting investors about financial management and investing. Its Investing and Options Made Easy is extremely beginner-friendly. Many beginners find their courses helpful in assessing risks and minimalizing losses, especially if you have zero capital. 

The course aims to provide a step-by-step investing system to build a strong starting portfolio, identify businesses worth investing in, and apply portfolio growth-oriented investment strategies. 

Invest Travel Play offers promotions with SkillsFuture credit eligible discounts for most of their introductory workshop lessons. This is great news, especially for those with SkillsFuture Credits.

Course Highlights of Investing and Options Made Easy

  • A beginner-friendly course 
  • Basic stock market concepts
  • Candlestick Patterns analysis
  • Step-by-step guide in building a strong starting portfolio
  • Applying tried-and-proven strategies and formulating yours independently.

5. SGX Academy

SGX Academy focuses on high-quality education and training designed to help beginners and professionals achieve the ideal investment level possible. They offer various seminars and e-training courses adaptable to the unique needs of each student.

The Academy’s comprehensive online on-demand courses are its most popular course choices and have produced many successful students. These courses are adaptable and service beginners, intermediates, and advanced-knowledge students looking to level up their investing and trading knowledge.

Many speakers from other financial education institutions are specialists from other institutions well-known on Singapore Exchange, including Alvin Chow and Robin Ho from Dr. Wealth, and Brandon Leu from The Market Technician.

Course Highlights of Online Courses

  • On-demand online courses
  • Two-hour workshops and seminars
  • Courses from professional investors such as Alvin Chow, Alvin Vong, Brandon Leu, and Gerald Wong
  • Adaptive online courses, seminars, and workshops suitable for investors of any level from beginner to experts.
  • Easy to use interface and affordable courses.
  • Engaging and application-based teaching style

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6. The Fifth Person

A passionate team leads The Fifth Person intending to spread financial literacy that leads to independence worldwide. Rusmin Ang, Victor Chang, and Adam Wong have built The Fifth Person from the ground up, leading to their successful and ongoing fulfillment of helping build lives with financial literacy

The Fifth Person’s The Investment Quadrant program focuses on four steps for precise stock analysis. These four quadrants are business, management, financials, and valuation. This famous course from The Fifth Person uses benchmarks created from and focused on these four quadrants to determine the best investments to make at any point in time. For example, the Business quadrant looks at a business’ plans, competitive advantage, and risk appetite. 

According to some students, The Investment Quadrant is a comprehensive program engaging all beginning and advanced investors. Overall, many students remark that it’s an impressive learning experience worth the course fees.

Course Highlights of The Investment Quadrant

  • Lifetime The Fifth Person e-learning platform access
  • Investment Quadrant method videos, case studies, and supplementary reading material
  • Instructor’s checklists
  • Private members’ forum
  • Responsive instructors (including Rusmin and Victor)
  • Full-day workshops helmed by Rusmin and Victor
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee

7. The Systematic Trader 

Qualified Chartered Portfolio manager Collin Seow is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) who understands that trading should never involve emotions and must have the correct trading psychology. The Systemic Trader focuses on this idea, and Collin Seow himself teaches the courses and webinars. He most likely works with a team to create his supplementary video and reading content.

Collin Seow’s psych-oriented trading philosophy manifests in The Systematic Trader’s TradersGPS, a patented stock trading algorithm software that students will use in the three-day course. 

The Systematic Trader course focuses on identifying the best entry and exit strategies based on weekly and daily positions and weekly and daily swings. Collin Seow adds his own ideas to these well-known trading strategies with a psychological focus that aids in data-based decision-making.

Course Highlights of The Systematic Trader Program

  • An exclusive lifetime platform access
  • TradersGPS access for education and trading purposes.
  • Free digital reading and video resources supplementary to The Systematic Trader course.
  • Weekly webinars
  • Additional class options for advanced investors
  • Private Facebook group with close discussions including Collin Seow Himself

8. Trading With Rayner

Chartered Financial Analyst Rayner Teo provides 11 free videos and guides on his website discussing candlestick patterns and price action trading analysis. The most-followed independent trader offers bite-sized courses that only take 15-20 minutes of your day to learn. Most of his courses focus on beginners, such as Forex Trading for Beginners and Trading Terminologies You Must Know. 

