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6 Best Wedding Bands in Singapore for your Wedding 2024

Through generations, wedding bands have become an essential part of wedding rituals among Singaporeans and other cultures. Not only are they a symbol of love and commitment between a couple, but they are worn to command attention to your fingers and make a loud statement that you are already married.

Wedding bands also remain the most-worn jewelry after the wedding as you will wear them daily, for life! For this reason, couples meticulously choose rings that will perfectly fit their style and personality.

Yet, there is still a lot to consider when buying rings aside from personality and style. And as to stores and brands in Singapore, there are just too many to choose from. So, in this post, we will give you expert tips and help you find the best wedding bands for you.

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How To Choose The Best Wedding Bands?

You’ve probably never done it before, so shopping for a wedding band can become challenging. Yet, it is also sensible that both parties participate in this task as this vital piece of jewelry will be part of their married life. After all, it could be another romantic and exciting task for the couple too!

So, to help you narrow down your selection, here are a few things to consider when searching for a wedding band.

1. The Couple’s Style

Choose something that could represent both you and your partner. Think of something that both of you would prefer. With this, you may want to ask the following questions:

  • Do you prefer yellow gold or white gold, perhaps platinum?
  • Do you want something modern and trendy, or traditional yet classy?
  • Do you want it plain or studded with diamonds?
  • Do you prefer it to be matching or not?

You may also want it to come with a matching engagement ring. But if you already bought an engagement ring earlier, you may want to choose a band ring that will match its looks.

As you see, there are so many things to consider in terms of style. It would be good to consider pieces you can pass on as heirlooms to future children.

2. The Budget

Having a clear budget will help you find a brand you can afford. With a set budget, jewelers will also be able to help you find something beautiful that is within the price range.

Generally, wedding rings are budgeted at 3% to 5% of the total wedding budget. You may also want to choose wisely regarding the quality and materials. If you’re on a tighter budget, you may want to go for white gold instead of platinum. Both look similar, yet white gold is more affordable.

If you want to embellish your wedding ring with some diamonds, choose something with a lower carat weight. After all, the naked eyes won’t even see the difference with an excellent cut diamond. If unsure, ask for an expert’s advice so you won’t waste money on carat size that won’t even be noticeable. 

3. The Metal

Gold has been the favorite metal used in rings for many years. But now, you can choose from a wide variety of precious metals used, depending on your budget and preference. Here are some popular ones:

  • Gold

Gold, mainly yellow gold, has been the most preferred metal. Many jewelers have given their customers white gold, rose gold, or even black gold options options.

White gold has become a popular choice for couples with a higher budget. On the other hand, rose gold is gaining back popularity and black is becoming a new trend.

  • Silver

Sterling Silver is one of the most inexpensive metals for wedding rings. However, it is not practical for daily use as it can easily scratch. Still, if you’d like to use Silver, you can have it repolished from time to time.

  • Platinum

As it is more expensive than gold, platinum has been a standard option for those who can afford it. It is durable, resistant to scratches, and won’t fade or tarnish, making it an excellent value for your money.

4. Your Lifestyle 

Suppose you are like many couples who choose to wear their wedding rings every day; get a durable and comfortable pair that is easy to maintain. Otherwise, you may decide to get any type of design without thinking of the extra upkeep you may deal with.

As a general rule of thumb, it is best to be practical and get a pair that best suits your lifestyle.

5. Scouting early

Searching at an earlier time will allow you to think about and pick from designs that strike you the most. Don’t mistake waiting too long and browse ahead for some designs online before going to the jewelry shops.

Planners recommend starting your search as early as six months to avoid the pressures of rushing and ensure that you’ll only get the best rings of your choice.

If you are going with a custom design, ask for an approximate time for the manufacturer to prepare your rings. Complex designs may take at least 3 to 6 weeks, and even longer for rings with intricate designs.

6. Sizing it right

Since you may be wearing it day in and day out, your wedding bands should perfectly fit your ring fingers. Jewelry stores will be able to assist you with this, most of the time for free.

7. Personalization

Traditionally, the spouses’ band rings should match or look alike. But as couples and weddings get more unconventional, some might prefer getting a pair that expresses their personality better, even though their rings won’t match.

A personal engraving will make the wedding bands more sentimental and unique. It could also add to the connection between a mismatched ring. You may want to put on a simple message, the couple’s names or your special day’s date.

8. Where to shop

Before heading to shops or ordering online, you and your partner should have an excellent talk to discuss your preferences. This step will save you time and stress from not having at least a vision of what you both want to have in a ring.

