Metal Credit Card Singapore

5 Best Metal Credit Cards in Singapore: What’s the Best Card For You?

Today, credit cards have become a rite of passage for financially-independent adults. Its endless advantages make it a great addition to how people handle their finances day-to-day. Yet, there are more reasons why many would get a credit card. The top reasons are its welcome bonuses, rewards program, and better credit card terms. 

Metal cards are relatively few compared to the plastic ones in broader circulation. But in recent years, many banks shifted to using more of these types for high-value customers as people see these cards as a sign of luxury and status. 

But it is not the metal card’s appearance that makes it stand out. Instead, it’s the extra benefits that come with it.

A Closer Look At Singapore’s Top 5 Best Metal Cards

Listed in this table are 5 of the most prestigious metal cards used by high-income clients in Singapore. Check some of the notable card benefits that come with these and how to qualify for them.

AMEX Centurion Card Citi Ultima Card UOB Reserve Card DBS Insignia Card OCBC Elite World Card
Annual Fee S$7,490 S$4,160 S$3,852 S$3,210 S$1,605.00
To qualify: Minimum Annual Income OR deposit of OR AUM of S$1M S$0.5M








Special Privileges Emirates Skyward Gold Status

Instant Elite Status for Hotels

Exclusive Airport Lounge Access

Complimentary Companion Air Ticket

Buy One Get One (free Hotel Accommodation) Priority Pass Members

Yearly Complimentary Hotel Stay (2 Nights)

Exclusive access to Damai Spa in Singapore

Complimentary Access to some private members-only club 

Unlimited Miles Purchase

Lounge access with Priority Pass

Complimentary Travel Insurance for member and family of up to S1M


But times have changed, and income earners of at least S$80,000 can easily hold their metal cards. So, for now, here are the realistically achievable metal cards in the market. So, read on if you are looking for a metal card that best fits your current credit card needs.

AMEX Platinum Card Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite X Card UOB Visa Infinite Card Citi Prestige Card OCBC Voyage Card
Annual Fee S$1,712 S$695.50 S$642 S$535 S$488
To qualify:

Minimum Annual Income 

S$200,000 S$80,000 S$150,000 S$120,000 S$120,000
Special Privileges Love Dining Benefit

Airport Lounge Access (Priority Pass)

Complimentary Travel Insurance of up to S$1M Visa Hotel Collection Privileges Hotel black status Unlimited fee-free transfers to KrisFlyer




What are Top-tiered Metal Credit Cards?

Metal cards are premium cards made of either steel, brass, copper, or alloy. These prestigious cards used to be exclusive only for clients with high-income ranges of S$500K to a S$1Mmillion annually and is often “by invitation only.” Most of these cards also come with high minimum spend requirements. 

On the top tier covering the income range of S$500K to S$1M are the following cards:

  • American Express (AMEX) Centurion
  • DBS Insignia Visa Infinite
  • UOB Reserve Card
  • Citi Ultima
  • OCBC Elite World Credit Card


How Do These Premium Cards Work? 

Like their plastic counterpart, metal cards work more or less the same in making payments in-store and online. However, metal cards offer more perks and higher rewards rates to compensate for their high-value annual fees. Expected rewards are airport lounge access, Tower Club and VIP clubs, and luxury stays and dining privileges.

These cards usually work best for those who enjoy both local and foreign currency spending. Yet, it would help if you always used these financial tools with care. Otherwise, it can significantly damage your finances. So, if you think you are ready, we will help you find the best metal card in Singapore.


Why Are People Getting Credit Cards?

Singapore is one of the most mobile-payment-ready countries in the world. And nowadays, contactless payments have made purchases more convenient and easy. 

Credit cards can give you financial power and endless valuable benefits with responsible use. You may even provide a supplementary card to your loved ones for added convenience. First, most would agree that the primary advantage of using a credit card is convenience. But aside from this, there are a few more reasons people get credit cards:

1. It is more economical to use credit cards instead of cash in many ways. 

One reason is that you can opt for a buy now, pay later scheme. Moreover, you will be allowed to pay at a later date, with minimal or no additional interest fees at all.

