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9 Most Affordable Items Worth Buying at Value Shop Singapore

ABC Bargain Centre and Value Dollar Shop are famous for selling items like chocolate products at ridiculously low prices. But that’s not all they bring to the table.

They also have excellent customer service, an array of products from Singapore and countries like the Philippines, China, Malaysia, the Middle East, and the USA, and unbeatable deals. Their items are in fairly good condition and are impressively cheap.

How cheap are we talking? For starters, it isn’t unusual to spot baskets bursting with ten packets of Kit Kat being given away as presents. Additionally, you can buy a tin of potato chips for as little as S$1, compared to a popular supermarket like NTUC’s S$3.20 price tag. 

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Item Brands and a Detailed Comparison of Their Prices

1. Chocolate Bars

Comparison Table of Chocolate Prices

Product Price in Supermarkets Price in Value Dollar Savings
Toblerone – 100g S$2.35 S$1.35 S$1.00
Magnum Signature bar – 90g S$4.50 S$1.95 S$2.55
Lindt chocolate bar – 100g S$6.05 S$2.95 S$3.10
Kit Kat – 5 pcs S$3.70 S$1.50 S$2.20


2. Tea and Coffee

Comparison Table of Tea and Coffee Prices

Product Price in Supermarkets Price in Value Dollar Savings
Nescafe Original- 200g S$6.80 S$4.95 S$1.85
Nescafe Gold- 200g S$13.90 S$8.95 S$4.95
Lipton Tea- 100 tea bags S$5.65 S$3.95 S$1.70


3. Soft Drinks and Snacks

Comparison Table of Soft Drinks and Snacks Prices

Product Price in Supermarkets Price in Value Dollar Savings
Root Beer (or Sprite)- 1.25L S$2.05 S$1.00 S$1.05
Pringles Original- 150g S$2.70 S$1.95 S$0.75


4. Personal Care and Toiletries

Comparison Table of Personal Care and Toiletries Prices

Product Price in Supermarkets Price in Value Dollar Savings
Darlie Toothpaste- 3 pcs S$6.10 S$2.95 S$3.15
Dove Bar Soap- 3 pcs 3 pcs @ S$3.85 1 pc @ S$0.50 S$0.78
Toothbrushes- 3 pcs S$2.80 S$0.80 S$2.00
Colgate Toothpaste (Triple Action)- 200g 2 pcs @ S$5.90 S$1.95 S$1.00
Tiger Balm- 20g S$4.40 S$0.70 S$3.70
Shavers- 6 pcs S$1.95 S$1.00 S$0.95


5. Canned Food and Pastry Samples

Comparison Table of Canned Food and Pastry Samples Prices

Product Price in Supermarkets Price in Value Dollar Savings
Barilla spaghetti-500g S$2.25 S$1.25 S$1.00
Maggi noodles-5 pack S$2.20 S$1.50 S$0.70
Garbanzo beans (Chickpeas)-400g S$2.20 S$0.50 S$1.70
Baked beans-400g S$1.15 S$0.50 S$0.65
Ligo Canned Sardines-425g S$1.50 S$1.35 S$0.15
Peas-400g S$1.05 S$0.50 S$0.55


Why Value Dollar Shop Sells Low Priced Items?

Imagine buying items at lower-than-usual prices: Licensed looney tunes products, mars bars, delicious junk food, household care products, dark chocolate, Disney products, and local products for several dollars or less. It might sound too good to be true, but yes, it’s all a reality thanks to value shops.

Their products are unbelievably cheap, and they survive in Singapore for a couple of reasons:

  • They practice gray market retailing, where they receive items from wholesale distributors and sell them at heavily discounted costs. This gives them an edge over authorized retailers. The products with a gray area can range from feminine hygiene products to household products. Sure, it’s morally wrong, but hey, they’re no hard rules in place to stop them.
  • They sell items nearing their expiry dates (and that have defects)- the affordable costs lure consumers into purchasing them and overlook the below-average appearance.

People at the supermarket. Men and woman buying food.

How to Walk Out of Budget Stores With Quality Products?

Granted, the low-price deal is a sweet offer. However, things can get sour quickly if you don’t get the best from the stores. It’s easy to make a regrettable move if you’re new to the game. Fortunately, we’re here to ensure you get value for your money. Grab a trolley, and let’s begin:

1. Have a List of The Items You Want to Buy

A list helps you identify the aisle where your preferred product is, get it, and move on to the next item or complete your shopping for the day. Plus, you won’t be in a hurry, which is where our second tip comes into play.

