Singtel UOB Card Review

Singtel UOB Card Review 2022: Best for Singtel & GOMO Users

As a Singtel (and GOMO) subscriber and user, there is no better way to earn cashback than charging payments to Singtel UOB Card. Sure, this card may not offer much in other perks and privileges. But, for telco payments, it is hard to beat the rebates you can earn each year.

Key Features

  • Up to S$360 cashback each year on Singtel bills and GOMO charges
  • Up to S$300 vouchers each year
  • Up to S$230 savings on MobileShare Supplementary Plan
  • Free card for life, the primary and the first supplementary card
  • Free SIM card and registration


Cashback on Singtel Bills and GOMO Charges

Get rewarded for paying Singtel bills and GOMO charges using your Singtel UOB Card. At most, you could earn up to S$360 cashback every year.

Total Singtel Bill & GOMO Charges per Month Cash Rebate per Month
Less than S$50 1% of Singtel bill and GOMO charges
S$50 to less than S$100 S$1
S$100 to less than S$300 S$3
S$300 to less than S$500 S$10
S$500 and above S$30


To qualify, you need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Link a minimum of one Singtel bill on a recurring basis to your Singtel UOB Card.
  • The first Singtel bill linked must be in the name of the principal cardholder.
  • You can tag a maximum of 8 Singtel accounts to one Singtel UOB Card.
  • UOB computes the cashback you earn based on the consolidated monthly Singtel and GOMO charges posted in the Singtel UOB Card statement month.


Singtel Vouchers

Every eligible transaction (including Singtel bills) counts towards the minimum spend required to earn a Singtel voucher. You can use it for mobile phone upgrades or redemption of accessories.

Minimum Local Spend Singtel Handset Voucher Value
S$12,000 S$100
S$24,000 S$300


New Singtel UOB Credit Card Promotions

1. S$50 Cashback When You Apply for Singtel UOB Card

From 1 Sept. 2021 to 30 Nov. 2021, the first 300 new cardholders can receive a S$50 cashback each month. In order to qualify, the cardholder must satisfy all the following criteria:

  • Charge at least S$600 worth of eligible transactions
  • Charge at least one Sintel bill on a recurring basis to the card

2. S$1,299 Singtel Handset Vouchers When You Are Among the Earliest to Apply

S$1,299 Singtel voucher is yours if you are:

  • Among the first 35 people to apply for Singtel UOB Credit Card successfully
  • Spend a minimum of S$1,500 within 30 days from the card approval date

This promo is only for online applications and is valid only from 15 Oct. to 31 Oct. 2021.

3. Singtel UOB Visa Platinum Card Exclusive Offers

Shopee. For existing cardholders, use the promo code UOB4OFF to receive a 4% rebate on S$40 minimum spend. As for new cardholders, use the promo code UOBNEW8 to receive an 8% rebate on S$16 minimum spend. This promo runs until the end of 31 Dec. 2021 and is valid only for the first 800 redemptions each month.

Shopee Supermarket. For both existing and new cardholders, spend a minimum of S$80 to receive an 8% rebate. This promo runs until the end of 31 Dec. 2021 and is valid only for the first 400 redemptions each month.

ShopUOB. Special deals when you shop from more than 250 UOB partner merchants across a wide range of categories.

4. SPC Petrol Discounts

Although limited only to SPC, the Singtel UOB Card provides one of the highest petrol discount rates among all credit cards. Depending on ongoing promotions, cardholders may receive up to 28.3% savings. Know more about the best petrol credit cards in Singapore.

Sample Computation of SPC Petrol Savings

  • For a limited time, you may receive a S$5 SPC e-voucher for every S$250 net spend from 1 Sept. to 15 Oct. 2021.
  • The example provided is based on S$60 gross spend on petrol
Percentage Amount
SPC&U Card Discount 10% S$6
Singtel UOB Card Discount 5% S$3
Net spend (less 15% discount) N/A S$51
S$3 off per net S$51 spend 5% S$3
S$5 SPC E-Voucher 8.3% S$5
Total Savings 28.3% S$17


In the example above, you save S$17 for filling up S$60 worth of petrol at an SPC station. Over the long term, think of how much you can save on gas money.



  • Excellent Rebates on Telco Spends. The Singtel UOB Card does not offer fantastic rewards for other telcos. But for Singtel and GOMO bills and charges, the cashback and vouchers are among the best anyone can get.
  • High Cashback on Petrol. Car owners and drivers can receive up to 28.3% cashback on SPC Petrol spending.
  • Up to S$230 Savings on MobileShare Supplementary Plan. Avail of this plan to share data, talk time, and SMS messaging with your family across multiple devices. The first 12 months of subscription are free for the first 12 months and 50% off after that.
  • Free 3G/4G/NFC SIM Card and Registration. Visit any Singtel Shop or exclusive retailer to avail of this perk using your Singtel UOB Card and save S$48.15. Any Singtel Mobile and SingNet Broadband add-ons you avail also come with free registration.
  • Administrative Fee Waiver. No need to pay the S$10.70 administrative fee when you renew your Singtel Mobile plan contract.


  • High Minimum Spends. Earning the maximum cashback and voucher requires cardholders to spend a considerable sum.
  • It Does Not Offer Many Privileges. Your best use of this rewards credit card is for paying Singtel and GOMO monthly bills and charges. As for other spends, you may not receive many benefits.


