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Kitchen Renovation in Singapore: Average Cost & Budgeting Guide 2023

If you’re considering transforming your kitchen into a modern and functional space, you’ve come to the right place. Renovating your kitchen can greatly enhance the aesthetics and functionality of one of the most important areas in your home.

The average cost for a kitchen renovation for a new and resale condo and new and resale HBD ranges from S$200 to S$2700, depending on the scope of the renovations.

Renovating a kitchen involves deliberations, such as selecting the right materials, optimizing storage space, choosing efficient appliances, and incorporating your personal style. We’ll explore these aspects and offer expert tips to help you navigate the renovation process smoothly.

Factors to Consider When Drafting a Budget for Kitchen Renovation

Whether giving your kitchen a minor facelift or undergoing a complete transformation, understanding the key factors influencing your budget is crucial.

1. HBD Rules

The housing and development board has laid out important rules and regulations that you must take note of when planning out any renovation in your home. They include:

  • All hacking of walls whether complete or partial and any type of demolition requires you to have a HBD’s written approval. The approval ensures that the work planned will not affect the integrity of you building and compromise public safety.
  • Only engage contractors from the Directory of Renovation Contractor (DRC) to carry out any renovations including all the jobs that do not require any HBD approval.
  • Make sure you comply with the time stipulated by the HDB to ensure that you do not inconvenience your neighbors.
  • Do not instruct any worker or person to demolish or perform any hacking work that has not been approved by the HBD in writing.

Please Note: You risk facing prosecution if you hire any contractors who are not from the Directory of Renovation contractors (DRC) or if you are found having contravened any of the Housing and Development (Renovation Control) rules. You are responsible for your flat and you have to ensure that all the work done is in line with the HBD guidelines.

2. Space

The size of your kitchen will definitely affect the cost of your renovation. The larger your kitchen is, the more work it will need which racks up to your final bills. Kitchen renovations for private properties such as landed properties and condos will cost more than HBD flats because of their configurations. They also have less restrictions when compared to HBD flats which gives you the freedom to explore more options that may cost more.

3. Layout

 A complete renovation involving altering the existing layout might require structural changes like moving walls, which can be quite expensive. A change in layout might require custom cabinets or countertops to fit the new design. Custom elements usually cost more than standard, off-the-shelf products. 

Some kitchen layouts your interior designer may present to you include One-Wall kitchen layout, Corridor or Galley kitchen layout, L-Shaped kitchen layout, Double-L Design kitchen layout and U-Shaped Kitchen design layout.

4. Materials

The quality of materials you choose for your kitchen renovation packages can significantly influence the budget. 

Countertop materials: These can vary greatly in cost ranging from S$8 to $175 per square foot depending on the materials you use. Laminate is generally the most affordable option, while natural stone like granite or marble is more expensive. Quartz and solid surfaces fall somewhere in the middle.

Kitchen cabinets: The cost of upgrading kitchen cabinets ranges from S$8 to S$ 105 per square foot based on whether they’re custom-made, semi-custom, or stock cabinets. 

Flooring materials: They come in a wide range of prices from S$ 5 to S$70 per square foot. If you are going for a cheap kitchen renovation go for vinyl and lamination.Hardwood or natural stone floor tiles tends to cost more.

Backsplash: The materials used for your backsplash can also add to the cost. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are generally more affordable, while marble and granite tiles are more costly. The price varies from $15 to $40 per square foot.

Appliances: The cost of appliances will greatly affect your kitchen renovation project. High-end, professional-grade appliances will significantly add to the cost of your kitchen renovation, while more budget-friendly appliances will be less of an impact on your budget. The cost of hardware like handles, pulls, faucets, and lighting fixtures can also add up, especially if you choose the fancier options.

5. Types of Storage

The type of storage you choose to incorporate in your carpentry renovation projects can have a considerable impact on your budget. Here’s how:

  • Standard Cabinets: These are typically the least expensive option. They come in specific sizes and finishes, offering less flexibility but usually at a lower cost.
  • Custom Cabinets: As the name suggests, these are custom-built for your kitchen. This allows you maximum flexibility in terms of size, finish, and configuration, but it also tends to be the most expensive option.
  • Pull-Outs and Inserts: Special features like pull-out shelves, lazy susans, or spice rack inserts can add functionality to your kitchen, but they also add to the cost.
  • Open Shelving: This can be a cost-effective way to add storage, especially in smaller kitchens. However, keep in mind that everything on the shelves will be visible, which may not be desirable for everyone.
  • Island Storage: Adding an island can provide a significant amount of additional storage. However, islands also require additional materials and labor to construct, which can add to the cost.
  • Pantry: If you choose to add a pantry or upgrade an existing one, this can also affect the kitchen renovation cost. A walk-in pantry might require more extensive construction and materials than a simple reach-in pantry.

6. Choice of Stove

The price of kitchen stoves ranges from S$ 72.64 to S$ 416.00. The choice of stove can have a significant impact on your kitchen renovation budget. There are several types of stoves available in the market, including gas, electric, and induction, each with different price points. A standard four-burner stove is typically less expensive than a larger stove with more burners or a professional-grade range.

