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10 Best Side Hustles in Singapore from S$3-S$13,475 (2024)

Amidst escalating living costs and inflation, side hustles are becoming crucial for those seeking to boost their income. The potential to earn up to an extra S$5,000 a month beyond the median monthly income of S$5,197 as of January 2024 has drawn many into the gig economy. 

This shift, fueled by both need and ambition, opens up opportunities ranging from S$200 to S$10,000, offering a way not only to supplement but possibly outstrip their main income.

With 85% engaging in freelancing, teaching, and part-time work to mitigate economic challenges, the proportion of own account workers has risen from 8.8% to 9.7%. Notably, 16% of these, or 37,300 individuals, are secondary own account workers, balancing side hustles alongside their primary employment, showcasing a commitment to financial resilience and growth.

This guide offers insights and ideas to navigate the vast opportunities best side hustle ideas available, highlighting the top 10 side hustles that could significantly enhance your financial situation in 2024 and achieve passive income.

Best Side Hustle Singapore

1. Freelance Writing: S$1,740.91 – S$7691.24 / Month

Singapore’s dynamic market is witnessing a significant surge in freelance writing opportunities. With an increasing demand for content creation across industries, freelance writing has emerged as a lucrative side hustle for many.

Freelance writing involves creating content for various clients across different industries. This can include blog posts, articles, web content, press releases, product descriptions, and more. The work is diverse, allowing writers to specialize in niches that align with their interests and expertise, such as technology, healthcare, finance, or lifestyle. 

Embarking on a freelance writing career involves several key steps, from honing your craft to finding your first clients. Here’s a structured approach to get you started:

  1. Develop Your Writing Skills: Strong writing skills are fundamental. Whether through formal education, online courses, or self-study, continuously improving your writing is essential.
  2. Identify Your Niche: Specializing in specific industries or types of content can make you more attractive to certain clients. Determine your areas of interest or expertise.
  3. Create a Portfolio: Build a collection of your writing samples. This can include blog posts, articles, or any relevant content. A personal website or a portfolio on a platform like Contently can showcase your work professionally.
  4. Set Your Rates: Research typical freelance writing rates in your niche and region to set competitive yet fair prices for your services.

Here are platforms where freelance writers in Singapore and globally can look for work:

  • Upwork: A leading platform for freelancers of all kinds, Upwork connects writers with clients looking for their specific skills. It offers a wide range of writing jobs, from short blog posts to long-term content projects.
  • Although primarily focused on the Philippine job market, has global opportunities available. It’s a great resource for finding clients seeking writers with specific expertise, especially in the Asian market.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr allows freelancers to create “gigs” offering specific writing services. It’s an excellent platform for writers to package their services, from SEO writing to creative storytelling.
  • LinkedIn: Utilizing LinkedIn for networking and job searching is highly effective. LinkedIn’s job board also occasionally lists freelance and remote writing positions.

2. Digital Marketing Consultant: S$3,233.88 – S$9,701.64 / Month

Ever pondered on the idea of leveraging your digital marketing skills outside your 9-to-5 job? The demand for digital marketing expertise in Singapore is through the roof. With over 4.83 million internet users in the country, businesses are scrambling to capture their attention online. This is where you come in. 

To embark on a career as a Digital Marketing Consultant, consider the following steps:

  1. Refine Your Skills: Ensure your digital marketing skills are up-to-date and comprehensive. This may include SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and analytics.
  2. Build Your Online Presence: A strong online presence can serve as your portfolio. Create or update your LinkedIn profile, start a professional blog, or build a website showcasing case studies of your work.
  3. Define Your Services: Be clear about the services you offer. Specialization can make you more attractive to certain businesses, whether it’s SEO, PPC, social media strategy, or digital advertising.
  4. Set Your Pricing: Research the market to set competitive consulting rates. Consider offering different pricing structures, such as hourly rates, project-based fees, or retainer models.

The next step is to find clients who need your expertise. Here are some platforms and strategies to help you get started:

  • Upwork and Freelancer: These platforms offer a wide range of freelance opportunities, including digital marketing projects. 
  • Digital Marketing Agencies: Reaching out to digital marketing agencies for subcontracting opportunities can be a fruitful approach. 
  • Local Business Networks: Joining local business associations or networks can connect you with small businesses that might not have in-house digital marketing expertise.
  • Social Media: Platforms like Twitter and Instagram can be used to showcase your knowledge and connect with potential clients. Regularly sharing insights, trends, and success stories can attract businesses seeking digital marketing help.

