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What is the Loan Amount that I Can Get?

Are you struggling financially as of the moment? You need a better way on how you can obtain funds but you don’t know where exactly to borrow? In this article, we will help you identify which loan is applicable to your needs, and thus, you must also consider your monthly net gross as this is essential when applying for a loan.

1. SGD$500 to $50000 from personal loan

This is a type of loan where you can get as much as SGD$500 up to $50000. A fund you can borrow in emergency purposes like medical bills, wedding expenses and big-ticket expenses. We all know that getting ill is inevitable and no one wants to have it. The mere fact that someone in your family got hospitalized is already stressful, that is why personal loan was created to provide funds in case of emergencies like this.

Personal Loan

Moreover, when getting married to the one you love but you don’t have sufficient funds, don’t let money stop you from doing what you intend to do. Take advantage of personal loan to spend in the following for your marriage:

  • Payment fee either for the wedding venue or reception area
  • Purchase your dream wedding gown for all time’s sake
  • Buying the ring, wherein most of the people don’t consider taking a loan when buying this most important item during the wedding ceremony.
  • Settle your payment to the catering provider. This can be expensive depends on your chosen menu as well as the number of guests invited to your wedding. Paying the caterer from your monthly salary is not ideal, as you will only maximize your active income. It’s best to use the loan funds when paying the caterer.

Meanwhile, when longing to have a quick-break to everything that is bothering you, from work, personal dilemmas, career confusion, it’s about time to take a step back and book that dream travel you’ve been wanting for so many years. Traveling will absolutely help you to ease your worries, calm your soul and obtain peace of mind that you can never have when in the metro.

2.Equivalent amount to your 1-month income from Payday Loan

A type of loan in which you settle right after you receive the next paycheck. This can be used for urgent bills, household or vehicle repair and vacation cash shortage. Most borrowers take advantage of payday loan to cover up some home bills that are extremely increased in just a month, due to a family gathering held at their lovely abode. Electricity bills increased because of a long cook processing using an induction cooker, or air-conditioned is turn on for long hours when visitors are present at home.

On the other hand, if your loan is granted with the equivalent amount to your one-month income, you can utilize this if you need sudden repair to your vehicle, or wheels replacement. As a matter of fact, payday loan can be your emergency funds whenever you experience cash shortage during your trip.

3.SGD$5000 up to $200000 from Bridging Loan

House renovation is extremely expensive, good thing Bridging Loan is available to cover it up. If you’re planning to renovate your house either for personal or business use, you can take advantage of loan amounting to SGD$5000 or $200000. This is enough to pay labor, material costs, and renovation permits in your area. In addition to that, the remaining funds from the bridging loan you just obtain can spend in purchasing new set of equipment and appliances.

As Bridging Loan offers a huge amount of money, this is perfect for newly-weds couple eyeing to have their first investment together. A house investment requires the consumer to settle at least 30% to 50% of the selling price of the unit. In this way, you no longer have to worry about where to get the money you need for the downpayment fee for your first investment. You just need to find the best money lender in Singapore that can provide and grant your loan request.

4.SGD$10000 to $200000 from Business Loan

There are absolutely struggles specifically in financial aspect when running a business. Some of the financial struggles of an entrepreneur or business owners are as follows:

  • Day-to-Day Money management due to petty cash and employees’ cash advance
  • Lack of capital for employees’ salary or business expansion
  • Unforeseen expenses such as damaged equipment, broken AC that needs a replacement immediately, and purchase additional working stations due to the increasing number of employees.

20% of business owners chose to utilize traditional and organic marketing strategies because they don’t have sufficient money to conduct paid ads and other marketing online strategies. In which, this is one of the reasons why 20% of business owners are left behind by their competitors who have funds to conduct online marketing strategies. Good thing that business loan is now available for entrepreneurs to level up their game.

5.SGD$10000 from Foreigner Loan

Life in a foreign country can be a bit hard more than you expected, and we totally understand the struggles within. You can get as high as SGD$10000 from foreigner loan to send to your family overseas who are in need of funds. Working in a foreign country independently is more like a college student away from his family and thus, you should not worry where to find money just to provide your family needs.

The amount of SGD$10000 would be helpful when you need money in settling the rent fee. Otherwise if you failed to pay your rent on time may force you to pay interest fee, or worsts the landlord or the lessor might ask you to leave the premises and look for another property to stay.

These are by far the estimated amount you can get in different types of loan for different uses and reasons. All you have to do is find the best licensed money lender and do not forget to settle the loan on time to prevent yourself from paying the interest fee and your credit score will not be affected.

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