2. Credit cards also come with programs that reward you with points. 

You may exchange these points for airline mileage, dining and accommodation perks, cashback, free merchandise, and more.

3. It can also build your credit history as a borrower. 

If a good credit card score is maintained and used correctly, it may improve the quality of your lifelike. Personal and business loans that you may get as a borrower will lead you to reach your financial goals.

But of course, the elite and wealthy group may have a different reason for getting a metal card other than the ones mentioned above. Some cardholders use their cards to impress and flaunt status and success. After all, metal cardholders can always pay for high fees and purchases anyway.


Choosing The Right Metal Card For You

One should not solely look at a metal card’s appearance. Neither on the feels of luxury while imagining holding it in your hands. Sure it could look stylish and flashy, but it’s not the appearance you should go after. When choosing the right metal card, you should consider other critical factors: 

  • Spending Habits

Ask yourself what or where you would be using your metal card. Will you be using it more for shopping, local or foreign currency spending, or more likely for travel or business reasons? We still recommend aligning your budget with the card’s annual fee, benefits, and interest rates.

  • Lifestyle

This factor is one of the most likely reasons the rich and famous have access to these cards. Metal cards can give luxurious perks for travel, dining, and accommodation.

  • Annual Fee

For sure, you may be able to afford the jaw-dropping non-waivable annual fee rates. Yet, it could still be a wise idea to compare your card choices. Then, choose one that could better compensate the yearly fee with their rewards programs. 

  •  Rewards and Bonuses

Rewards and bonuses could be attractive, but these come with a spending requirement more often. So, get a metal card that will satisfy the reward structure that fits your spending habits. It could be on mileage, VIP access, luxurious dining privileges and accommodation, recreation, or even cashback.

  • Interest Rates

To attract customers, most banks offer zero interest on credit card purchases. While this may not bother you, it is still a wise financial decision to go for one that will save you money in the long run.


5 Best Metal Cards in Singapore

Although not usually equally popular, these cards could also offer elite rewards and luxury benefits like top-tiered ones. If you want to know what it takes to qualify for these cards, then you are on the right page. You will genuinely enjoy this section as we discuss the many benefits of having a metal card in Singapore. 

Priority Pass access to airport lounges is just one of the many benefits you may encounter in this post. And if you are ready to learn more of the exciting perks and benefits of featured cards, then let’s proceed.

1. American Express Platinum Charge Card – Best Lifestyle Card

American Express Platinum Charge Card

The Platinum Card has a minimum annual requirement of S$80,000 and an annual fee of S$1,712.  Yet despite the hefty yearly fee, many affluent clients would consider keeping an AMEX Platinum Charge card. This reason is especially true for those whose social behavior is inclined to travel, dining, and shopping activities. 

The AMEX Platinum Charge Card is best for those who love shopping for luxury items like jewelry, watches, and signature bags. This card is also for travelers and those who want to have wine and dine activities at luxury hotels and restaurants. Plus, you probably don’t have to be a celebrity, CEO, or crazy rich to be carrying the AMEX Platinum Charge Card.

It is effortless for members to extract the annual fee value of their AMEX Platinum Charge card through its plethora of benefits. 

Key Benefits: 

1. Travel

  • S$400 flight credit and another S$400 lodging credit
  • Complimentary one night stay at participating five-star hotels like St. Regis, Mandarin Oriental (click this link for complete list)
  • One-night compliment stay at the Fullerton for a minimum spend of S$5000 within the first three months of card approval.
  • Unlimited airport lounge access for principal cardholder and one guest will (sanctuaries included are The Centurion Lounge, International American Express Lounges, Priority Pass, Delta SkyClub, and Plaza Premium) 
  • Same lounge access benefits to supplementary cardholders 
  • Fine Hotel and Resorts (FHR) booking privileges
  • The Hotel Collection booking privileges – Grand Hyatt Singapore included
  • Discounted airfares for premium classes on participating airlines 
  • Complimentary hotel loyalty program upgrades
    • Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite Status
    • Hilton Honors Gold Status
    • Radisson Rewards Gold Status
    • Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) Discovery Platinum Status