E-commerce Store Owner

3. E-commerce Store Owner: AVG of S$9,297.41 / Month

Ah, the digital age! It’s bustling, endless, and full of opportunities, especially in Singapore, where the tech-savvy crowd loves to click ‘buy now.’ 

Did you know that Singapore’s e-commerce business market revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.5%, resulting in a projected market volume of $9,905m by 2024? These numbers aren’t just impressive; they’re a clarion call to all aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or even Carousell, getting your store up and running can be as easy as pie. With solutions like dropshipping, you can sell products to have extra money during your free time without ever touching them. Alternatively, partnering with reliable logistics companies can take the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Singaporeans are known for their discerning taste and high internet penetration rate for target audience, making the e-commerce experience a critical factor in their purchasing decisions. 

  • Mobile Commerce: With a high smartphone usage rate, mobile commerce is not just an option; it’s a necessity. 
  • Social Media Influence: Utilizing platforms like Instagram and Facebook for marketing and sales can significantly boost your store’s visibility and customer engagement.
  • Local Payment Preferences: Offering a range of payment options that cater to local preferences, including popular e-wallets and bank transfer methods in Singapore, can enhance the checkout experience and reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • Niche Markets: From health and wellness to tech gadgets and local delicacies, identifying and tapping into niche markets can lead to significant opportunities for specialized e-commerce stores.

4. Social Media Marketer: AVG of S$7,280.27 / Month

Singapore’s social media scene is booming, with over 4.83 million social media users reported in 2021. That’s a staggering 82% of the population! Businesses, big and small, are scrambling to grab a piece of this digital pie, making social media marketing skills more valuable than ever.

As a social media marketer, your playground is the vast digital landscape of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Your mission? Pretty sweet deal, to craft compelling content that engages, informs, and converts followers into customers. It’s a mix of art and science, requiring a blend of creativity, analytical skills, and a finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

5. Stock Trading or Investing: S$2,806.74 – S$13,474.50 / Month

Have you ever dreamt of making more money while you sleep? It’s a fantastic way to potentially build wealth over time. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility! 

Now, let’s clear up a common confusion: trading and investing are not the same thing. Trading is about making quick moves to profit from short-term market fluctuations. On the other hand, investing is about buying and holding assets that you believe will increase in value over time. 

Choosing the right trading platform is like picking the right running shoes for your race. In Singapore, there are plenty of platforms to choose from, each with its own set of features, fees, and user experience. Some popular ones include DBS Vickers, OCBC Securities, and POEMS by PhillipCapital. Look for low transaction fees, reliable customer support, and user-friendly interfaces.

6. Tutoring Services: S$3,300 – S$4,000 / Month

With students constantly seeking to improve their academic standings, the demand for personalized instruction skyrockets. It’s not just about the grades; it’s about mastering the material.

So Who Can Tutor? Anyone with expertise and patience. Whether you’re a college student acing your courses, a professional with a knack for teaching, or even a retiree looking to share your wealth of knowledge through online tutoring, tutoring offers a flexible path to earn money. Fields in high demand include mathematics, science, languages, and computer science.

Photography Services

7. Photography Services: AVG S$3,513 / Month

Who hasn’t admired the breathtaking skyline of Singapore or the vibrant street life that just begs to be captured? If you’re the friend who’s always asked to take photos because, let’s face it, you have an eye for the perfect shot, then turning your passion for photography into a side hustle might just be your calling. 

Here’s how you can snap into action:

  • Build Your Portfolio: Start by compiling your best work. A diverse portfolio will appeal to a broader audience.
  • Set Your Pricing: Do a little homework on what others are charging in the Singapore market. Remember, your prices should reflect your skill level, the quality of your equipment, and the editing time. 
  • Keep Learning: Photography is an art form that continually evolves. Stay updated with the latest trends and invest in workshops or courses to refine your skills. 

