Standard Chartered Unlimited Cash Back Card Review

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cash Back Card Review: Best for Non-Discretionary Shopping Cardholders

The Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card provides an unlimited 1.5% cashback on your online and physical shopping activities with no minimum spend amount and maximum cashback limit. An additional 1.5% cashback is available if you deposit S$100,000 into the Unlimit$aver account with the bank.

However, the bank will charge a monthly S$5 if the deposit balance falls below the amount above. And you can choose either a physical card or a digital one. The free interest installment loan program is available to Apple Store clients only.

Key Features

  • Apply online from the Standard Chartered official website
  • Use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay to shop with this card
  • Use One-Time-Password(OTP), a 3DS security technology, for online shopping
  • Earn bonus, cash rebates, and reward points by paying expenses.
  • Entitled to interest-free installment loan
  • Get instant free-interest cash with a one-time processing fee.
  • Send funds to your friends with a one-time processing fee
  • Entitled to the benefits from The Good Life Privileges programs from dining, shopping to travels
  • Qualified for temporary credit limit increases


How The Unlimited Cashback Works

What makes Standard Chartered unlimited cashback card shine is the 1.5% cash rebate! Yes, the card gives back 1.5% on what you spend. You may have queries about the spending minimum for each transaction and the cashback cap, but the only limit is your bank credit.

More than that, you may get an additional 1.5% cashback if you deposit S$100,000 or more into a Unlimited$aver account with Standard Chartered bank. Therefore, you may get a 3% of cash rebate if you do both.

Besides, you will have a refund of the processing fee if you transfer funds in your credit card account up to the amount of S$20,000. And first, you have a S$120 cashback when you activate your account.


Welcome Promotions

Standard Chartered will award you a Nintendo Switch and S$80 cashback if you spend with the card, but you should be one of the first 200 registrants. Or, you may choose an up to S$80 cashback after activating and S$200 cashback when you spend 30 days after approval. And you can enjoy a 6-month Disney+ subscription as the welcome pack.



  • The credit card is unique because you can only apply online and obtain your digital wallet instantly after approval. Once activated, you can use it for shopping and paying expenses and even transfer money from it immediately with a one-time password. 
  • Multiple incentives programs let you save more from paying and shopping more. You can earn more cashback through the “SC EasyBill” program by paying your utilities, education, insurance premium, rental payments, and personal and property taxes. Apart from cash rebates, you can enjoy multiple offers and discounts by automatically enrolling in “The Good Life” program.
  • You buy now, pay later. A zero-interest installment loan plan is available for you to repay in 3, 6, 9, and 12 months if you buy for S$200 or above. The interest rate can be as low as 0.1%.
  • Instant cash is readily accessible. You only need to pay a processing fee each time you withdraw money.
  • You can use the credit card to transfer money to your designated persons and pay a processing fee each time.
  • The unlimited cashback card would allow temporary credit increases if you incurred additional expenses, e.g., travel, wedding, hospitalization, and funeral.


  • Regarding the additional 1.5% rebate program, you may pay a monthly S$5 penalty if your average daily balance of the Unlimited$aver account is below S$3,000. You may maintain the balance of S$100,000 to enjoy the extra 1,5% cashback.
  • A customer cannot possess a physical card and digital credit wallet at the same time. Once successfully applying for a physical card, the cardholder loses the digital benefits offered.
  • The 0% interest installment plan offered is available to a single merchant – Apple Store. It does not entitle cardholders to the benefits from other merchants like Android and Samsung. That said, android phone users cannot get what the installment plan offers. Moreover, a holder cannot increase his credit limit once he enrolls in the program.
  • You must pay the processing fee if transferring less than S$200,000 of funds.
  • The card waives annual fees for the first 2 years; however, it levies a yearly charge of S$192 after that.


How Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card Compares To Other Cashback Credit Cards

Banks/Cashback credit card types Annual fees Annual interest rates Cashback caps Cashback/Rewards (%) Minimum annual income Minimum spend required per month
Standard Chartered Bank/Unlimited cashback card  Free for the first 2 years; then 192.60 after that. 26.90% N/A 1.5% S$30,000 N/A
Citibank/Citi cashback card S$192.60 26.90% S$80 cashback cap per category per month Up to 8% on dining, groceries, petrol S$30,000 S$800 per month
DBS/Live fresh card S$192.60 26.80% S$75 per month Up to 5% on online and NFC contactless shopping S$30,000 S$600 per month
OCBC/Frank credit card S$80 26.88% S$75 per month 6% on online shopping S$30,000 S$600 per month
Maybank/Family & friends card S$180; waived for the first 3 years 25.90% S$125 per month Up to 8% on groceries, dining and travel, and other expenses S$30,000 S$800 per month
UOB absolute cashback card S$192.60 26.90% N/A 1.7% S$30,000 N/A



Multiple Credit Cards on Laptop

What We Think Of Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

The unlimited cashback card offers a cash rebate without discretion and limitations. You can use it to get cashback by shopping. And you can accumulate the rewards online or at physical stores.

Though the rebate is 1.5%, what makes you exciting is there are no spend caps and designated shops and types of goods and services. What’s more, you can get an additional 1.5% cashback if you put S$100,000 into the bank’s Unlimited$aver account. Unlike the Amex True cashback card, you can have 3% of the cash rebate from your consumption as long as you use the card for shopping. 

But mind your account balance: You may pay an additional monthly penalty of S$50 if the Unlimited$saver deposit falls below S$100,000.

While you can spend at ease without considering which types of goods and services to rebate, you can choose to buy first and pay later when you shop. The flexible installment loan program lets you spread your loan payments into 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. The interest rate is zero, but you should pay a one-time processing fee as low as 0.1%. You have more time to repay.

One more is you can transfer your funds from your unlimited cashback card account free of the processing fee if the total amounts transferred are up to S$20,000.


How to apply 


  • You must be 21 to 65 of age.
  • You have an annual income of S$30,000 or above.


If you are an existing standard chartered credit cardholder, you do not need additional income proof unless you change your income status.

If you are a new customer of the bank, you should provide the following:

1. For the employed

  • Copy of NRIC(front and back)
  • The latest computerized payslips or;
  • The latest six-month CPF contribution history statements or;
  • The latest income tax notice of assessment(NOA) if you require a higher credit limit.

2. For the self-employed

  • You must be in business for 2 years;
  • The latest 2-year income tax notice of assessment(NOA)

3. For applicants on a commission basis:

  • The latest 3-month computerized payslips;
  • The latest income tax notice of assessment(NOA);
  • The latest 6-month CPF contribution history statement;
  • The latest 2-year income tax notice of assessment(NOA)

4. For Singpass holders

  • You do not need any required documents when applying using the MyInfo system.


  • Annual fee: Waiver is available in the first two years. A yearly S$192.60(including GST) is charged after that.
  • Finance charges: The bank will levy a finance charge of 26.90% p.a.(effective interest rate) on the unpaid outstanding loan amounts and an additional daily 0.074% charge on all transactions.
  • Cash advance: A cardholder should pay a 6% transaction fee of the cash withdrawn(the minimum amount of S$15). An extra 0.082% daily interest will be charged to the amount withdrawn until repayment in full.
  • Late payment charge: You will receive a S$100 fee if you do not repay full for the minimum payment or above.


We Are Answering Some Of Your Most Asked Questions

1. When will the cashback be credited to my account?

The cashback will be credited to your account for the next billing cycle. Therefore, you will see the cashback for the last billing cycle on the following credit card bill.

2. Are there any exclusions on the cashback program?

If you pay bills related to government and educational institutions and utilities and repay the debt and interest accumulated, you do not get cashback from these payments.

3. Can I get a review if I want to increase my credit limit?

Yes, you will provide your latest income tax notice of assessment for the bank’s review.

4. Is there a minimum monthly payment for the Standard Chartered unlimited cashback card?

Yes, You can repay a minimum amount of an outstanding loan amount, but you should beware there is an additional finance charge due to this.


Our Final Thoughts

The Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card is a fuss-free credit card suitable for customers who ignore discretionary shopping. There is no limit on consumption types or spending amount caps.

Here are our three takeaways:

  1. No cashback cap on shopping types, whether online or physical stores
  2. No minimum spend
  3. Fabulous welcome gifts for new and existing customers
  4. Flexible free 3, 6, 9, and 12-month installment loan with as low as 0.1% interest rate.

Credit cards are a useful tool in modern-day demands, but having cash on hand allows you to control your finances better. If you’re struggling to keep up with your financial commitments, financial institutions’ low-interest loans are fast and easy to take. 

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