Ordering online is a hassle-free and sough-after option nowadays. It saves you the effort of visiting a few stores around and allows you to do shopping at a convenient time for both of you.

However, checking out physical stores has also its advantages, such as:

  • Getting to try on the ring before even buying it.
  • Discounts and lifetime maintenance to walk-in customers.
  • In-person customer service.


6 Best Wedding Bands in Singapore

With the above-mentioned factors, you should have already set some important key points to consider when getting your wedding bands. Moreover, today’s average price for wedding bands ranges from S$6,000 and above. We’ve featured brands that provide a flexible price range option. 

Here are some of the best brands to choose a wedding band from in Singapore.

1. Lee Hwa Jewellery

Who They Are

Lee Hwa Jewellery first opened in 1970, and since then, they have been designing jewelry for special occasions like weddings. They are a contemporary fine Jewelers with a solid reputation as diamond experts. 

So, if you’re looking for a jeweler or a collection that can fulfill your dreams of owning a modern yet timeless diamond ring or wedding ring Lee Hwa is the ideal option for you. 

What We Like

Aside from their designs, Lee Hwa also features jewelry from many global brands. You can choose your engagement ring or band ring from exclusive brands like Destinée, Forevermark, Jacot, etc. 

You can also create your design by getting inspiration from Neissing’s website and be guided by their consultants throughout the entire customization process. Fully customize your wedding ring by choosing various styles, widths, colors, textures, diamond arrangements, and engravings. 

They also offer privileged membership benefits wherein, with a minimum spend of S$500, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • 10% off on regular purchases
  • birthday discounts which include
  • 50% off on Gem Set jewelry
  • 15% off on premium collections
  • And other additional discounts

Price Point: $$ (starts from S$800 up)


Our Suggested Pick

Destinée Diamond Bands: This consists of an 18k white gold ring with three 0.12 carat diamonds for the bride and the same simple yet elegant 18k white gold for the groom. 

2. SK Jewellery

Who They Are

SK Jewellery was born in 2003 under the SK Jewellery Group. Its founding group’s customer-centric philosophy is to delight customers with intricate creations made with excellent craftsmanship and design excellence. And true to it, they continue to reach greater heights through one of its brands, SK Jewellery. 

What We Like

Being the most prominent jewelry retail store in Singapore, SK Jewellery boasts its edge over other brands in terms of technology. The newly launched Star Carat Shop offers a new sparkle through their diamond jewelry line featuring lab-grown diamonds. 

We liked that they allow customers to own a diamond ring at half the price of a mined diamond. 

And fret not if you are unsure of your ring sizes; they provide a 60-day resize policy and a complimentary resizing of diamonds and wedding rings up to 3 ring sizes. They also offer professional cleaning services for items purchased from their shops at no extra charge.

Price Point: $$ (starts from S$559 up each ring)


Our Suggested Pick

For Women: The Momento duo-toned infinity ring is made with an 18k white gold and rose gold combination and is beautifully lined with diamonds. 

For Men: This duo-toned interlacing ring is also made with 18k gold, embellished with a 0.05 carat diamond on the rose gold material.

3. Love & Co.

Who They Are

Love & Co., a subsidiary of SK Jewellery Group, was started in 2008 to provide couples with exquisitely crafted jewelry pieces and accessories to celebrate their joyful moments. 

Their corporate headquarters is stationed at the Changi Business Park Vista. They also have stores outside Singapore, particularly in Malaysia, Thailand, and China. 

They are a leading diamond jewelry brand in Singapore with five branches and offer an assortment of wedding bands, engagement rings, and other jewelry pieces. 

What We Like

Build your ring and choose from over 30,000 combinations with their bespoke service. With this, you’ll be able to build your personalized ring from scratch with the guidance of their experts. 

They also offer their lab-grown diamonds as an alternative to mined diamonds. Their latest feature on this is the Star Carat Diamonds collections. While these diamonds are cheaper, they have higher brilliance and luster. Thus, it has become an environment-friendly option for many young couples.

We also liked that clients get a lifetime free ring cleaning service at their showrooms as part of their post-purchase services. 

Price Point: $$ (starts from S$900 up each ring)


Our Suggested Pick

For women: A stylish yet not-over-the-top wedding band diagonally set with 8-brilliant diamonds.

For men: A classic platinum-made band ring with a layered matte finish.

4. eClarity

Who They Are

eClarity is an award-winning jeweler in Singapore founded by Gemologist Amanda Koo in 2005. It has grown to provide top-notch jewelry globally, catering to countries like the USA, Australia, Malaysia, and China from its humble beginnings.