8. Handmade Goods Seller: S$3-S$4 / Item

Have you noticed how everything seems to be branded these days? From your morning coffee cup to the pen you use, it’s all mass-produced. 

This movement has been gaining momentum, especially in places like Singapore, where the market for one-of-a-kind items is booming.

  • Personalization is Key: In a world where everyone is looking for ways to stand out, offering personalized handmade goods is like hitting the jackpot. People love purchasing items that feel special and tailored to their preferences.
  • Sustainability Matters: There’s a growing consciousness about sustainability and eco-friendliness. Handmade goods, often made from recycled or sustainable materials, tick this box, making them even more appealing.
  • The Emotional Connection: Buying something made by a real person, with a story and passion behind it, creates a connection that mass-produced items simply can’t match.

9. Blogging: AVG S$4,142.06 / Month

Ever thought about sharing your expertise or passions with the world? Blogging is not just about expressing your thoughts anymore; it’s a viable side hustle in Singapore that can turn into a substantial income stream. 

  • Flexibility: Write anytime, anywhere. Perfect for fitting around your 9-5 job.
  • Income Potential: Through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and selling digital products, bloggers can earn from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month.
  • Builds Authority: It’s a fantastic way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

10. Virtual Assistant: AVG S$3,793.07 / Month

Becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) in Singapore is not just a trend; it’s a thriving side hustle that’s catching on fast. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, the flexibility and variety of tasks a VA can handle are massive, plus, who wouldn’t love the idea of having to earn money online while working from their cozy corner at home or a favorite café?

Flexibility and Freedom

First off, the flexibility is unbeatable. You get to choose your hours and clients. Imagine working with a tech startup in the morning and switching gears to assist a travel blogger by the afternoon. Sounds like a dream, right? This is the reality for many VAs in Singapore.

Diverse Skill Sets Welcome

Businesses and entrepreneurs are on the lookout for talents that can help streamline their operations, do administrative tasks, manage emails, handle social media platforms, and even do some data entry. The diversity of tasks means you’re likely never to get bored.

Networking Galore

Working as a VA allows you to build an incredible network. Each client or project introduces you to new industries and professionals. This could be your golden ticket to opportunities you hadn’t even dreamed of!

Practical Tips for Starting a Side Hustle

Crafting a side hustle in Singapore is not just about generating extra income; it’s an opportunity to pursue your passions on your terms. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Start your side hustle with clarity, purpose, and the readiness to evolve, and watch as it transforms into a flourishing venture.

1. Identifying Skills and Interests

Begin by pinpointing what you excel at and what brings you joy. Your side hustle should not only boost your income but also fulfill you. Listing your skills and interests will guide you in choosing the right path.

2. Researching Market Demand

Evaluate if there’s a market for your skills or products. Utilize Google Trends, social media, and forums to understand public interest and uncover niches that match your offerings.

3. Setting Up an Online Presence

An online presence is essential. Create a LinkedIn profile, an Instagram account, or a website to showcase your work and provide contact information. A simple, clear platform is sufficient to start.

4. Managing Time Effectively

Time management is crucial when balancing a side hustle with other responsibilities. Use tools like Trello or Asana to organize tasks and ensure you also schedule downtime.

5. Handling Finances and Taxes

Maintain a separate account for your side hustle to ease income and expense tracking. Be aware of how this income affects your taxes and prepare accordingly.

6. Balancing a Side Hustle with a Full-Time Job or Other Commitments

Ensure your side hustle doesn’t interfere with your full-time job or personal well-being. Transparency with your employer and prioritizing your health are key to sustainably growing your side hustle.

Importance of Passion and Purpose

Importance of Passion and Purpose

Ever wondered why some side hustles flourish like a well-tended garden, while others wilt despite the best efforts? The difference between a fleeting endeavor and a fulfilling journey often boils down to two pivotal elements: passion and purpose. 

The Passion Factor

Passion is that intense drive, the spark that gets you up in the morning, excited to chip away at your side project. It’s your personal cheerleader in the face of challenges.

  • Fuel for the Long Haul: Passion provides the energy needed to push through the inevitable rough patches. It’s the difference between throwing in the towel and finding a way to bounce back stronger.
  • A Magnet for Success: People are drawn to passion. It’s infectious. Customers, clients, or followers will notice your enthusiasm, making your offering more attractive.

