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Curated List: 9 Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore 2024

Revamping your living space is an exciting endeavor, but finding the right renovation contractor can make all the difference. In Singapore, where innovation and design converge, it’s crucial to enlist the expertise of professionals who can transform your vision into reality.

On average, a renovation in Singapore may start around S$15,000 for light renovations, and go up to S$100,000 or more for a complete overhaul. Thus, the need to choose a trusted contractor that could help you make the most of your investment.

From sleek and modern designs to timeless elegance, these contractors have established themselves as the go-to names in the industry, ensuring that your renovation experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Top 9 Renovation Contractors in Singapore

Here is a curated list, including nine of the best renovation contractors in Singapore for 2024. Not only do they have a stellar reputation for their craftsmanship, but they also have a keen attention to detail and excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

Contractor Name Specialization
Hoong Fatt Heng Renovation HDB Renovations
3D Innovations Design Pte. Ltd. Innovative Design Concepts
Larry Contractors Furniture Customization
Anson Construction Interior Renovation Needs
Renopedia Platform for Renovation Prof.
Eight Design Bespoke Design Concepts
Unimax Creative Renovation Solutions
Empire Works One-Stop Renovation Solution
ZL Construction Home and Kitchen Renovations


1. Hoong Fatt Heng Renovation – Best for HDB Renovations

Hoong Fatt Heng Renovation is one of the oldest and leading specialists in HDB renovations in Singapore. Founded in 1981 by Tony Choo, their legacy spans over 40 years of solid reputation for their expertise in transforming HDB flats into stylish and functional living spaces. 

Top 3 Features:

  • HDB renovation specialists. Focuses on the unique requirements and considerations of HDB flats in Singapore and transforms your flat into a stylish and personalized home.
  • One-stop renovation services. Find the following services in just one stop: plumbing, carpentry, painting, roofing, ceiling, and electrical works. They also specialize in hacking and masonry tiling works. 
  • Quality craftsmanship. Their team of skilled craftsmen pays meticulous attention to every detail. From carpentry to finishes, every element is executed to the highest standards.


2. 3D Innovations Design Pte. Ltd. – Best for Innovative Design Concepts

With over one decade of experience in the design industry, 3D Innovations Design Pte. Ltd. has become one of the most-sought renovation contractors in Singapore. They are a fully licensed renovation contractor and can cover full interior design for HDB flats, as well as other residential and commercial renovation projects. 

Top 3 Features:

  • In-house workshop and experts. They do not need to outsource services to a sub-contractor because they have in-house specialists and a team of experts, including architects and interior designers.
  • Personal consultant. A private expert is assigned to each project and will help customize the entire project according to the client’s needs. 
  • Fully licensed and ISO certified. 3D Innovations take pride in adhering to industry standards and regulations set by relevant authorities.


handyman drilling wall

3. Larry Contractors – Best for Furniture Customization

Larry Contractors, a renovation contractor specializing in residential and commercial upgrades, has been in the business since 2016. They have a team of professional carpenters who can customize your pieces of furniture according to your design needs. They can also help with security needs like surveillance and door access systems.

Top 3 Features:

  • Wide range of services. They cover residential and commercial spaces, and their services can start from space planning to complete overhaul. They also do reinstatement works.
  • Direct contractors. Deals with their clients directly and takes charge of the entire renovation process, thereby eliminating the role of any third party.
  • HDB registered. You can expect quality renovation work in compliance with the set guidelines and authorities’ requirements.


4. Anson Construction – Best for Interior Renovation Needs

Anson Construction is an interior renovation contractor known for delivering high-quality projects and exceptional service. With a solid reputation in the industry, Anson Construction has completed numerous residential and commercial projects across Singapore.

Top 3 Features:

  • Specializes in interior design. Ensures a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics, from color schemes and materials to furniture and lighting, is carefully chosen to create a cohesive and personalized interior.
  • A diverse portfolio of projects. Can tackle projects of different scales and complexities, catering to their client’s specific needs and requirements.
  • Strong client relationships. Actively engages with clients throughout the construction process, ensuring their expectations are met and that the final product aligns with the client’s vision.


5. Renopedia – Best Platform for Renovation Professionals

Renopedia is a prominent platform offering various services and resources related to home renovation and interior design services. While Renopedia is not a renovation contractor or interior design firm, it is a portal for valuable resources and a directory that connects homeowners with industry professionals. 

