OCBC Voyage Card Review

OCBC Voyage Card Review: Best for Frequent Travellers With a Shifting Travel Schedules

If you want to earn Voyage Miles at generous rates on both foreign currency and local spend, look no further than the OCBC Voyage Card. Customers can earn up to 1.3 miles per dollar on local dining spend and up to 2.2 miles per dollar on foreign currency spend. 

What’s more, Voyage Miles can be cashed in for air tickets with virtually any international airline. This makes the OCBC Voyage Card an excellent fit for frequent flyers with a shifting travel schedule, though you will need to pay an expensive annual fee for the privilege.

What is the OCBC Voyage Card?

OCBC Voyage Cardholders get to enjoy tons of amazing benefits through their ability to earn Voyage Miles as and when they spend cash credit locally and internationally. In short, Voyage Miles are a unique miles currency not too dissimilar from KrisFlyer Miles, that can be exchanged for exclusive benefits, perks, and travel miles with participating airlines and other vendors. 

Key Features of the OCBC Voyage Card

  • Save and redeem OCBC Voyage Miles for tickets, hotel bookings, vouchers, and cash credit with participating airlines and other vendors
  • Earn up to 1.3 miles per S 1 on local spend and up to 2.2 miles per S 1 on foreign currency transactions
  • Get unlimited lounge access at more than 80 airports eligible for OCBC airport lounge access
  • Enjoy no expiry dates or blackout dates with your Voyage Miles
  • Claim luxury limousine services and a personal concierge (minimum spend may apply)

Pros and Cons of the OCBC Voyage Card – Annual Fee, Minimum Spend, and More


  • Earn high miles locally and with foreign currency transactions as and when you spend
  • Get additional miles whenever you use your Voyage Payment Facility – even on noncredit card payments
  • Claim complimentary travel insurance cover worth up to $1.5 million when you purchase air tickets using OCBC Voyage
  • Enjoy a KrisFlyer Miles admin fee waiver whenever you convert your Voyage Miles to KrisFlyer Miles
  • Get two free limo transfers per month when you hit a $5,000 minimum spend


  • Unusually high card annual fees of $488 per year apply
  • You’ll need to hit a high minimum annual income threshold of $120,000 to be eligible for this credit card
  • Airport lounge access includes fewer participating airports than other payment service providers’ cards
  • Voyage Miles can only be pooled with the OCBC Voyage Card, Premier Voyage Card, Bank of Singapore Voyage Card and OCBC Premier Private Client Voyage Card

Key Benefits of the OCBC Voyage Card

1. Earn miles on both local and overseas spend

Enjoy the ability to earn at great rates regardless of whether you’re spending at home or in foreign currency.

2. Get 15,000 – 150,000 Voyage Miles for free as a signup bonus

You’ll need to shell out $488 per year in card annual fees for your Voyage Card, but OCBC will treat you to a 15,000-mile bonus on signup – which can potentially be boosted to 150,000 if you are willing to pay additional annual fees.

3. Claim generous travel insurance and KrisFlyer admin fee waiver perks

Book your air tickets using your Voyage Card and get travel insurance cover of up to $1.5 million.

4. Enjoy limousine access when you hit a $5,000 minimum spend

Customers who hit a $5,000 minimum spending limit get to enjoy extra luxury perks when travelling.

5. Earn miles and earn rewards on non-credit card payments, too

Use your Voyage Payment Facility to maximize your OCBC Voyage Card earn potential and earn bonus Voyage Miles – even on income tax payment and noncredit card transactions.

How Does the OCBC Voyage Card Differ from Other Cards?

Here’s how OCBC’s much-coveted Voyage Card compares to some of its top competitors:

  Interest Rate Minimum Spend per Month Minimum Annual Income Requirement


Annual Fee Costs Miles / Cash Rebate Benefits
OCBC Voyage Card


26.90% $2,000 to unlock best perks


$120,000 for all customers $488 2.2 miles per dollar earned on foreign currency spend


1.3 Voyage Miles per dollar earned on local spending


HSBC Revolution Credit Card


25.90% N/A $30,000 for Singapore Citizens / PRs


$40,000 for foreigners


N/A 4 miles per dollar earned on online transactions with 2.5% cashback
Maybank Horizon Visa Card