High-end brands or professional-grade stoves will be significantly more expensive than budget or mid-range brands. For example, a gas stove might require professional installation and potential alterations to gas lines. Energy-efficient models might also cost more upfront but could save you money in the long term on utility bills.

7. Kitchen Maintenance

Maintenance costs can have a long-term impact on your budget following a kitchen renovation. Some materials are more durable and easier to maintain than others. For instance, stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, or ceramic tile flooring are known for their durability and low maintenance.

High-end appliances may require professional maintenance or specialized cleaning products, adding to the cost. Moreover, their repairs are often more expensive. A well-done installation can prevent future repair costs. Shoddy work might save you money upfront but could lead to higher maintenance costs in the long run.

Proper ventilation can prevent damage to your kitchen from humidity and heat, potentially saving you money on future repairs.

8. Financing Options for Your Kitchen Renovation

You can either opt for a bank loan or use your personal savings, or even combine both methods based on your individual circumstances. Many banks in Singapore offer renovation loan, with some providing generous amounts of up to S$30,000. However, to qualify for such loans, you typically need to submit a kitchen renovation contract to ensure that the funds are strictly used for renovation purposes.

If you decide to take a loan for your kitchen renovation, Instant Loan can help you get free quotes so you can compare your options. This can be particularly beneficial in determining your budget and affordability for the overall kitchen renovation cost.

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Budget Estimates

Here is an average estimated kitchen renovation cost guide in Singapore for HBD and Condo for new and resale according to Qanvast Singapore, renovation experts in Singapore

Scope of Work

Average Cost Range
(Basic to Extensive)*

Dismantling and Hacking Work

$500 – $3,200

Kitchen Flooring and Wall Tiles

$9 – $15 per sq. ft.

Complete Kitchen renovation
Using Livspace Private Label

$5,000 – $20,000 overall
(depending on materials,
accessories, and the length
of the kitchen)

Renovation of Kitchen Countertop

$60 – $350 per ft. run
(depending on material)

Plumbing Work

$200 – $2,000

Painting Work

$200 – $500 

Electrical Work

$150 – $600

Installation of Kitchen Appliances

$500 – $1,200 (excluding
the cost of appliances)


Please note: The above prices are estimates and might vary from the actual renovation prices based on your contractor.

Low-Maintenance Kitchen Tips

These low-maintenance kitchen tips, according to Qanvast, can help you design a kitchen that’s easier to clean and maintain:

  • Opt for a closed kitchen layout to minimize dust and dirt accumulation.
  • Choose closed shelves for storage, reducing the need for constant cleaning and organization.
  • Skip shaker cabinets and reeded designs, which can collect dust and require more upkeep.
  • Select a backsplash with fewer or no grout lines, making cleaning easier.
  • Pick durable countertops that are resistant to stains and require minimal maintenance.
  • Consider using hardier laminates or stainless steel for your cabinets, as they are easier to clean and maintain.
  • Opt for an induction hob instead of a gas hob for easier cleaning and safety.
  • Invest in a powerful cooker hood to effectively remove smoke, odors, and grease from your kitchen.

These tips can help create a low-maintenance kitchen that saves you time and effort in cleaning and upkeep.

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Renovation Contractors in Singapore

When choosing a contractor for your kitchen renovation in Singapore, seek recommendations and verify their credentials. Obtain multiple quotes to understand the market rate and review their past work. It’s essential to ask detailed questions about their work process and ensure you fully comprehend the quote provided. Beyond the cost, assess the communication and trust level with the contractor, as this greatly contributes to a successful renovation. 

Related Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is the Average Cost of Kitchen Renovations in Singapore?

The average kitchen renovation cost is between 3% to 8% of the home’s total cost. This often ranges from S$800 for light renovations to S$27,000 for the most extensive kitchen renovations.

2. How Long Does it Take to Renovate a Kitchen in Singapore?

A complete kitchen project for an HBD can take around eight weeks. This includes the entire process from the design to selecting the material, plumbing, and tile work.

3. How Long Does a Renovation Cost in Singapore? 

An HBD kitchen renovation project should last three months from approval. This is enough time to complete the entire renovation for most homes. Condos and HBD kitchen renovations often last two or fewer months.

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Choosing the best kitchen renovation services is crucial for a successful project. It involves getting recommendations from experienced interior designers, verifying the contractor’s credentials, and obtaining various quotes to understand the market rate. Understand every aspect of the quote provided and ensure you’re comfortable with the contractor’s communication style and integrity. 

Key Takeaways

  • Seek recommendations from trusted sources and conduct thorough research when choosing a contractor for your kitchen renovation in Singapore.
  • Ensure the contractor is registered, licensed, and listed appropriately, especially for HDB flat renovations.
  • The average kitchen renovation cost is between 3% to 8% of the home’s total cost. This often ranges from S$800 for light renovations to S$27,000.

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