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Singapore Travel Guide : All You Need to Know About Singapore

If it is your first time to travel to Singapore, you should be able to know the things that are about the place. It is a very beautiful place with lots of tourist destinations and great sceneries. This city has all the present-day trappings, tiny places, and is very easy to go around to. 

Dress appropriately

The tropical weather of Singapore implies that it is like summertime all year round with temperatures ranging from 26 to 34 degrees Celsius on its average. The excessive humidity also implies quite a few perspirations whilst outdoors, so you need to pick the proper apparel to wear or else risk searching like a sweaty mess at some point in your trip. 

Plan your activities outdoors for cooler mornings and concrete walks at night time when the lighting fixtures come on. An umbrella is likewise mostly essential as this tropical weather swings from heated sunshine to torrential downpours in a certain number of minutes.

Save money with Hawker centers

Fancy restaurants and hipster cafes are more expensive to eat at. You can then head to the local hawker centres for a meal wherein you could find most real cuisines in Singapore, it is the part where you can see the longest queue. Hawker meals are generally inexpensive than the meals in air-conditioned food centres and they are usually not so near the vacationer areas but sweating outside can be really worthwhile. The best would have the colored placard A and that goes until D that will be displayed at every stall.

Be ready to spend more

They say that Singapore is ranked as one of the extra pricey towns globally and travelling here can tax your price range more than exploring its Southeast Asian neighbors but the extra costs may be well worth it all since it is small to explore adequately in a short quantity of time. It also has the most current conveniences and infrastructure right through your fingertips. There are lots of unfastened and reasonably priced activities for price range of conscious travelers. Additionally, the cost of residing right here can be a bit surprising specifically if you arrive after spending time inside the surrounding area.

Be aware of their Rules

The place is well known for its many strict laws and regulations. Actions like spitting in the street, tossing your cigarette butt into somewhere else or sticking your chewing gum on public assets may also bring about a penalty if ever you get caught. Most of the laws are not unusual sense rules, however, understand that you can face very harsh punishments that include imprisonment and caning with regards to infractions like mischief. You may additionally even face the death penalty for drug associated offenses. In Spite of this difficult stance on crime, Singapore has been frequently rated as one of the safest places within the entire world.

Choose Public Transport

Singapore Public Transport

You can get around Singapore the cheapest and easiest manner is via their massive public transport system that is current and well-maintained. You can pick up a stored price EZ-Link card to use at the buses and subways; you can tap the reader at the start and stop of your journey to auto deduct your fare and then use apps to tell you exactly the right way to get to a specific location. Taxi cabs are all metered in the place but you may additionally use ride-sharing apps like Grab if you’d rather now not worry approximately neighborhood currency. Bike-sharing is additionally growing in recognition and a cheap manner to get around.

Opt for their Tap Water

You can bring a reusable drinking bottle with you every time you roam around the place to save money. Their tap water is very safe to drink that is why you do not have to buy bottled water from the groceries or convenience stores. Simply pour the reusable bottle that you have every time you go to a certain place and you will be good to go. No need to spend more on drinking water.

Strict Rules on Smoking and Partying

Places in Singapore have a very excessive tax on alcohol that is why getting a drink or buying a bottle of alcoholic drink in any nightlife established order or eating place is a pricey affair. Save money via scoping out the excellent happy hour deals or better yet get your own booze for a birthday party at a residence that you can buy from the supermarkets at a cheaper price. 

Make sure to do this before 10:30in the evening, which is when the shops stop selling these drinks. Cigarettes are also luxurious and it’s more difficult to take a puff in public as smoking has been banned in restaurants, bars, and fixed places around most public places. You can look out for the yellow sign wherein it says that you can smoke legally.

You can save away on Tipping

It is not mandatory to tip servers on restaurants and most establishments. Tipping practice is not customary in Singapore and service staff generally do not count on tips even though it will be more than welcome if you really want to reward an awesome service. Smaller shops and hawker centres usually rate an all-inclusive fee while others charge additional tax for maximum services in stores. 

Include Travel Insurance

Travel Insuranec

If you are travelling to Singapore for the first time, travel insurance will be very helpful. There have been so many horror testimonies from other vacationers that detail the risks of touring without insurance. May it be lost wallets or a certain injury, it will always be secured to have travel insurance.
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