25.90% $300 to unlock cashback perks $30,000 for Singapore Citizens / PRs


$60,000 for foreigners


$180 3.2 miles per dollar earned on local dining


2 miles per dollar earned on eligible overseas spend


Standard Chartered Visa Infinite X Card


26.90% $4,000 to unlock best perks $80,000 for all customers $695.40 2 miles per dollar earned on overseas spend


1.2 miles per dollar earned on local spend


UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card


25.90% $1,500 for $190 cash credit $30,000 for Singapore Citizens / PRs


$80,000 for foreigners


$192.60 UNI$ earned on transactions at varying rates


Rewards can be easily converted into miles



The Verdict: What Makes the OCBC Voyage Card Stand Out?

As you can see from the table above, the Voyage Card offers an excellent miles-earning rate on all foreign transactions. By contrast, certain competitor cards, like the HSBC Revolution Card and the Maybank Horizon Visa Card, for example, tend to limit customers to online transactions or dining spend only if they wish to secure the best rates. 

What’s more, the OCBC Voyage Card has a lower minimum spending limit than other high-end cards such as the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite X Card, making it easier for customers to access the very best perks on offer. 

That said, cheaper annual membership fees can definitely be secured elsewhere, and minimum annual income requirements are admittedly a little on the high side with OCBC, which could be a barrier to some customers.


Credit Card Payment

OCBC Voyage Card Fees and Charges – Annual Fee and Minimum Spend Revealed

Just like most other credit cards, you can apply for your OCBC Bank Voyage Card quickly and easily online by visiting the OCBC Bank website here. However, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements listed below first:

Age Limits

  • Must be at least 21 years old

Minimum Annual Income Requirement

  • All applicants must have a minimum annual income of $120,000 or more

Income Documents Required

  • NRIC or passport
  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment (or CPF Statements from the last 12 months)
  • 3 months’ worth of bank statements (if you are self employed)
  • Work Permit and utility bills (if you are a foreigner)

You’ll also need to make sure you are 100% happy with the following fee structure:

  • Annual Fee – $488 (no annual fee waiver available)
  • Supplementary Cards Fee – $188 annually
  • Interest Rate – 26.90% p.a.
  • Minimum Spending Requirement Monthly – $2,000
  • Minimum Monthly Payment – 1+1% or $50, whichever is higher
  • Cash Advance Fee – 6% or $15, whichever is higher
  • Foreign Currency Transaction Charges – 3.25% of transaction amount

Who Should Get the OCBC Voyage Card?

Offering excellent potential to earn miles on both foreign currency and local spend, we think the OCBC Voyage Credit Card is an excellent fit for frequent travellers – particularly those who wish to redeem Voyage Miles for KrisFlyer ones and save big on admin fees.

That said, the $2,000 minimum spend limit customers will want to hit with this credit card to claim the best benefits might be a bit high for lower-earners – who might also struggle to hit OCBC’s minimum annual income requirements, which are well above average.

More Information About the OCBC Voyage Card

1. How Do I Claim the Full 150,000-Mile Sign Up Bonus?

You’ll need to pay a boosted annual fee of $3,210 (rather than $488) in order to claim 150,000 Miles instead of 15,000 Miles as part of your sign up bonus.

2. Which Airport Lounges Can I Use for Airport Lounge Access?

Voyage Card customers can access up to 80 VIP lounges located in airports all around the world. You can view the locations of participating lounges on the OCBC website here.

Final Verdict – Is the OCBC Voyage Card Any Good?

So, Voyage Card customers get to enjoy excellent miles earning rates, KrisFlyer fee waivers with Voyage exchange, and tons of frequent flyer perks, ranging from unlimited lounge access to free limousine transfers.

However, high monthly spending limits and rather taxing income requirements mean this high-end credit card won’t be a good fit for everyone. If you’re thinking of applying for a Voyage Card today, don’t forget:

  • Local and foreign currency spend will earn miles at different rates – with foreign currency transactions and overseas spend faring best
  • You can only redeem Voyage Miles for certain things with eligible vendors (e.g., KrisFlyer)
  • You cannot pool your Voyage Miles with all other OCBC Credit Cards – only this card, OCBC Premier Voyage, and Premier Private Client cards, and Singapore Voyage Cards.
  • It’s always wise to compare the market to determine whether other credit cards might be a better fit for someone with your unique spending habits and credit card needs

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