You can also find design ideas, tips, guides, and renovation specialists on this platform. Indeed, you can find everything you need in this portal from an interior designer to all types of renovations needs and ideas. 

Top 3 Features:

  • An extensive list of renovation professionals. Find reliable contractors, interior designers, architects, suppliers, and other industry professionals.
  • Exclusive renovation packages. The platform collaborates with renovation professionals to offer homeowners exclusive renovation packages and promotions.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D Visualization. Incorporates virtual reality (VR) and 3D visualization tools into their services to help clients have a realistic and immersive experience of their proposed renovation designs before the actual work begins.


6. Eight Design – Best for Bespoke Design Concepts

Eight Design is renowned for its expertise in providing comprehensive interior design and renovation services in Singapore. They are best known for creating functional layouts and incorporating brand identity into the design, and their expertise spans various sectors. 

Top 3 Features:

  • Original design concepts. Specializes in designs that reflect the personality and preferences of their clients as their team of designers incorporate a fresh and innovative approach to design, combining aesthetics with functionality. 
  • Attention to detail. From selecting materials and finishes to placing furniture and accessories, they ensure that every element contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.
  • Project management. Their team handles the entire project management and execution process, ensuring clients a seamless and hassle-free experience.


7. Unimax Creative – Best for Renovation Solutions

Unimax Creative is a design and construction company that provides comprehensive design and renovation solutions. Powered by 30 design and sales professionals today in Singapore, they offer creative design and construction execution and a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Top 3 Features:

  • Expertise in interior design. Creates stunning and functional interior spaces that align with their client’s preferences and lifestyles.
  • Professional design consultation. Offers insights and recommendations to help clients make informed decisions about their design and renovation requirements.
  • A skilled team of contractors and craftsmen. Their professional team of contractors and craftsmen ensures that the project is executed with precision and attention to detail.


8. Empire Works – Best One-Stop Renovation Solution

Empire Works has been in the home renovation industry for seven years, completing over 50 projects as a one-stop renovation solution contractor in Singapore. They specialize in multiple fields and offer packages from essential HDB move-in packages to full-area renovation packages ensuring reliable yet affordable renovation services.

Top 3 Features:

  • Offers renovation packages. Covers HDB BTO and flat resale renovations such as flooring, toilet overlay, hack and tiling, and complete kitchen renovation packages.
  • Top-notch tiling services. Their experts deeply understand different types of tiles, installation techniques, and surface preparation. They possess the knowledge and expertise to handle complex tiling projects with precision.
  • Free-of-charge cost estimates. In-house specialists can visit your property or home to get an idea of the costs required for the job.


9. ZL Construction – Best for Home and Kitchen Renovations

ZL Construction is a boutique renovation firm specializing in wet works, carpentry, and home and kitchen renovation. Boasting 30 years of industry experience, it is a trusted choice for homeowners, commercial tenants, and industrial users.

Top 3 Features:

  • High-quality kitchen renovations. As their kitchen renovation team was trained under the UrbanKitchen BLUM program, expect high-quality materials covered by BLUM warranty.
  • Exclusive project manager. Clients can choose to have a sole project manager assigned to them and enjoy the perks of a hassle-free renovation process.
  • Offers consultation services. Provide impartial site assessment, validation, and appraisal of existing interior conditions.



How do I Choose a Renovation Contractor in Singapore?

Choosing a renovation contractor in Singapore can be a critical decision that significantly impacts the outcome of your project. With numerous options available, it’s essential to carefully evaluate and select a contractor who can meet your specific needs and deliver success to your renovation project.

When looking for the best contractor in Singapore, consider the following factors:

1. Experience and Expertise

Look for a contractor with a proven track record and experience in handling projects similar to yours. Conduct thorough research to identify potential renovation contractors in Singapore by checking their portfolio, client testimonials, and any certifications or awards they may have.

Factors to assess may include:

  • Years of experience
  • Specializations
  • Knowledge of regulations and permits
  • Team of experts

2. Reputation

Research the contractor’s reputation by reading online reviews, requesting recommendations from friends or colleagues, or checking with industry associations.  A contractor’s reputation reflects their past client’s track record, reliability, and satisfaction. 

Moreover, you will find that contractors with a strong reputation may have received industry recognition or awards for their outstanding work.

