Trust Credit Card

Trust Credit Card Review: Best for NTUC FairPrice Customers

Trust credit card is the latest card in the market for avid travelers and those who love to shop at NTUC FairPrice. It is designed to make banking transparent, easy, and rewarding. Also, Trust credit card does not charge any annual fee, no credit advance fees, no foreign transaction fees, no card replacement fees. It does not charge a monthly fee, account closure fees, or any minimum balance requirement. 

However, the card has late repayment charges if you fail to pay the minimum amount by the due date. You will also incur charges on cash advances when you fail to make the payment on time.

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What Is Trust Credit Card?

The Trust credit card from Trust bank has a customer-centric design, and it is set to introduce new standards in banking. It allows customers to enjoy huge savings on daily spending through the FairPrice Group Companies. FairPrice Group owns the largest supermarket chain in the country with millions of NTUC union members, giving them a great customer base.

Its unique partnership links its banking system to the FairPrice Group network, link rewards, and loyalty program, which serves more than a million customers through its 570 stores in Singapore. Additionally, Trust offers its users a credit card, savings account, and family personal accident insurance. It is designed to operate entirely on mobile and has no physical branches.

Trust bank issues one card instead of a debit or a credit card separately. In the app, you can switch between the debit and credit options. On top of that, there are no limits on the number of times you can switch between the pairing. You can also withdraw from your savings account at the Trust ATM or any Standard Charted ATM across Singapore.


Key Features

Here is all you need to know about the Trust Credit Card:

Dual Functionality as A Debit and Credit Card Without Recurring Fees

  • The Trust Credit Card gives you the highest rebates on all FairPrice group spending. The eco-friendly card can be used as either a debit or credit card, eliminating the need for you to carry multiple cards. 
  • It does not charge a foreign transaction fee (even the 1% visa charges), no annual fees, card replacement fees, minimum monthly spend requirement, or cash advance fee. However, be mindful of repaying the minimum amount on time to avoid late repayment fees.

NTUC Membership and Link Points

  • You will get maximum Trust card benefits when you are a union member. The membership will only cost you S$117 annually to join. 
  • You will also earn 0.50 link points on any $1 you spend at ant FairPrice Group outlet with no minimum spend. You will need 100 link points to redeem S$1 in the store.

Trust Card Rebates and Rewards

  • The main incentive for using the Trust credit or debit card is based on the number of rebates and discounts you get on each spending category. The card offers enormous savings, especially during the promotion period until December 2022.
  • Trust card offers up to 20% discounts, including 17% upfront discounts on all Caltex petrol spending and other spending, including taxi fares, F&B, and mobile plans. 
  • You can check the Trust Bank website for a full overview of the discounts. However, the main attraction of the Trust credit card is the Link point rebates of up to 21%, which you earn on FPG (FairPrice Group) spending.

Family Personal Accident Insurance

  • Trust customers can also purchase personal family insurance from the app. The insurance plan covers up to S$800 for permanent total disability due to an accident or accidental death for only S$0.50 monthly. You can add your spouse to the plan with no additional premium.
  • The insurance plan is issued and underwritten by NTUC Income and does not need any underwriting or medical checkup for a customer. Additionally, you get two months complimentary once you sign up for the Trust Credit card.

Cancel Credit Card

Should You Trust the Trust Credit Card?

With the rising cost of living, the Trust Card can help you make some much-needed savings to ease the burdens. With a wider variety of innovative features, the card is designed to offer a better banking experience to help you maximize your savings.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting the Trust Credit Card:

1. No Foreign Transaction Fees

Travel inflation can put a damper on your holiday travels. However, with the Trust card, you do not need to worry about foreign transaction fees when you use it overseas or online. 

Travelers need not worry about transaction fees during their holidays or business trips. On top of that, the card does not charge the 1% Visa fee as well.

2. Acts as A Debit and Credit Card

The Trust card offers both functionalities. You can use the card as a credit card and a savings account. This comes in very handy when you need to withdraw funds from a Visa ATM overseas. 

You can select your preferred debiting account as either “Savings” or “Credit” on the ATM. While Trust does not charge transaction fees or withdrawal charges, there might be charges by banks overseas.

3. You Get to Choose Your Preferred Repayment Date

You can align your payment date to when you receive your payment and choose your preferred credit limit as well. This feature works great for travelers who rack up significant travel bills. Trust also sends you a smart reminder on the Trust App to avoid getting late payment charges.