2. Dining

  • S$350 Dining Credit at participating restaurants like Basilico, Chef Kang’s, and Sen of Japan (click the link for complete list)
  • S$100 Tower Club Dining Voucher 
  • 2 S$50 Jaan Dining Vouchers
  • 2 S$50 Basque Kitchen Dining Vouchers
  • Love Dining benefits and vouchers
  • Access to Amex Chillax program

3. Lifestyle

  • Free OTO Quantum Advanced Full Body Massage Chair as a welcome gift (valid until January 31, 2022)
  • Complimentary 3 Bottles of wine 
  • Pall Mall access
  • Free parking at Great World
  • Golfing privileges (locally and internationally)
  • Exclusive Tower Club access
  • S$1.2K worth of vouchers
  • Car loyalty rental programs from Avis and Hertz

Note that with AMEX rewards programs, you will also get a chance to earn bonus points through referral and spending. You can easily convert these points to air miles or hotel points pooled and redeemed at a preferential rate.

Plus, the AMEX Platinum Charge card allows you various assist services. AMEX offers these through its concierge desk. And with non-expiring points, the AMEX Platinum Charge card is a worthy investment indeed.


2. Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite X Card – Best For Luxury Travellers

Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite X Card

The Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite X card launched in late 2019 and is now a popular choice among many well-to-do millennials. Geared as a travel and experience card, the Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite X card will allow you to experience travel up a notch.  

As earlier shown in our comparison table, you will only qualify for SC Visa Infinite X card membership if you are one of those whose income ranges from at least S$80,000. 

Additionally, you’d have to shell out S$695.50, a strictly non-waivable annual fee, to maintain the visa infinite x card. So, to compensate for this, cardholders will get a welcome gift of 30,000 miles upon card approval and activation. You can also convert the yearly fee to 85,000 air miles points. 

The rewards program is best appreciated by those who like to travel. For starters, a S$1 local spend could easily convert to 1.2 miles, boosted to 2 miles for overseas spend.  You could further increase your miles rewards by opening a priority banking account with Standard Chartered and earn up to 300,000 miles.

Still interested? Here are some of the perks and card benefits that you or your supplementary cardholders may expect:

Key Benefits:

1. Travel

  • Two complimentary Priority Pass lounge access at over 1,000 airports worldwide every year
  • Complimentary travel insurance of up to S$1M
  • hotel and resorts privileges at St. Regis, Mandarin Oriental, Shangrila, and more
  • 8% off when you book via 

2. Dining

  • Up to 50% off à la carte dining and selected buffets at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

3. Lifestyle

  • Earn rewards points on foreign spend
  • cashback alternative
  • Golf Privileges in the Asia Pacific
  • Good Life offers and privileges
  • Hertz Asia car rental 
  • High rebates on Caltex petrol

The perks mentioned above would already recover the annual fee you shelled out for your Visa Infinite card. However, there may be comparisons worth noting. Conversion rates are notably lower than those offered competitor cards. For example, the OCBC Voyage can earn you 1.2 miles locally, 1.6 on local dining, and 2.3 mi on overseas spending.

Still, this could be the best card for wealthy travelers who want to accumulate travel credits quickly. They could easily do this by taking advantage of the value-to-customer from placing massive bank deposits. Plus, you can easily convert your miles via the Singapore Airline KrisFlyer Programme and other loyalty programs.

In terms of Concierge support services, friendly and accommodating staff is ready 24/7 to give you the ultimate lifestyle experience. 


3. UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card – Best Metal Card For Higher Living Benefit

UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card

Another metal card reserved for the affluent is the UOB Visa Infinite Metal Card. This card is best for those who want an excellent taste of life. This card has a minimum income requirement of S$150,000. And while the UOB Visa infinite metal card will only cost you S642 in yearly fees,  don’t expect great offers and value from this card. 