2. Check the Item(s) Expiry Date

Don’t just throw that can of root beer or bag of chips into your trolley. Scan it for its expiry date. 

Although Value shops do sell products that are close to expiry, most of their items are freshly stocked. If you see the date and it’s going bad soon, say next week, don’t buy it unless you plan on using it before then.

The product won’t be worth your money if it doesn’t have an expiry date or if the date isn’t easy to read.

3. Look for Dents and Signs of Wear

Okay, products like cleaning supplies from value shops won’t always be top quality. But that doesn’t mean you should select an item that looks like it’s been used already.

  • For products with lids, like hair products, medical products, and such, check if the tops are tightly shut. If they’re loosely covered, someone else has tampered with them.
  • For sealed items, like chips, instant noodles, licensed Disney products, and shaving equipment, the packaging shouldn’t have cuts or scratches as that interferes with their freshness.

Dents are alright for canned food and air fresheners as long as the can’s content is intact and hasn’t been interfered with.

4. Go For Exclusive Labels

Budget shops have an array of food supplies, including choices from other countries. That’s your chance to shop for those brands you rarely see, compared to the common local ones that fill the shelves of every supermarket.

There’s a logic in shopping for such brands: You won’t be disappointed if there’s a difference in their taste, smell, flavor, etc.

5. Ask Store Attendants

Most often than not, store attendants have the info on all the available products. Therefore, consider consulting them for the ideal products for you (especially if you’re buying brands you aren’t familiar with) rather than trial and error.

They have the experience and time, they’re friendly, and they might help you land amazing offers at even lower costs!


1. How do Value Shops Survive in Singapore?

It’s simple. They’ve devised ingenious ways like:

  • Their parent company (Radha Exports) achieves economies of scale- the cost benefits that suppliers receive with increasing scale. The cost of each item is cheaper. The organisation imports products in bulk and sells them to the stores at a more affordable price.
  • They sell off-brand products- such items are imported from cheaper countries rather than their country of origin. The result? They usually look and taste different from the originals since the ingredients used to make them are lower quality.
  • They’re experts at arousing consumers’ desire to buy- be honest: Would you pass by a budget shop with bright yellow banners with messages like ‘FIRE SALE’ and ‘WE LOSE MONEY YOU SAVE’ in big, bold, red letters? The shops understand the effects of colours on the mind and use it, plus the bold letters, to create a sense of urgency, get the consumers’ attention and make them buy.

2. Where to Locate Value Dollar Shops In Singapore?

There are countless Valu$ stores in Singapore. Here are their locations and addresses:

  • Tampines
  • Pasir Ris
  • Yew Tee
  • Peninsula
  • Yishun
  • Marine Parade
  • Changi City
  • Bukit Batok
  • Serangoon
  • Lucky Plaza
  • Paya Lebar road b1
  • Lucky Plaza Basement 1
  • 304 Orchard Road
  • Toa Payoh Central
  • West Street
  • Bedok North
  • Batok Central Link 03
  • Blk 304 Ubi Ave
  • Blk 2a Eunos crescent
  • Punggol central b1 10a
  • Bukit Batok central link
  • Paya Lebar Square
  • Ang mo Kio avenue
  • Ang mo Kio 629
  • Woodlands north plaza
  • Paya Lebar quarter
  • Bukit Panjang plaza
  • 20 Toa Payoh Lorong 7

You can see the full addresses at 

Final Word

Value shops are a reliable and cost-friendly way to sample some of the best high-quality consumer products in Singapore and abroad. They’re highly popular, as is evident from the number of outlets springing up in various neighbourhoods in the country. 

However, you should be super careful when shopping in them as they also sell products three to six months close to expiry. 

Follow the tips above and research the budget stores and their items before shopping in them, and you’ll be alright.

Key Takeaways

  • You must be wary when buying from these stores. Pay close attention to the products’ expiry date.
  • Value shops sell their items at unbelievably low prices. For instance, you can buy 5 pieces of Kit Kat at $1.50, compared to other supermarkets’ $3.70 tag. You get to save $2.20! They offer Singaporean consumers what they want at highly competitive, affordable prices. 
  • You should strive to shop for exclusive brands from value shops since they aren’t easily available.

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