4. Helps You Save On Your Every Day Spending

With inflation at an all-time high, you might want to save on your daily spending. Prices of cooked and non-cooked foods have increased, and the bills have risen steadily since the beginning of the years. The trust card helps customers deal with the effects of rising inflation by assisting them in getting a significant discount.

5. Trust Card Offers the Best Rebates in Singapore When Compared to Other Grocery Credit Cards

Trust link credit card has the highest rebate in Singapore of 21% for NTUC Union Members on FPG spending. The rebates are in the form of link points used to offset future purchases or converted to preferred loyalty points such as AirAsia and KrisFlyer rewards, among other merchants.

6. Offer Exclusive Rewards from Your Favorite Merchants with Exclusive Rewards

You can enjoy various rewards from merchants that you can easily track on the Trust App. That way, you will get all the savings and promotions. 

Some bonuses include Original Recipe Burger for $3 at KFC, Free 4-piece chicken nuggets with the purchase of any meal at Burger King, $5 off a Gojek ride for new customers, and many more.

Trust Credit Card vs. Other Cards

Need help choosing the best card for you? Here’s a table comparing Trust Credit Card’s rebates and minimum monthly spend to other cards in Singapore.


Rebates Minimum Monthly Spend

Trust Credit Card

Up to 21% S$0

DBS Woman’s card



UOB EVOL Credit Card Up to 8%


HSBC Revolution Credit Card S$1=10



How to Set Up Trust Credit Card

Eligibility and Criteria

  • You should be between 21and 55 years.
  • An annual income of S$30,000 if you are a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident.
  • Earn an annual income of S$60,000 if you are a foreigner with a valid work pass in Singapore.

How to Sign-up

If you meet the above criteria, you can sign up through your mobile phone by providing your latest MyInfo authentication to pre-fill your application. If you are a foreigner, you will need to provide the following:

  • If you are applying for a credit card, you must upload a copy of your passport and other income documents.
  • You must upload your passport details to apply for a savings account.

How to Pay

You can pay your credit card bill from other bank accounts in two simple ways. You can add your Trust credit card number as a local transfer (FAST) or transfer to your credit card to make the payment.

Here is how you can pay for your credit card bill through the following banking apps:

1. Standard Chartered Bank Singapore

There are two payment options:

Option 1, add your credit card as a local recipient.

  1. Tap on the menu icon > Transfer & Payments > Local Transfer > Select the account you would like to transfer from > Add Payee
  2. Select Payee Type to be Local > Enter Trust Bank Singapore Limited, Payee Name, and enter your 16-digit Trust card number under Payee Account Number and tap Continue
  3. Enter your 6-digit PIN and tap Confirm
  4. Tap on the menu icon > Transfer & Payments > Local Transfer > Select your Trust card > Enter the amount to transfer
  5. Swipe to complete the transfer

Or add it as a credit card receipt. This option may take three working days to process.

  1. Tap on the menu icon > Transfers & Payments > Add & Manage Biller > Other Bank’s Credit Card, Payee
  2. Enter your cardholder’s name and 16-digit Trust card number under account number > Tap Continue
  3. Review payee details. If it is correct, tap Confirm
  4. Enter your 6-digit PIN and tap Confirm
  5. Then Move My Money
  6. Select Pay Other Bank Credit Cards
  7. Select the newly added Payee and the account you want to transfer from
  8. Enter the amount to transfer and tap Continue
  9. Review payment details and tap Confirm

2. UOB

Add your credit card as a local recipient by following the steps below:

  1. Tap Pay & transfer > Other Accounts / Cards > New Transfer > Under Bank Account / Other Institutions (Please do not select Credit Card), select “Trust Bank Singapore Limited” and enter your 16-digit Trust card number under the recipient’s account number
  2. Enter the amount to transfer
  3. Swipe to submit and review the transfer details. If it is correct, slide to confirm the transfer.


Trust Credit card is an excellent addition to travel and overseas adventures. It will go a long way in helping you defray the high inflation. With up to 21% in the form of link points, you can offset your purchases for savings or convert them to your preferred loyalty points. 

It also has an easy-to-use, user-friendly app with an easy sign-up process. Like other cards, you can enjoy all the rebates and benefits as long as you repay the minimum on time.

Key Takeaways

  • Trust card offers up to 21% in rebates and rewards.
  • The Trust app is easy to use and has a seamless sign-up process.
  • Trust is 60% owned by Standard Charted Bank and 40% by NTUC FairPrice Group.
  • Avoid late repayment fees by paying the minimum on the agreed due date. 

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