Kristal.AI Robo Advisor Review: Best for Beginner Investors

Kristal.AI is one of the leading Robo advisors in Singapore due to the platform’s fees. The platform allows you to customize their portfolios with a range of class assets, including ETFs. Kristal.AI also has readymade portfolios with different investment assets and investment purposes that you get to choose from.

How Does Kristal Work?

Kristal.AI uses a robust algorithm and an investment committee to customize the different investment portfolios. The platform offers the best-in-class investment products across different class assets, including funds, bonds, stocks, venture capital, private equity, among others.

The investment committee consists of financial experts who provide investment opportunities and help capture future possibilities and trends. 

Kristal.AI offers more than 200 investment strategies called Kristals. They are designed to help suit your investment goals and risks. You can also build your own Kristal using your strategy with the help of a Kristal.AI wealth professional.


Key Features

  • Investment products include: Funds, ETFs, Private equity, Per-IPO deals, Venture capital, among other alternatives.
  • There is no minimum investment amount for Kristal Freedom and US$50,000 minimum investment required for Kristal Private Wealth.
  • Zero advisory fee for ETFs up to US$10,000 and 0.30% p.a on incremental value above US$10,000.
  • The investment method is cash.
  • Zero platform fees.
  • Investment methodology includes goal-based financial planning and customized portfolios using an AI-based advisory.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Zero management fee for the first $10,000
  • Offers top ETFs in the market
  • Offer educational resources for all levels of investors
  • You can create your investment portfolio with your investment strategy with the help of a professional wealth Kristal advisors.

The Cons

  • Does not use CPF or SRS to invest
  • Has additional charges with you withdraw or make deposits using USD, EUR, AUD, and GBP

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What are the Benefits of Investing with Kristal.AI?

Here are the benefits of using Kristal.AI Robo advisor.

1. Customize Your Investment Portfolio

Most Robo-advisors in the market will create your investment portfolio based on your risk profiles, personal preferences, and financial goals. However, you do not get to choose what goes into your profile.

With Kristal.AI, you can customize your portfolio based on your investment preferences. You can tweak your investment profile to your satisfaction.

2. Zero Management Fee for the First $10,000

Regardless of your investment size, management fees matter since they eat into your returns. Kristal.AI offers zero management fees for the first $10,000, which helps draw in new investors who would like to start investing with little capital.

However, as your profile grows, they will charge you a 0.30% p.a management fee for the incremental amount value above US$10,000.

When you are a Kristal Private Wealth user, you will incur a cost of up to 1% p.a of the account value for custom Kristals and managed Kristals.

3. Offer Top ETFs in the Market

It might be a little hard for you to choose the best ETFs from the hundreds of thousand available if you are starting your investment journey. Kristal.AI helps you select the best ETFs, thus making you walk in the park.

4. Offers Loads of Educational Resources for All Investors

Kristal.AI has a vast library of educational materials ranging from investment ideas, entry-level articles, advisory pieces, and more.

If you are not much of a reader, they have podcasts and videos. They also offer webinars with specific investment themes for everyday investors to help them learn the essential investment tips.

Kristal.AI also offers investment tips on their YouTube channel and blog as well.

What are the Kristal Portfolios?

There are two types of Kristal accounts. They include:

1. Kristal Freedom

This one is designed for the investor looking to start small. You can choose from:

  • Auto Rebalanced Portfolios

These are Kristal Portfolios that are dynamically rebalanced and fully managed. You can choose from four different types of portfolios that suit your investment preferences.

  • Curated ETFs

With curated ETFs, you get to choose from a range of ETFs from different asset classes, industries, and geographies.

Kristal A. I narrow down the ETFs based on the ETFs you can start with. You can manually filter the ETFs using their ‘compare ETFs tool’.

2. Kristal Private Wealth

This is for the advanced accredited investors. Kristal Private Wealth allows clients to also invest in:

  • Alternative investments
  • High-performance funds
  • Tailor-made products
  • Pre-IPO and Startup Investment
  • Fractional Bonds

You will have to contact a Kristal.AI relationship manager to invest in the other portfolios available for Kristal Wealth users.

What Makes Kristal.AI Stand Out to Investors?

Kristal.AI is a low-cost Robo advisor available for most people in Singapore. It does not charge a management fee for accounts with $10,000 and below or 0.30%p.a. for more than $10,000.

The platform’s management fee attracts new investors who do not have a lot of capital to start with.

Kristal.AI goal-based Robo portfolio design, for example, vacation, early retirement, or college, is accessible to individuals with at least $10 to invest. The platform also offers exceptional customer service with 24 hours, seven days a week customer service, including email, phone, and chat options.

In addition, the Robo advisor does not charge additional brokerage, advisory, performance, or account closure fees.

Investment Opportunities at Kristal.AI

The platform offers two wealth management options: individual low-cost customized portfolios with curate ETFs and a private wealth account specifically designed for professional investors.

The private wealth account allows investors to customize their portfolios with the help of financial advisors.

Fees and Charges for Kristal

The management fee charged by Kristal.AI:

Kristal Freedom

Charged zero management fee for ETFs up to $10,000 and 0.30%p.a. on incremental value above $10,000.

Kristal Private Wealth for Accredited Investors

Zero advisory fees for mutual funds, Kristal funds, and hedge funds. Incurs a cost of up to 1% p.a. of account values for custom Kristals and managed Kristals.

You will also incur other fees such as the brokerage charges, FX conversion fees, and charges when your withdrawals and deposits are in USD, AUD, EUR, and GBP.

Withdrawals and deposits made in HKD and SGD do not incur an additional fee.


Kristal.AI charges zero management fee for the first $10,000, making it ideal for first-time investors with little capital. It allows you to customize your portfolio with the help of a professional wealth manager who will help you choose through the wide range of various asset classes offered by the platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Kristal.AI offers readymade portfolios with different compositions for different investment purposes.
  • You can customize your portfolio with different class assets, including ETFs.
  • Zero advisory fees on ETFs up to US$10,000 and 0.30% p.a. on incremental account value above US$10,000.
  • The platform does not offer the option of investing with CPF or SRS, just cash.

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