So, while we’re at it, let us look at some of the perks that the UOB Visa Infinite metal card offers:

Key Benefits:

1. Travel

  • Welcome gift of 25,000 miles points for the annual fee
  • Buy more miles with the UOP visa payment facility
  • Four complimentary airport lounge access for every DragonPass membership year
  • Visa Luxury Hotel Collection privileges
  • Complimentary travel insurance

2. Dining

  • Complimentary gourmet collection membership
  • Up to 50% dining discount at Grand Hyatt Singapore
  • Clink Clink’s personal wine concierge service

3. Lifestyle

  • Ecommerce purchase protection
  • Complimentary green fees at Sentosa Golf Club
  • Free Readyroam data from Singtel

The UOB Visa Infinite metal card could be an essential card for mile chasers as it lets you earn more miles on local and overseas spending. And, if in case you have the UOB Reserve Card, you can even purchase as many miles as you can.

You can also count on the UOB travel concierge and support services 24/7. With UOB Visa Infinite’s travel concierge, you can smoothly process your travel needs and schedules anytime and anywhere. Its premier medical concierge services will offer you, nonetheless, proper medical specialists. 

The UOB Visa Infinite metal card also has a non-waivable annual fee. We also feel that other cards could outperform this card in additional benefits. For this, you might want to check counterparts like OCBC Voyage or Citi Prestige card which allow you to earn miles for local spending. Plus, the OCBC Voyage Card and Citi Prestige card are the only cards that offer complimentary airport transfers.


4. Citi Prestige – Best for Business Travel

Citi Prestige Card

To qualify for the Citi Ultima Card, you should have a minimum annual income of S$120,000. It is genuinely one of the best among the top four metal credit cards as Citi offers its users the best and most exclusive benefits. 

It would be a good choice for business travelers who put a premium on luxury privileges as it packs together plenty of benefits for them. It offers a high reward rate of 4 miles on food delivery and home entertainment purchases among competitors.

Key Benefits:

1. Travel

  • Complimentary airport lounge access through priority pass
  • free 1-night stay extensions at select hotels (booked through City Prestige Concierge)
  • Fourth-night free hotel benefit
  • Hotel black status
  • complimentary airport limousine transfers
  • complimentary travel insurance of up to S$1M

2. Lifestyle

  • Complimentary green fees
  • Complimentary access to select golf clubs
  • Earn miles when you pay for rent, bills, utilities, and more thru the Citi PayAll feature. 
  • Ecommerce purchase protection 

Yet to derive total value from this card, you are required to avail of business class tickets and regularly book your stays at luxury properties. 

With all that said about the Citi Ultima Card, we’d say that it is indeed an excellent metal card that offers outstanding value to its members. Plus, it provides more compelling offers in terms of miles than the UOB Reserve card.


5. OCBC Voyage Card – Best For Airport Services and Miles Redemption

OCBC Voyage Card

If you are not quite ready to splurge yet on the top-tiered cards we’ve mentioned, this card may be your best bet. The Voyage Card requires a minimum annual income of S$120,000 and a yearly fee that is under S$500. This profile can easily make it the most accessible metal card in Singapore. Plus, you can now try VIP privileges that a black metal card can offer.

OCBC Voyage cardholders can also convert their Voyage Miles with no black-out dates and no additional charges. You can also reach their friendly concierge support service staff if you need help booking hotels and restaurants. 

Key Benefits:

1. Travel

  • Unlimited VIP lounge access
  • Unlimited fee-free transfers to KrisFlyer
  • Complimentary travel insurance

2. Lifestyle

  • 1.6 miles on general spend
  • Up to 24 complimentary airport limo rides
  • Shopping perks and discounts
  • Fuel discounts

For travelers seeking both perks and flexibility, indeed, the Voyage Card is worth considering and remains the most accessible metal card in this group. 



Singapore’s metal credit cardholders pay considerable amounts in annual fees and spending requirements. So, it is just right to expect serious credit card perks from their memberships. Yet, you should still consider a commitment for responsible use of these cards even if you are among the rich and famous.

Key Takeaways:

  • Careful and strategic use of credit cards can give you better value than what you pay for in annual fees.
  • High-limit credit cards could trigger overspending; know when to stop.
  • Maintain financial discipline and good payment habits.

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