SquirrelSave Review

SquirrelSave Review: Best for Investors Who Want to Start Small

Backed by Nasdaq-listed Pintech Technology Holdings and Pacific Century, SquirrelSave offers a low minimum investment amount of S$1. However, SquirrelSave does not disclose its investment methods and the ETFs the platform invests in.

What Is SquirrelSave?

Founded by Victor Lye, the platform is powered by PIVOT Fintech Pte, offering intelligent investing to anyone in Southeast Asia. The platform solely utilizes Artificial intelligence with no human interference when making its investments. Investments are always updated to match the latest market conditions.

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How SquirrelSave Works?

SquirrelSave is a consumer investment platform that offers a personalized investment portfolio by managing all the investment risks. The platform follows a skillfully mapped out process which includes:

1. Analyzing Your Risk Profile

The AI-driven and machine learning platform determines your risk profile by deciding how much you are willing to risk to get profitable high returns.

2. Saving Money for Your Investment

The platform will ask the amount you want to save for the AI advisor to determine your target goal.

3. Deposit Your Money on the Platform

After completing the above processes, you will need to transfer funds to your investment portfolio to start earning. The platform manages your personalized portfolio and tracks the global market round the clock. When SquirrelSave finds an investment product that offers higher returns without increasing the risk, it will rebalance your portfolio automatically.

Key Features

1. Charges a performance fee of 10% for the positive returns if the portfolio returns exceed the highest net value ever recorded.

2. Annual management fee of 0.5%, which applies for AUM below S$500,000.

3. The minimum investment amount of S$1, but the platform recommends a minimum investment of S$15.000 for maximum returns from the platform.

4. SquirrelSave auto-rebalances your portfolio in case of any market changes.

5. SquirrelSave offers more than 2000 ETFs that you can use to create a personalized investment portfolio based on your risk profile. The investment service offers the highest returns possible based on the time horizon you decide on.

6. The platform has ETFs covering different investment products, including equities, commodities, fixed income, etc.

7. SquirrelSave offers massive computing power and live data streaming with low-cost cloud storage to track data points round the clock and predict market risks and changes.

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Pros and Cons of SquirrelSave

The Pros

  • Manages risk before chasing returns and manages the profiles 24/7
  • Offers personalized portfolios based on your risk tolerance
  • Its algorithm seeks to find investment products with the highest returns based on your risk profile
  • The platform rebalances your portfolio to a forward-looking portfolio, unlike other robo advisors that rebalance portfolios based on historical model portfolio

The Cons

  • Does not specify the ETFs they invest in
  • The platform does not offer full disclosure on the method of investment they use

Products and Investment Methodology

SquirrelSave offers different types of investment products. These products include:

Investment Portfolio

  • Wealth Builder Portfolio

This product help users reach their wealth goals. They analyze your risk appetite while accounting for inflation and suggest how much you to save to reach your desired goals.

  • Retirement Portfolio

For this portfolio, you will need to provide the years you have till you retire, money per year of retirement, and years of retirement for finance. SquirrelSave also offers a personalized investment portfolio for your retirement goals.

  • Kids Portfolio

SquirrelSave makes it easy for you to save for your kids. You will need to provide the remaining years before your kids require the funds.

Cash Management – MoneyBox

Squirrel save also provides cash management service through the MoneyBox product. Moneybox works the same way as a bank and offers returns on your funds with no penalties or restrictions on withdrawals.

How Does SquirrelSave Compare to Its Competitors?

Here is an overview of how SquirrelSave compares to its competitors in Singapore.

Robo-advisor Minimum Initial Investment Platform Fees Annual Management fee Funding options Expected Annual return
SquirrelSave S$1 0.5% Cash Not available
StashAway No minimum investment 0.8% (Up to $25,000) Cash &SRS 34.69%
Smartly $50 1% (Up to $10,000)/ 0.7% (more than $10,000) Cash Not available
Endowus $1,000 0.60% for first $200,000

0.40% flat fee for any investment amount for CPF or SRS money

SRS, Cash & CPF 15.69%
Auto Wealth $3,000 US$18 0.50% cash 27.2% net of fees


Our Verdict

SquirrelSave is a great platform to use if you plan to invest over a long period. The platform uses AI to create a personalized investment portfolio to help you meet your investment goals.

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How to Invest with SquirrelSave?

Follow these steps:

1. Go to SquirrelSave’s official website

2. Fill in the form prompt with your full name as it is on your ID and your email address

3. Then fund your account; the minimum amount on the platform is S$1

4. Curate your investment profile using your preferred ETFs


SquirrelSave uses artificial intelligence to curate a personalized investment portfolio and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It offers a great investment platform for users who want to start investing small with the S$1 and grow their portfolio at their pace. SquirrelSave offers automatic rebalancing for the portfolios in case of any market changes.

Key Takeaways

  • SquirrelSave requires a minimum amount of S$1.
  • The platform has an annual management fee of 0.5% per annum on daily average net asset value and a performance fee of 10%.
  • The robo-advisor uses AI and machine learning to rebalance your investment portfolios automatically.

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