3. Licensing and Insurance

Trust should be based on proven credentials, and not on a persuasive sales pitch when hiring a house renovation contractor. Ensure the contractor holds the licenses and permits that Singapore’s regulatory bodies require. 

Additionally, verify that they have adequate insurance coverage to protect against potential damages or liabilities during the project. You should also check for professional affiliations, which indicate a renovation contractor’s commitment to their craft.

4. Quality of Work

The quality of construction and finishing will result in a building that is well-suited to its purpose. When choosing a contractor, examine the quality of their previous projects. Visit completed worksites if possible or request references to understand their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

5. Clear Communication

As a homeowner, you cannot assume your contractor understands your requests clearly. You should ensure everyone is on the same page by communicating clearly and effectively. 

Thus, a good contractor should have excellent communication skills and be responsive to your inquiries. They should be able to understand your requirements, provide transparent cost estimates, and keep you updated on the project’s progress.

asian construction men standing infront of building

6. Timeliness and Efficiency

Avoid construction delays by looking for a contractor who can complete the project within the agreed-upon timeframe without compromising quality. Punctuality and efficiency are crucial in minimizing delays and ensuring a smooth construction process. To ensure the schedule is followed and delays are mitigated, you should also regularly monitor and request progress reports.

7. Price and Budget

While budget is a crucial factor, it shouldn’t be the sole determinant. Obtain quotes from different contractors and compare them regarding the scope of work, materials used, and overall value for money. Choose a contractor that offers a fair price while maintaining quality standards.

8. Cost Transparency

Seek clarity on their pricing structure and ensure no hidden costs or surprises. A reputable contractor should provide a detailed breakdown of costs and be transparent in their communication.

Additionally, to determine if a contractor is a solution for your renovation needs, check the following:

9. Range of Services

Evaluate the services the renovation contractor offers and check if they cover all the necessary aspects of your renovation project? This can include interior design, space planning, electrical and plumbing work, carpentry, painting, flooring, and more.

10. Portfolio

Review their portfolio of past renovation projects. Look for examples that align with your style preferences and project requirements. This will give you an idea of their design aesthetic, quality of craft, and attention to detail.

11. Project Management Capabilities

A reliable one-stop renovation solution should have a well-organized approach to project management, including clear communication, timelines, and coordination of various trades and suppliers.

12. Client Satisfaction

Try to speak with past clients or request references. Their feedback can provide insights into Empire Works’ professionalism, responsiveness, and ability to meet client expectations.

What are the Factors Influencing Renovation Costs?

Renovation costs in Singapore can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the property’s size, the renovation’s complexity, the quality of materials used, and the homeowner’s specific requirements.

1. Property Type

The type of property being renovated significantly impacts the overall cost. As such, HDB flats generally have lower renovation costs than private condominiums or landed properties due to differences in size, layout, and structural considerations.

  • HDB flats. An HDB flat renovation costs relatively lower than private condominiums or landed properties as they have standardized layouts and structural features.
  • Private Condominiums. Condominiums have higher renovation costs as they often offer larger living spaces and more complex layouts, which can require additional materials and skilled labor.
  • Landed Properties. Renovating a landed property tends to be the most expensive among the property types. For one, they generally have larger land areas and more extensive built-up spaces, resulting in higher material and labor requirements.

2. Renovation Scope and Complexity

Renovating one area in your home is less expensive than adding another bedroom. Or, a simple cosmetic makeover involving painting, flooring, and minor repairs will be less costly than a complete overhaul involving structural changes, rewiring, or plumbing modifications. 

3. Material Upgrades

The home renovation project cost also varies depending on the materials you choose. While you could opt for lower-cost materials, you could save more on higher-quality materials that will last longer and require less maintenance than lower-quality options. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better. 

4. Property Size and Layout

The size and layout also affect costs, especially in projects with unique features, complex floor plans, or challenging spaces. The more work that needs to be done, the more expensive the project will be. 

A good starting point is to look at similar projects and hire a professional renovation company to help you with a cost estimate.

5. Level of Customization

Intricate designs and customized built-in elements contribute to higher renovation costs. The detail, craftsmanship, and specialized labor required for unique design elements can significantly influence the overall expenses.

6. Electrical and Plumbing Works

Upgrading electrical systems, installing new lighting fixtures, or modifying plumbing layouts can add to the renovation costs. The complexity of these works, the number of fixtures or power points, and any necessary rewiring or rerouting can impact the budget.

