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Types Of Singapore Loans That You Should Know

Only a few markets seem to grow during the tough economic periods and money lending is among them. A licensed moneylender is a business or a person that provides short-term high-interest loans. Most moneylenders frequently focus on low-income clients who can’t access appropriate banking services.

In the past decade, Singapore has been the biggest market for money lending. This market has become very well established such that becoming a moneylender there has become ever more difficult to locate a non-established market.

Client Privacy

The information you need to give the moneylender comprises of bank account number, Social security number, your current address, monthly wages, your place of work as well as contact information.

Licensed moneylenders are allowed to legally harass you at home, and when you fail to make your payments, they are legally permitted to get in touch with your relatives and your place of work. One reason why some people choose to work with the low-income lenders is they perceive a chance to enhance their credit rating.

However, in effect, future traditional lenders and credit score companies consider this a high-risk loan. And in the long run, it can either lower the credit score or reject loans applied since they consider the client a high-risk customer.

Foreigner Loans

This type of loan is often known as foreigner loan since they entail lending cash to a foreigner. The foreigner loans are valuable during financial emergencies. They also can be used for making extra purchases, for instance, celebrations, excursions, as well as educational opportunities.

When a great opportunity to explore a remote location presents itself, making use of a small amount through a personal loan may just be what you need to make it a reality.

Moneylender Loan Interests

Moneylenders regularly make their earnings from the amount of interest charged on these loans. The interest rates charged are time and again vast. The rates of interest on these loans might often get to triple digits and thus eventually trapping the borrower. And within few months, this interest rate might go beyond the real amount of your loan.

When a customer defaults on their loan a licensed moneylender is permitted to access car titles, bank accounts, as well as other holdings put under the client’s name to use as collateral.

These assets are then used to recover their money for their loan. When a borrower refuses to let the moneylender access these items, they are often issued with a court summon that is often sent to them. At the court, it’s often a civil lawsuit that is one-sided since the moneylender time and again has huge amounts of paperwork.

This paperwork is often the loan contract that the client signed showing they took out the loan and did not succeed to pay it off. After this trial, the borrower is mostly stuck with costs of the trial and is fined for the appearance of the money lender in court.

Personal Loans

When you want a personal loan as you are abroad, make certain that you look for a registered or licensed moneylender. Even then don’t let yourself be deceived by a payday loan provider who is not recognized in the nation you live in. A payday loan is usually a short-term loan that you are required to repay either on your subsequent payday or in the course of the following number of paydays.

Experienced moneylenders do their best working with borrowers to help them get the type of loan they need. They also offer them a reasonable schedule and repayment rate. Personal loans can be used to help you get out of a lot of financial jams.

Normally, it is possible for you to fill out an application online. The licensed moneylender will let you know immediately if you meet the requirements or not. A money lending company would like to have a guarantee that you hold a regular income source so that they can know that you’ll be able to repay the loan.

Reputable money lenders will retain all your information secure and private to ensure that you are comfortable doing business with them as well as offering them all the information they require.

Medical Bills Payment

Given that you require some money to pay off a problematic debt, settle medical bills, or attending a language class, taking out the personal foreigner loan will offer you the money you require right away. You will need to fill out an application, submit the necessary documents, and you will have the cash you need by the next day.

Benefit from the ease of a repayment scheme that indicates your ability to pay and the payment schedule. A licensed moneylender is able to give you the assistance you need while you are living abroad.

Commercial Lenders

In fact, some moneylenders prey on lower-class individuals who realize the need for financial help. The commercials by these lenders mostly illustrate a happy family living in a large house releasing that Singapore family persona. This leads to creating a false sense of enlightening by getting the high-risk loans. If you are travelling for extended periods or even living abroad, it will particularly be difficult to get the help you require when faced with a financial crisis.

Unforeseen car repairs lost paychecks along with illness could leave you unsure how you’ll make ends meet. Most lenders are available to provide short-term, type of personal loans to individuals working abroad. This sort of payday loan will offer you the financial assistance you need in addition to peace of mind should you ever face financial crisis while abroad. Most companies are available online furthermore they only need the assurance that you have a steady income source for them to help.


Not all moneylenders are approved so you have to make sure that they have their license in order. When you are not certain about the license validity, Registry of Moneylenders will provide verification services where you are able to confirm their credibility. Certified moneylenders do offer all the help that you need soon after you present your monetary difficulty to them.

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