The “e” in eClarity stands for empowerment, the brand’s mission. Today, it has been a go-to place for many brides and grooms looking for premium bridal jewelry at an affordable price and excellent customer service.

What We Like

eClarity is yet another jeweler that specializes in diamonds and gemstones. Yet, if you are looking for new-age uniqueness, you may want to try out their black diamond on your wedding or engagement rings. They also offer a wide range of contemporary designs to fit the modern couple.

You’ll find over 10,000 designs perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and gifts for special life occasions.

Additionally, you may want to register for one of their regular seminars and webinars. Indeed, you will know more about jewelry and gems and choose the right rings for you and your partner.

Price Point: $$ (starts from S$1,700 up each pair)


Our Suggested Pick

Black wedding band pair: For the bride, an 18k gold band in black with 27 brilliant diamonds totaling a carat weight of 0.102. While for the groom, it is a contemporary 18k band in black gloss and black antique finish.

5. Tiffany & Co.

Who They Are

Tiffany & Co. was established in 1837 and is an American brand known for its unparalleled craftsmanship in creating luxury jewelry. You will find some of the iconic and most spectacular wedding bands and engagement rings in their Tiffany & Co. Orchard Singapore branch.

What We Like

Tiffany & Co. is also a known diamond expert brand. So, if you plan to purchase bands with diamonds, you can always get help from their diamond experts. You can also request an in-store or virtual appointment to make your quest easier. 

Plus, you’ll get a full lifetime warranty on your items post-purchase. This service includes care, repair, and complimentary polishing.

Price Point: $$ (starts from S$700 up each ring)


Our Suggested Pick

Tiffany T Narrow for the bride and Tiffany T Wide for the groom: The two rings are made with 18k gold in a striking T design, embellished with pavé diamonds. 

6. Poh Heng

Who They Are

Poh Heng has been Singapore’s leader in gold jewelry for over 70 years. They were the first jeweller to venture into malls and housing estates. In 2005, Poh Heng was conferred the Heritage Brand award and voted as the Top Performing Luxury Brand the following year. 

Their “I Am Gold” campaign truly affirms that they are a trusted pioneer in gold in Singapore’s jewelry industry. They also value the heroes beyond their designs as they believe that craftsmanship cannot be replaced by machines. With this, their craftsmen continue to bring life to unique and excellently-crafted jewelry pieces.

What We Like

Poh Heng’s products are hallmarked by the Singapore Assay Office to ensure that they meet the strict standards of gold fineness. Aside from quality gold, you will also get the best natural diamonds from Poh Heng’s Trust Diamond. Their finest diamonds will give you the ultimate assurance that goes beyond the 4Cs. 

So, if you plan to get a diamond ring or put some diamonds on your wedding bands, you’ll never go wrong with Poh Heng’s Trust Diamond. 

You will also get a lifetime membership and get exclusive privileges when you spend a minimum of S$200 on any of their stores. Discounts may be immediately used on your current purchase. 

Price Point: $ (starts from S$416 up each ring)


Our Suggested Pick

Poh Heng Diamond Wedding Band: This elegant band is accompanied by a 0.12-carat channel-set diamond and is a true example of Poh Heng’s symbol of eternity.

wedding bands engraved with perfume and flowers

Financing Options for your Wedding Bands

When purchasing a wedding ring, it is crucial to keep in mind the wedding budget as a whole. To afford the wedding band, and still have money for other major wedding expenses, you may want to check out other options aside from using all your savings.

Here are some options:

  • Using the right credit card

Credit cards may help defer the costs of the ring through easy installment plans. Choose a card that features 0% interest installment rates and payment terms that you can commit to and will not put you into further debt.

  • Purchasing through Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes

BNPL schemes are a clever way to pay for your rings if you are unable to pay them upfront with cash. Through schemes like these, couples don’t need to compromise the quality of the rings just because they don’t have enough money. Choose a scheme that will best fit your lifestyle or personal circumstances.

  • Taking a low-interest loan

Compare loan options and choose one with the lowest rate possible. Calculate the costs and the total amount you’d like to borrow. A personal loan may offer greater flexibility in terms of loan amount and length of payment. 

Click here to find out more about the average wedding budget in Singapore.


Indeed, a ring encompasses a thousand words and a wedding may never be complete without getting the perfect set. Yet, trends may also come and go. But for a safer future together, choose one that will symbolize love more than just status and one that you’ll both still love after decades.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a ring that does not only fit your partner’s ring finger but also your budget.
  • Start with a healthy financial partnership by agreeing on a comfortable budget for both.
  • Brand name matters less than what the rings are true reminders of, and that is your lifelong commitment to your partner.

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