Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Preparations

Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Preparations

Planning for a wedding is never easy especially if you do not have enough resources to do so. A lot of us have been dreaming about the perfect wedding ceremony since day one and now that you are finally engaged, you are about to go through with the planning of your very own wedding that will be one of the most important days of your life.

Most of us would go online and check out everything about preparing for the dream wedding and get inspiration on the suggestions that we see online. To lessen any making plans stress, here is an on hand wedding ceremony tick list for most Singaporean couples. We have broken down the logistics to important things so you start to plan your very special wedding.


  • Know what theme you would want for the wedding

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Have you already decided if you would want a private, intimate or a crowded celebration? Deciding on the overall vibe will give you a clearer picture when the wedding preparation gets in trouble. You can also opt to have a specific color that you would want on your wedding.

  • Know what your budget is

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You are putting up a celebration for what will be more than a hundred and this is a once in a lifetime event that will now come cheap. Talk with your partner on what could be the most comfortable price range for the both of you. You can ask your parents to chip in for the wedding or you can do it all by yourselves. You can discuss everything about the finances first before dealing with the exact planning details.

  • Prepare a guest list

It will always be wise to prepare a guest list so that you will know how many people will be there during the celebration. Think of who you want to invite to your wedding. This should be both sides, from you and your partner. You can filter everyone to invite afterwards and you should also consider who your mother and father are inviting.

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  • Choose the place

Considering that you have tight finances and guestlist in mind, it’s time to fasten down a venue for your special day. Whether it will be a resort or a restaurant, do your research diligently and go directly to the wedding locations. The ambience of the place can not be seen from just pictures that you see over the internet. If you already have been a favourite, check out other places that you might love and begin to filter them down. There are a lot to choose from in Singapore that can offer you an elegant and extravagant wedding, if that is what you want.

  • Start preparing your wedding dress

This might be the most exciting part of the marriage preparations. Soon to be brides either buy or rent their wedding gowns in Singapore. If you are on a low budget, there are online shops that can offer you affordable wedding dresses that will fit your budget. You can also rent out from some boutiques in Singapore if you are planning to rent and do not intend to keep your wedding dress. Same goes with the grooms to be, you can either rent or buy from the resources that you have in your place or even on the internet.

  • Look for a photographer/videographer

Sometimes, choosing the exceptional wedding photographer or videographer is tougher than it might seem. You can check out their portfolio to have a sense of their style and approach. Sometimes being famous is not enough, they should also suit your personality and style. Most of the time, couples would go for a pre wedding ceremony shoot and actual day photography or videography. You can exhaust all the resources that you have when it comes to this side of the planning because they will be the ones to give you the memories that you will always look back to.

  • Prepare your wedding experts

Give time to allocate some time to look for a supplier that will align with everything that you need. If you are needing a specific dealer, you should set an appointment as early as possible to avoid being disappointed. They say planning a wedding can be tough in Singapore and if you will find a hard time planning it all by yourself, you should definitely be hiring a planner for your wedding or you can also seek help from friends and family to be with you through the process of planning.

Once you have got everything ready for your wedding ceremony, start populating a Google Spreadsheet for the exact wedding day. Most couples begin their wedding day early that will last all throughout the day.

These are just some of the things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to planning your wedding. There is a lot more to prepare for and you will need to be keen on details for a perfect wedding that you have always dreamed of.

If you are struggling with the budget and would want to apply for an instant loan, we can definitely help you get through it. It is an easy and effective way to ensure that you have enough funds to spend for your wedding day. You will just need to check out our website for further information or visit us in our location.

With this wedding checklist Singapore, you will be able to amp things up when it comes to planning your dream wedding. It should be a delight for you when the actual day comes and you will feel very special during the wedding because of all the preparations that you have been through. Give yourself the best wedding gift that will last in your memories forever.

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