The Ultimate Price Action Trader course fits his beginner and advanced investor audiences. The course talks about support and resistance and market structure analysis. The Ultimate Price Action Trader discusses the best entry and exit strategies at any market opportunity through candlestick pattern analysis, identifying false breakout patterns, and more.

Many students are satisfied with Rayner Teo’s coaching and find the after-course help from the instructors insightful and immediate. Reviewers on Seedly recommended the course and commended Rayner Teo for the clarity he brought to each short video course.

Course Highlights of The Ultimate Price Action Trader

  • A lifetime-access e-platform to take your lessons and read resources.
  • Support and Resistance Structure Analysis
  • Market Structure Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Price Action Trading Strategies
  • Market Behavior and Self-Discipline

9. Ultimate Investing

Ultimate Investing may not have well-decorated professionals and financial instructors, but it has passion. Ivan, Borwen, and Paul found Ultimate Investing in 2019, concentrating on building a community of professional investors to achieve financial freedom. Ultimate Investing’s minimalist approach reflects its founders’ “less is more” focus, simplifying complex strategies that their beginning students can easily understand while advanced students can get insight into their future investments.

The Ultimate Investing Trend Investment Meeting (TIM) via Zoom became their most popular course in the last two years. According to students, instructors used games and case studies of current market situations. The courses discuss financial analysis, market analysis, and options basic concepts and strategies options. UI’s instructors will continue to enrich and take lessons to progressively advanced levels with their weekly Sunday market watch Zoom meetings.

Many satisfied students find Ultimate Investing’s simplified and down-to-earth financial education approach easily digestible. While some students felt the courses were too fast for some beginners to understand, many believed the concepts and ideas required practice. Happy students also highlighted their instructors’ combined passion for providing a value-adding investing course that can help everyone get stable passive cash flow.

Course Highlights of Ultimate Investing Trend Investing Meeting (TIM) via Zoom

  • Weekly Zoom meetings
  • Financial Analysis Basics
  • Technical Analysis Basics
  • Options Investing Basics
  • Weekly Sunday Market Watch with instructor insights

10. Value Investing (VI) College

Value Investing or VI College was founded by Ken Chee and Clive Tan. The founders built VI College during the aftermath of 2008’s Subprime Crisis. Both businessmen understood that poor investment education globally had led to the event that brought down hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. Their goal and passion are to give everyone affordable financial education and ensure no family has to suffer from similar global market crises in the future.

VI College’s Bootcamp International is a worldwide-available course divided into five training days. The first few days will focus on beginner terms and idea orientations. The instructors focus on specific topics, such as business plan analysis (day two), watchlist setups, identifying economic moat and risk analysis (day three), and more.

Many satisfied students believe VI Bootcamp International is an easy-to-understand course because of its effective instructors, especially for individuals without any prior investing experience or financial background. However, some students commented that the course might be too fast for some beginners.

Course Highlights of VI Bootcamp International

  • Lifetime access to the VI App and learning platform
  • Basics Stock Market Concepts
  • Financial Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Advanced Trading Strategies
  • Simulated Trading Games

Before You Apply: Crucial Things to Consider

  • Consider Your Personal Schedule: Most financial education students are employees. Thankfully, most courses have scheduled meetings and self-paced content for learning.
  • Estimate Your Learning Aptitude: Start with the basics if you’re a beginner then work your way up to advanced levels once you’re comfortable. Don’t rush into challenging concepts and take your time to learn.
  • Find Out The Best Learning Medium For You: Most of the courses listed here have video and reading content. Live interactive meetings and games are part of the course. Find out which learning medium suits your learning style best.
  • Budget Accordingly: Investment knowledge isn’t too expensive, but it requires a significant investment that can affect the average Singapore citizen’s budget. Plan your financial learning journey accordingly.

Also, look for undervalued stocks in Singapore.

Our Final Thoughts

These ten investment courses can equip you with the knowledge from experienced traders to turn a profit through technical market analysis. Keep in mind that knowledge without practice is never practical, so keep reviewing and practicing your learnings.

Key Takeaways

  • Taking an investment course is a must for beginners and an essential refresher for advanced investors.
  • Singapore has ten high-quality courses that are friendly to beginners and helpful for those in advanced levels. 
  • Most of these courses give access to an e-learning platform, unlimited resources, and even the instructors’ portfolios
  • Budget your time and money accordingly to maximize your financial education.

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