Purpose: Your North Star

Purpose is your ‘why’—the reason you’re embarking on this journey. It’s the foundation that gives your hustle direction and meaning.

  • Clarity and Focus: Knowing your purpose helps you stay focused on what matters, making it easier to set goals and prioritize tasks.
  • Resilience: When your side hustle is anchored in purpose, setbacks become less of a deterrent. You’re not just chasing success; you’re striving to achieve something meaningful.

When passion and purpose intersect, magic happens. This combination leads to not just financial gains but a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Overcoming Challenges

Embarking on the side hustle journey in Singapore can be as exhilarating as navigating through a bustling hawker centre during lunch hour. You’re surrounded by a plethora of options, each promising its unique flavor of success for your career and personal growth. 

Fierce Competition

Singapore’s competitive market demands differentiation. To stand out:

  • Find a Niche: Offer something unique that sets you apart.
  • Build a Brand: Create a personal or business brand to become a go-to expert.
  • Continuous Learning: Keep updating your skills and knowledge to stay ahead.

Time Constraints

Managing time effectively is crucial when juggling multiple commitments. Strategies include:

  • Effective Time Management: Prioritize and set realistic goals. Consider time-blocking techniques.
  • Automation and Delegation: Utilize technology for repetitive tasks and outsource when possible.
  • Learn to Say No: Focus on impactful projects by turning down lesser opportunities.

Financial Risks

Minimizing risk is key to navigating financial uncertainties:

  • Start Small: Validate your idea with minimal investment.
  • Emergency Fund: Maintain a safety net to fall back on.
  • Diversify Income: Create multiple income streams for stability.

Staying Motivated

Maintaining motivation is essential for long-term success:

  • Set Clear Goals: Keep focused on your objectives, whether it’s financial freedom, passion projects, or impact.
  • Celebrate Small Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate every progress to keep the momentum.
  • Find Your Community: Engage with a network of like-minded individuals for support and motivation.

Success Stories and Inspiration

Olivia Lum’s transformation from a student earning through freelance crafts to a celebrated Singaporean entrepreneur embodies the essence of resilience and innovation. 

Her early engagement in making and selling handcrafted items, such as weaving baskets and selling sandwiches, laid the groundwork for her corporate success. 

This narrative serves as a potent reminder for aspiring side hustlers of the potential to turn small-scale endeavors into significant ventures. 

Lum’s story emphasizes the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and the pursuit of diverse opportunities, showcasing how passion and dedication can elevate humble beginnings into substantial achievements.

Whether you’re weaving baskets, crafting digital content, or offering freelance services, the key takeaway is that passion, dedication, and hard work can turn modest side hustles into thriving businesses. 


1. How to earn 10K a month in Singapore?

Secure a job in high-demand sectors such as finance, technology, or healthcare, where salaries for experienced professionals often exceed 10K. Alternatively, develop a side hustle in areas like digital marketing, e-commerce, or consulting, focusing on scaling your business or freelance services to generate substantial income.

2. How to earn 5k a month in Singapore?

Look for mid-level positions in industries like IT, education, or marketing, where the average salary ranges around 5K for individuals with relevant experience and skills. You can also combine multiple part-time jobs or side hustles in tutoring, content creation, or online sales to reach the 5K monthly income goal.


From the flexibility of freelance writing to the innovation of e-commerce, and the personal touch of handmade goods selling, the landscape is ripe with potential for those willing to dive in. The stories of Singaporeans transforming their passions into profitable ventures stand as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating the power of perseverance, creativity, and strategic planning.

Key Takeaways

  • If you love writing, freelance writing can earn S$1,740.91 – S$7,691.24 per month. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn are great for finding clients.
  • If you have digital marketing skills, as a Digital Marketing Consultant, potential earnings range from S$3,233.88 to S$9,701.64 per month. Seek opportunities on LinkedIn, freelance platforms, and by networking with agencies.
  • If you enjoy handcrafting, drawing inspiration from Olivia Lum’s early ventures, selling handmade items can start as a modest side hustle and grow into a larger business. Online marketplaces like Etsy or local craft fairs are ideal for selling handcrafted goods.

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