Five Questions You Must Ask Your Moneylender Before Taking That Loan

Five Questions You Must Ask Your Moneylender Before Taking That Loan

People will require loans for different reasons, this could be related to personal or even business financial issues. In Singapore, as you are seeking a personal loan, instant cash loan or even a payday loan. You will need to make a well-informed decision when choosing the suitable moneylender for your financial needs.

Below are several questions that you need to ask a licensed moneylender before submitting your application for a loan. These will assist you to find the moneylender who is safe to deal with.

1. What Is Required To Have The Loan Processed

You will need to have detailed information concerning the loan procedure. This could require you to present your income statements. In addition, you could require to have a good credit score. If you will get charged a loan application fee, this will depend on the moneylender you settled for. Similarly, there might be some criteria that a borrower should find out about ahead of getting the loan.

2. What Interest Rates Will Be Charged On The Loan

When the interest rates charged are higher, it then means that your payment will be bigger. When you are planning to apply for a student loan or a mortgage loan, interest rates might range from 4 – 6 percent. Personal loans and payday loans might have varying rates of interest. Also, your score can have an effect on the interest rate on your loan. It is for these reasons, that you need to talk to your moneylender be able to confirm this.

3. What Are The Limitations, Restrictions And Requirements

Make sure that you read thoroughly the loan terms and conditions and even go over each point twice. There could be specific restrictions and requirements connected to the use of the lend money. Ensure that you fully understand the conditions distinctly and find out if you have complete freedom to use the borrowed money. Be sure to talk your loan requirements with your moneylender ahead of taking on the loan deal.

4. What Is The Loan Repayment Period

The loan repayment period means the time that you should repay the entire loan together with the interests. This also means that the longer the repayment time is, the lesser the monthly payments will be. On the other hand, when the repayment period is shorter, then monthly installments will be higher. Depending on your salary and expenditure, work out what will work best for you. Also be sure to consider expenses for emergencies as well as unpredictable circumstances into your final decision.

5. What Penalties Are Incurred For Early Or Late Payment

In Singapore, moneylenders will penalize you for settling the loan later or earlier than the set date. Therefore, before you take out a loan, make sure you confirm with the moneylender concerning penalties for prepayments or late payments. You do not have to be subjected to financial loss when you tread carefully.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Know Ways To Spot Illegal Moneylenders

This should be the initial thing you do before you can consider submitting an application for any personal loan. Make sure that you always confirm that the money lender holds a valid license. If the money lender you select is not certified, this might be time to pick another moneylender. The reason for this is since they might be an illegal lender.

Each time you consider applying for personal loans, make sure that every necessary document is returned to you. At the same time remember to collect your ID documents back from the moneylender. This is because they have no reason to hold onto your identification papers. However, when they seem reluctant to give you back the ID documents, then be more careful.

These are likely not genuine lenders and it is a good idea that you seek out another moneylender.

Sign a Complete Loan Agreement

As soon as you are contented with the agreement conditions and terms. Make certain that you sign only a complete contract. Very important, remember to ask for a copy of the loan agreement as a surety and loan agreement validity.

When you do not get a full copy of the loan contract it then means the loan that you have received will be reasoned to be a fraudulent activity. Important, avoid signing any document that seems to be an incomplete contract. Make sure that the loan agreement clearly shows the conditions of the personal loan and it also should include the loan repayment period.

Ensure that it states the rates of interest that will be applied to the loan. If it so happens that such details are not included, make certain that you ask for it. Alternatively, you can decide to deal with another money lender.

Always Deal With The Best Lender

Therefore, do thorough research as you seek for a suitable licensed lender. Doing so will assist you find the best lender available in your area. The information you find out will be helpful because you can select the most trustworthy moneylender.

Make sure that you only transact with a money lender who can meet your conditions and terms. Do not sign any loan contract until you are entirely contented with the loan conditions. In addition, read through the conditions of the loan that you will be borrowing.

While you carry out your research, ensure that you make your choices based on that search. In so doing, you will be able to find the suitable and reliable licensed moneylender. The money lender you choose needs to be able to help you meet your financial needs. This will offer you an easy way to manage your short-term financial obligations.


As you look for a personal loan, in Singapore, you will need to make a well-informed decision when choosing the suitable moneylender for your financial needs. Make certain that you have detailed information concerning the loan application process. Ask your moneylender about the interests charged and also about any loan restrictions and limitations. Remember to find out about the loan repayment period set for your loan. Additionally, confirm if there are penalties for early or late payments.

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