7. Permits and Regulations

Obtaining necessary permits and complying with building regulations may involve additional costs. Particular renovations, especially those affecting the structure or facade of the property, may require approvals from relevant authorities.

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kitchen construction works

What Can and Can’t Be Done with HDB Renovations?

When it comes to renovating HDB (Housing and Development Board) flats in Singapore, there are specific guidelines and restrictions set by the HDB that homeowners must adhere to. Here’s a quick overview:

What Can Be Done:

HDB flat owners can:
Internal Renovations
  • Carry out internal renovations to customize their living spaces. This includes painting, flooring, installing built-in furniture, and modifying interior walls and partitions, subject to certain conditions.
Plumbing and Electrical Works
  • Change the plumbing and electrical systems within their flat. This includes relocating water supply lines, installing additional power points or lighting fixtures, and upgrading electrical wiring, which licensed professionals should perform.
Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades
  • Renovate their kitchens and bathrooms, including replacing fixtures, cabinets, and countertops. However, they must comply with HDB’s water and gas supply point guidelines and engage qualified professionals for plumbing or gas-related work.
Air-Conditioning Installation
  • Can install air-conditioning units in their HDB flats with approval from the HDB. This should be in compliance with relevant regulations, such as ensuring proper drainage for condensation.

What Can’t Be Done:

HDB flat owners are not allowed to:
Unauthorized Removal of Walls Remove structural walls without prior approval from the HDB. Structural walls provide load-bearing support, and any modifications require proper assessment by qualified professionals and approval from the HDB.
Altering the Façade Change the external appearance of HDB flats, such as adding or modifying windows, balconies, or altering the building’s façade, is generally not permitted without prior consent from the HDB.
Unauthorized Changes to Common Areas Make alterations or additions to common areas such as corridors, staircases, and lifts, as these are shared spaces that fall under the responsibility of the HDB.
Unauthorized Subletting or Commercial Use Sublet rooms or areas in the flat for commercial activities without proper approval violate HDB regulations as HDB flats are primarily intended for residential purposes.


Additionally, HDB flat owners must only engage with licensed professionals for renovations and obtain the necessary permits and approvals before making significant changes to their flats. Adhering to these guidelines ensures compliance with HDB regulations and helps maintain the safety, integrity, and community standards of HDB estates.

Quick FAQ Section

1. What is a renovation, and how does it differ from remodelling?

Renovation refers to restoring or updating a space to improve its condition, functionality, or appearance. On the other hand, remodelling involves making significant changes to the space’s structure, layout, or function, such as altering a floor plan.

2. What are the common types of renovation projects?

Common renovation projects include:

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Home exterior renovations
  • Basement renovations
  • Bedroom renovations
  • Living room renovations
  • Complete house renovations
  • Energy-efficiency renovations
  • Aging-In-place renovations
  • Outdoor renovations

3. How long does a typical renovation project take?

The duration of a  renovation project depends on the type of project, complexity, and other factors. Small-scale projects like updating a bathroom or a single room can often be completed within a few weeks to two months. Minor kitchen remodels may take around four to eight weeks, while a complete house renovation may take several months to more than a year.

4. Do I need permits or approvals for my renovation project?

Generally, large renovation projects, especially those involving structural changes, electrical work, plumbing modifications, or changes to the building’s footprint, may require permits. Specific types of renovation work may also require additional approvals from relevant authorities.

Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats in Singapore also typically require permits. It has specific guidelines and regulations in place to ensure that renovations are carried out safely and do not compromise the structural integrity of the overall well-being of the building and its residents. 


With their expertise and experience, contractors can help homeowners refine their ideas, manage the entire renovation process, and ensure a smooth and successful project. So, whether you’re planning a small-scale makeover or a comprehensive makeover, enjoy the journey with confidence with the right renovation contractor.

Key Takeaways

  • Hiring a reliable and qualified contractor is crucial for a successful renovation.
  • Choose a contractor who can work within your budget and request detailed quotations to check if they align with your financial limitations.
  • A skilled and experienced team of renovation experts can ensure smooth coordination, timely completion, and efficient project handling.
  • Renovation costs vary widely based on project scope, materials, labor, and other factors.
  • Contractors have a good understanding of regulations, including HDB guidelines, and obtain necessary permits for the renovation work.

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