How Singtel UOB Card Compares with Other Telco Credit Cards

Singtel UOB Card BOC Family Card OCBC 365 Card
Annual Fee for Primary Card S$192.60 S$203.30 S$192.60
Annual Fee for Supplementary Card S$96.30 S$101.65 S$96.30
Annual Fee Waiver Yes Yes Yes
Interest Rate 26.90% 28.88% 26.88%
Minimum Income Requirement S$30,000 for Singaporean/Permanent Resident

S$80,000 for foreigner

S$30,000 for Singaporean/Permanent Resident

S$60,000 for foreigner

S$30,000 for Singaporean/Permanent Resident

S$45,000 for foreigner

Minimum Monthly Payment 3% or S$50, whichever is higher 3% or S$50, whichever is higher 3% or S$50, whichever is higher
Telco Rewards Up to S$360 cashback on Singel and GOMO bills and charges each year

Up to S$300 Singtel vouchers each year 

3% 3%


What We Think of Singtel UOB Platinum Credit Card

Singtel UOB Credit Card is unique in that it is an explicitly designed rewards card for Singtel customers. As for the other credit cards on the market, if they provide a cashback on telco, do so by offering a small percentage.

As a Singtel (and GOMO) subscriber, how do you know if this card is worth your consideration?

Remember that this card does not offer many other benefits. The best way to determine is to look at your average telco monthly expenses.

  • Are you spending enough to qualify for the S$360 cashback on monthly GOMO charges and Sintel bills?
  • Suppose you spend much higher than the minimum spending required. In that case, can you get back more from other credit cards offering 3% cashback?

With these two questions, you can easily decide if Singtel UOB Card is for you.

As for us, we think that as long as you can reach the minimum spend required, there is no reason not to apply for a Singtel UOB Card and get the most returns for your telco bills.


Singtel UOB Card

How to Apply for Singtel UOB Visa Platinum Card

Applying for a Singtel UOB Card is easy and super quick. You do not have to provide personal details and documents if using MyInfo. The application process usually takes only 2 to 3 minutes, with real-time approval via SMS.

Once you receive a confirmation, you can digitize your new credit card for contactless payments.

Required documents for applications not using MyInfo:

  • Photocopy of NRIC, Passport, or Employment Pass (front and back)
  • The latest proof of billing within the last six months
  • For salaried employees:
    • Past 12 months CPF statement (Singaporean/PR); or latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment; or original computerized payslip
  • For self-employed individuals:
    • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment


Age 21 years and above
Minimum Annual Income Criteria S$30,000 and above per annum (Singaporean and PR)

S$80,000 and above per annum (Foreigner)


Fees and Other Charges

Annual Fees S$192.60 (principal card)
S$96.30 (supplementary cards)
Annual Fee Waiver 1 year
Interest Rate on Payments 26.90%
Interest-Free Period N/A
Interest on Cash Advance 28% calculated daily
Cash Advance Transaction Fee 8% or S$15 (whichever is higher)
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee 3.25%
Minimum Monthly Payment 3% or S$50 (whichever is higher)
Overlimit Fee S$40
Late Payment Fee S$100
Lost/Stolen Card Liability Limited to S$100


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you use your credit card to pay for phone bills?

You should consolidate your monthly recurring Singtel and GOMO bill payments to your credit card to avail yourself of the most benefits. You can do that by downloading, filling up, and mailing this form.

2. Is it better to pay Singtel bills with debit cards or credit cards?

With a debit card, you have to deposit money before you can use it for payments. Singtel UOB is a credit that lends you the money to pay for bills. Suppose you do not want to incur interest charges. In that case, you can pay the entire bill early before any interest charges accrue.

3. Is there a cashback cap?

Yes, there is. The most you can earn in a statement month (not calendar month) is S$30. At this rate, the total cash rebate you can receive is S$360 per year.

4. What is the registration worth for a new credit card?

When you apply for a Singtel UOB Visa Platinum card, one of the perks you receive is a free SIM card. You also do not have to pay the S$48.15 registration fee as it is also free.

5. Does Singtel UOB Platinum Card offer dining privileges?

All UOB credit cards give cardholders dining privileges. With UOB Dining, you can feast and enjoy special deals and discounts on more than 700 restaurants.

6. How do get to waive the Singtel UOB Card annual fee? 

Singtel charges an annual fee of $192.60 for the principal and $92.60 for the supplementary card which you can enjoy be perpetually waived as long as you continuously charge your Singtel bills on your Singtel UOB card. 


Best Credit Card to Pay Singtel Bill

In this Singtel UOB Card review, we think it is one of the best credit cards in Singapore for Singtel/GOMO payments. Aside from saving money with cashback, you can also receive Singtel vouchers. Moreover, you can enjoy 12 months of free subscription to the MobileShare Supplementary Plan.

Our Takeaways:

  • Up to S$360 cashback each year on Singtel bills and GOMO charges
  • Up to S$300 vouchers each year
  • Up to S$230 savings on MobileShare Supplementary Plan

Singtel and GOMO, in partnership with UOB, offer this credit card as a means for you to save money. Every dollar saved is another dollar that goes towards other purchases. 

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